Friday, December 6, 2013

Mob Wives: Carmela's Take On Season 4 Premiere Party!

(Note: Jennifer Graziano extended an invitation to our blogging team to attend the premiere. We are all thankful and appreciative of Jenn's thoughtful and generous gesture. It meant a lot to all of us. We asked Carmela to go to represent us and we thank her for going and bringing back a blog to share with all of us.)

The Mob Wives premier party took place last night at The Greenhouse in NYC. Well, I have to say, I had a grand old time. Arriving early, I got to see  Big Ang, who was all dolled up in very BIG fur. She looked great! I was wondering how she was going to be in two places at one time, but she hung out and took photos, then gracefully headed  to the Drunken Monkey.



I got to meet the “New Blood” of the show, Alicia and Natalie. Both looked stunning. Alicia's red studded dress was a head-turner. It was as if it was painted on her and she  wore it well.   Natalie sported an outfit that made her look like a model in a runway lingerie fashion show. She managed to stand right in front of me during the season premiere  and I giggled from too much vodka and secretly took a few photos of her butt that I will not post.

Jenn was making her speech when...

Drita called in

Drita did make it there, but only for a few minutes. While Jenn was doing her speech Drita called in. She couldn't stay, something about her husband and kids. So that answered one of my questions - if they were still together. Someone tweeted a picture of Drita outside, she looked flawless, as usual.

And then of course there was Renee. She was having so much fun. I asked her for a few photos and she gracefully posed. All in all, a great night with a bunch a fun people. I could hardly watch the show as it was very loud, crowded and I was distracted. I caught bits and pieces, but I will catch up on a rerun.

Jenns' speech consisted of thanking VH1 and the people who believed in her. She talked about meeting both Alicia and Natalie and knew they had something in them.  She thanked Drita and mentioned her tough exterior. And of course, she thanked Big Ang, who she called a superstar and always a pleasure to work with. Then she talked about Renee, last but not least. Renee says "oh shit - I thought this was my party, but apparently it’s yours!" Jenn talked about how Renee put her life out there as an open book and opened her soul to the world, something she says she wouldn't have had the courage to do. Renee hopes that someone can learn from her experiences. Jenn says she was born for this. Jenn calls her original girls the OG's. She dedicated the night to Nina Diaz, Lonnie Holmes, Adam Gonzales along with the Team at LEFT/RIGHT who are there with her in the trenches everyday in the production of Mob Wives. My favorite quote of the night was when Jenn said, referring to the OG's, "One will be missed, the others not so much.”

Thank you to my blogging team and to Jennifer Graziano for the gracious invitation to attend this special event. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Picture Credit: Carmela Corleone


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Carmela, I'm glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing the pictures as well! :D

Anonymous said...

What happened to Carla, why isn't she on this season?

Hey you said...

It appears to have been a very interesting night. I like it that you shared.

Chiara Soprano said...

Carla was let go and, according to her rants, it was over money.