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Mob Wives: Gravanos vs Garofalos Family Feud

It’s the men’s business. It’s not supposed to be a storyline on Mob Wives. But, then again, inquiring minds like mine, want to know…since they brought it up. There is a lot more to the history between the Gravanos and the Garofalos than we know. In fact, from what I am reading, this is really a “family” affair in more ways than one. I hope you can follow this blog and I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies because this is really complicated and confusing.

Let’s try to get the participants straight. We have Sammy “the Bull” Gravano, his sister Fran is married to Edward “Cousin Eddie” Garafola, Sammy’s brother in-law, AND Edward “The Chink” Garofalo Sr. (Alicia’s father in-law or, as she calls him, “the victim”). I have to wonder if you can be in the mob and also claim to be a victim?  PLEASE NOTE: the spellings of the two names are very similar Garafola and Garofalo!

Here’s what I could piece together…Sammy and his brother in-law, “Cousin Eddie”  Garafola were both in the Gambino crime family and owned a disco and other businesses together. Garafola got in trouble with the Feds and was charged with several serious criminal counts. He was in trouble for a big stock fraud scheme along with 19 other mobsters, in addition to other crimes. Allegedly, Garafola tried to convince Sammy to cooperate, along with him, with the authorities in October, 1991. According to Sammy:

"Comes October (1991) and I'm still not even thinking of cooperating, it's my whining brother-in-law Eddie, a whining motherfucker all my life, who puts the idea in my head. He's caused me nothing but trouble with his devious ways, always looking for the angle. A couple of guys in my crew wanted to whack him. You can't trust him, they said. But he's got a big edge with me. His wife is my sister and I ain't ever going to hurt her, even though he's treating her like shit."

"He says, 'I hate to say this Sammy, but maybe you should cooperate. I'll go with you. Me and you cooperate and we'll go into a whole other life. Take our families and run after it's over…We'll make another life, Sammy.'" Gravano says he took Garafola's advice and agreed to cooperate, but Garafola, "double crosses me. You know, it's like when you're kids standing by the edge of the pool, and it's one, two, three, jump! Schmucko jumped, and he didn't."

In 1996, Peter Gotti, acting boss, allegedly met with John Gotti in prison and was given orders to kill Sammy Gravano, who was now in Arizona, having served his five years from the plea deal. His brother in-law, Eddie Garafola was one of the hit men sent to Arizona to carry out the orders. He made many trips, but failed. The plan was never completed because Sammy was arrested in 2000 for his participation in an Arizona ecstasy ring.

Alicia DiMichele with husband Eddie “Tall Guy” Garofalo
This is the same Edward “Cousin Eddie” Garafola who pleaded guilty in 2004 for participating in the murder of his cousin, Edward “The Chink” Garofalo, Alicia’s father in-law, in 1990. The hit was ordered by John Gotti and carried out by Sammy Gravano‘s crew, because it was allegedly thought that Garofalo was cooperating with authorities, amongst other reasons. Garofalo was gunned down outside his Brooklyn home. Sammy has recently agreed to testify on behalf of hit man, Daniel Fama, to say that the mob had no knowledge of Garofalo’s cooperation, he was killed for other reasons. The Feds have dubbed this murder, Gotti’s Last Hit. So this is the beef Alicia’s husband has with Karen, and it’s Alicia’s issue by proxy. Considering Karen was only about 17 years old when this murder took place, I can’t see why she should be held accountable in any way, shape or form by the Garofalos or any of Sammy’s other “victims.” I could be wrong but, from everything I have read, the mob doesn’t include women in their business, let alone 17 year old girls.

Meanwhile, the son of Eddie “the Chink” Garofalo Sr. and husband of Alicia, “Edward “Tall Guy,” Jr. has recently been sentenced to seven years in prison. Various sources report he has been indicted for racketeering, extortion, conspiracy to murder, witness tampering, and embezzlement. Do you think any of his crimes had victims?  Did you ever hear Alicia say she was “distraught” over his victims and their families? I didn’t. But I did hear her say how much she loved her husband…and all I've ever heard Karen say was she loved her father.

And here is a little article about “Tall Guy” you might be interested in reading: Beat-the-Beep-out-of-him! 

Quotes: Underboss by Peter Maas


Hey you said...

ok, im understanding a lot more of whats goning on, this blog is very helpful, Glad it was posted

Anonymous said...

Just to add clarification to this so there are no misunderstandings. "Cousin Eddie" Garafola was called "Cousin Eddie" because he was in fact the cousin of Eddie Garofalo. They are actually related as first cousins, thus his nickname, "Cousin Eddie", who grew up in the shadow of his more successful and legitimate cousin who he later conspired to murder. This same "Cousin Eddie" married Fran Gravano who is the sister of Salvatore Gravano.

Eddie Garofalo was very instrumental in the skyline of NYC Brooklyn and Queens. He was a hard worker who went to work every day. He owned businesses and paid taxes. His jealous "Cousin Eddie" was forever in his shadow as witnessed by the very name he was called and how he was identified not just in mob culture but in every day life as a man.

