Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mob Wives: Meet Natalie Guercio aka Princess Funeral Home

<i>Mob Wives</i>: Meet Natalie, World's Sexiest Funeral Home Director
What Does The Fox Say?

After the "sneak peak" for episode one, where it was a little hard to understand everything Natalie was saying (whether due to vodka or her Philly accent, I thought you might want to see her profile video, courtesy of VH1. Everything Natalie tells us about herself comes through loud and clear in this clip. Her Philly accent is actually a lot like our New York accent. And Natalie says she enjoys New York more than Philly because of all the "nightclubs, there'a always a party no matter what time of the day it is." I can see why she would want a break from the dark, somber, serious atmosphere of the funeral home. I think it's worth taking a peek at the video to get a feel of what Natalie is all about.

Picture & Video credit: VH1

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