Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mob Wives: Meet Big Ang a.k.a. Angela Raiola Video

Big Ang talks about style & her favorite mob wife...
Angela Raiola a.k.a. Big Ang is just beyond entertaining.  She is like a hybrid of cotton candy, Big Foot and a muppet.  She is out of this world.  Have I told you all how much I am loving her hair?!  Yes, I know I have issues.


Big Ang is too modest.  In the video she divulges who her favorite mob wife is, “…me!…”  Ms. Raiola also shares Philly ain’t got nothing on New York except for the fact that Rocky was made there.


**crying laughing**

**doubling over in pain**

Where did they find this woman?! Oh yeah, New York!

Watch the video below:

Big Ang is too much.  Love her, hate her, or indifferent no one can deny she is an out-of-this-world character.  On the other hand one of her not so out-of-this-world relatives just loves me.  I am too flattered.

Click to enlarge picture of tweets 12/1/13

Oh boy she started off the month of December (which some celebrate the birth of Jesus) just right didn’t she? And to think she was my favorite cast member of The Big Ang Show.  Oh the irony!  Music time!


Hey you said...

I lotoriefirve her favorite mobwife, :D

Hey you said...

I love her favorite mobwife :D