"Cousin Eddie" was always looking for a way into Eddie Garofalo's business and after Paul Castellano was murdered, it was time for "Cousin Eddie" to introduce Eddie Garofalo to Sammy The Bull to try and source construction work. Eddie Garofalo had one bad business dealing with Sammy The Bull. That led him to sell Gravano his farm in NJ which is referred to as Karen Gravano's horse farm in her book Mob Daughter. From that point forward Eddie Garofalo refused to do any business with "Cousin Eddie" nor Sammy The Bull which infuriated both of them. He didn't need them he had over 500 containers actively working jobs all over manhattan and the 5 boroughs.

When Eddie Garofalo received preferential treatment and only 90 days in jail in NJ for illegal dumping, it was Sammy the Bulls opportunity to label him a rat and pursue his businesses as his and "Cousin Eddies" own. Neither of them had any success in any business related to the construction business other than shakedowns and payoffs. Neither had a functional role in any successful company.

Sammy The Bull then used his position as underboss to label Eddie Garofalo as a "RAT" and set out to commit his murder. On the night of August 8 1991, "Cousin Eddie" made a call to his first cousin Eddie Garofalo and asked him to come outside. Eddie Garofalo was attacked by a team of 6 hit men with guns and was shot in the back.

Soon thereafter, "Cousin Eddie" took over what businesses his cousin had along with Sammy The Bull. Several months later Sammy The Bull was indicted and later cooperated and admitted to 19 murders.

Karen Gravano is viewed as a pariah because she celebrates this lifestyle and embraces the actions of these men. It's not a lifestyle to celebrate nor embrace. Gone are the days of the romantic ideas of front row seats and VIP treatment. That was the made for TV version. The reality is this is a very sad lifestyle. Its not to be celebrated with "Check my Bloodline BITCH" Well, her bloodline killed not only caused "Cousin Eddie" to kill his own cousin, but that lifestyle also caused her father to kill her uncle as well. This is a tragedy not to be celebrated nor to be proud of. This is a tragedy to learned from.
*** It has later been confirmed that Eddie Garofalo was NOT in fact cooperating with any government agency, the recent charges against Fama related to the 1991 Garofalo murder is a charge based on the fact that whether true or NOT, Fama was under the impression that he was conspiring to murder an informant.

BeachBlogger said...

I'm from Philly and families are tight here so I can see where where Alicia is coming from. I don't think her issue with Karen is the actual hit, I think it's that Karen book generated a lot of revenue and she never once considered the families of those victims.

Yes they were all crooks, and they all paid in one form or another, but the family members should not be accountable. Karen opened the door to this type of criticism when she decided to profit off he Dads mob killings and activities. If she was even a little remorseful or ashamed of this behavior she could have donated some of the profits to a charity of the victims family choice.

That's my thoughts anyway

Anonymous said...

Hey Chiara I wrote a comment yesterday giving the real facts and insight to the Garofalo, Garafola, Gravano issues and you refuse to let it go through. Shows how you're not interested in whats true and whats false. You are a tool of Karen Gravano.

You're a fraud

Chiara Soprano said...

Beach Blogger, I do not feel it is Karen's responsibility to compensate the families of her father's victims. She did not do the crime so why should she give them anything at all? She was about 17 when this all happened. Her book is not about her father's life, he hes his own story out in Underboss. Her book, as she has stated many times, is about her life. She has stated many times that she does not condone what her father did. Her own uncle Nick, her mom's brother, was killed by her father. That is the lifestyle they all signed up for.

Chiara Soprano said...

To Anon...first of all I am not a fraud because I don't publish a comment as soon as you would like. I have a life. Some comments have to be addressed so I wait until I have the time to address them.

It goes without saying that I do not see Karen as celebrating the lifestyle. Karen has said many times that she doesn't condone the lifestyle or what he father did. Karen raised her own daughter alone thanks to the lifestyle. The line you quoted from the show, along with all the other tough talk, I'm sure was for the benefit of the show, which is called Mob Wives.

As for all the background story you provide, it's very interesting. I have no way of knowing whether I can verify what you say here. But it's published, for all who are interested, to read.

Thanks for your clarification and patience.

Anonymous said...

Why attack Chiara? And really Karen does not celebrate that lifestyle, she does not brag about it, if anyone does or has it is Renee. What happened with the alleged mafia killings has nothing to do with Karen. I think its a waste of one's energy to keep knocking Karen for what the mob did. She , too is a victim of that life but she loves her family and loves her father. Stop hating on Karen for things that were not in her power to be done. Hater.

mizz leza said...

Im in the UK this shit dosnt really happen but a fan from season1 mobwifes 😦 I do keep getting bit lost whos who lol iv also read things in past that iv read in this blog its very well all the drama making good tv BUT i wana just say give the hard bitch rootine a rest 1 cast member BIG ANG 😄 Is no longer ere & its 2016 not back in the tine

mizz leza said...

Can anybody else remember the first show ! Reene implied blame karen for the sins of her father Well how times change coz id hate anybody to blame AJ for the sins of his father 😡 Never Ever do you go for anybodys kids End Off ! I must say were in england are bit bhind in seasons showing so Wot happend to karen