Monday, December 2, 2013

Mob Wives: Ramona Rizzo Robs, Robbed or Ripped Off?

A guy is claiming Ramona Rizzo kidnapped and robbed him on a deal gone bad.  I mean do people really kidnap and hem up people MOBstyle in Chevrolet Traverses?


I am just typing out loud and sharing some observations.  Are Ramona’s windows even tinted dark enough to be doing abductions like that?   Also $1600 dollars is a lot of money to be having in your wallet unless you turning tricks with your poop hole.  Hey, I am just saying.  A lot of dudes be on the D.L. and making that money…

Benita Butrell
My name isn’t Benita Butrell or anything but a source very close to situation had this to say,

“….. The guy made up the part about getting robbed.  He actually stole money, bags and electronics from her car.  He also used her credit card without permission.  He even had the nerve to give the purse he stole from Ramona to his girlfriend.  Others have came forward and said he’s stolen from them too.  The guy is a con artist low life.”

We’ve seen Ramona Rizzo in action.  I can see her cussing the guy out.  I can see her telling him she wants her sh!t back.  I don’t see the grand baby of Benjamin "Lefty Guns” Ruggiero kidnapping and robbing anybody.  As always I wasn't there and do NOT know.  I am just sharing my take on the situation.

Ramona could be next…oh boy!
Now I know Ramona is tough.  I also know she is one pretty woman.  Can you imagine her going to jail again?  Am I the only one thinking that a jailbird or two who've been in the joint for a little too long might want to boo up with her?  Y’all don’t be acting like you all don’t know what I am typing about.

Yeah I am going to need Ramona Rizzo to keep her @ss at the park & PTA meetings.  Ain’t nobody got time to be BOOed up in prison.

Read more about the story HERE and HERE.  Undabawse wanted to add his 2 cents, “Ramona can rob me, beat me and spank me anytime!”  Yes, he needs help.


Chiara Soprano said...

I don't believe anything a con artist says...I trust the wise words of Judge Judy, "if it doesn't make sense it isn't true."

Anonymous said...

The explanation does make sense, with all the issues Ramona has,I don't see her risking her freedom for that POS. But someone ? Wait, Ramona has been in jail before ? I know she got busted with her boyfriend, but are you speaking of another incident or just that one, the drug charges ? Will someone clear this up for me please ? Thanks, always enjoy your blogs.