Friday, January 3, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap “Vegas Part Two” Ep 405

And it’s D to the E to the LICIOUS! This word is dead to me now!

Who has Renee's back? Still no one!

We’re till in Emerald City…I mean Vegas. Big Ang and Alicia walk in for breakfast. It’s the morning after the first night and Ang ordered a ton of food. They talk about Renee, the “zombie,” who is off the wagon. Alicia is shocked to see Renee like this, and it’s bringing them all down. Alicia is saying this could be her last trip before her possible sentencing, now scheduled for early January (oh brother). I keep wondering how she was even hired for the show if there was even a slight chance that she could not finish filming the season? It makes me think she struck a plea deal that doesn’t require serving time, and the sentencing is just to make it official. Renee walks in and doesn’t feel any better. Ang sees the crazy look in Renee’s eyes. As Renee’s friend, I would have expected Ang to be more understanding than critical. Drita walks in all cheery, but then complains she lost $2,000 last night and has to tell Lee. She “sounds” stressed…for a minute. Drita tells Renee she looked “f*cked up” last night. Isn’t Drita Renee’s friend? I mean with friends like these, who the hell needs enemies? Natalie is missing for some reason, so Drita goes to get her so they can talk the “delicious“ issue out. Renee is still telling them how the word delicious has her turnt up. It’s a matter of feeling totally disrespected, but everyone is focused on the word “delicious” and no one understands Renee’s real issue with Natalie. It’s about R-E-S-P-E-C-T people! I’ll bet Karen and Ramona would have gotten it!

Drita still has comprehension issues!
It's not about "delicious" it's about RESPECT!

Drita, who didn’t know where Natalie was a second ago, managed to find her right away. Insert “eye-roll” @@.  Drita talks to Natalie before taking her in to breakfast. First they talk about their issues. Drita confesses she was talking behind Natalie’s back. Natalie tells Drita she uses the word “whore” in the most endearing way possible. Drita and Ang didn’t like it. But, now these two forgive and forget, hug and put it all behind them. A beautiful kumbaya moment that brings a tear to my eye. Natalie and Drita walk into breakfast together. Wait a minute! Did Drita forget to mention why she went out to get Natalie in the first place! Renee is still way bent out of shape about Natalie. Is Natalie being blindsided? It sounds all scripted to me. Natalie’s not being there. Drita finding her alone. Drita getting her to come to breakfast. No mention of Renee’s anger so they could save all the drama for the breakfast table. What the hell? Natalie is pleasant as she walks in and greets everyone. Drita announces she wants to clear the air. Is this really a good idea considering Renee’s state of mind, Drita? Maybe not for real life, but for scripted realty tv it is perfect! Renee gets right back on the word “delicious” and educates Natalie. Grapes, strawberries and pancakes are delicious, but the man sitting next to her isn’t. Then Renee tries to prove her point and tells Alicia that she has been friends with Edward all her life and he is delicious. Alicia could not care less, she has a new dessert in her bed…oops I mean plate. Natalie answers, “You should know, you went to dinner with him a few times.” That sets Renee off!  Renee is furious and goes over to Natalie, they start screaming at each other. Natalie manages to press all Renee’s buttons at once.

SOUTH Philly button pusher goes hard on Renee

Natalie yells, “Who the f*ck is Renee Graziano?” Then she taunts Renee, “Touch me, touch me, touch me.” Natalie says she tried to explain and apologize that night, but Renee didn’t want to listen, she just wanted to make a scene. In the ruckus, a glass gets broken in front of Alicia. Natalie is angry that Renee could have hurt Alicia. Natalie tells Renee, as far as Mob Candy goes, she is not a puppet. While Renee and Natalie are at it, none of the other three seem to do anything, they just sit there watching and let them go at it…scripted? Then, out of the blue, Drita screams “this is over, no more screaming.” Natalie continues screaming, she says she tried to talk to Renee and Renee ran out. Renee goes to pull Natalie’s hair and the fight is broken up by the others. They finally “rise” to the occasion and do something. They all claim they had no idea Renee was going to attack Natalie. They are shocked! Really??? Is there anyone who was watching who didn’t think Renee was going to attack? Even Ang said, just last week, that Renee was “gunning” for Natalie! Ang was fed up with Natalie. And what about Drita? Last week she even wanted to attack Natalie like a “leaping leopard!” I don’t know who or what to believe. Insert Ramona’s “flip-floppers” in here.

Drita goes to get Renee. They all wind up in the same room and Drita (“Violence is not the answer, but yes it is.”), of all people, says no more physical altercations. Renee says she is not done. Renee feels disrespected. Things get heated. Drita stands between Renee and Natalie. They rehash the incident from the night at the club…again, oy vey. Natalie says she will murder somebody. If I have to type “delicious” one more time I might murder somebody too! Ang tells Renee that Natalie apologized and didn’t mean anything by it. Renee says she accepts her apology and will be the bigger person. Then Renee attempts to attack Natalie again. Alicia thinks this is insane and she is out of her comfort zone. Poor Alicia, it’s always all about her. Well she can blame herself for this fiasco of a vacation because she insisted on asking Natalie to join them. Natalie proves she is nobody’s puppet. She turns out to be a mini Drita. Alicia thinks they are going to hurt each other. Has Alicia even bothered to watch season one, two or three of Mob Wives? Of course they hurt each other! Does she think she signed up for an English tea party?

Natalie calls London, her boyfriend, to tell him what went on at breakfast so he can calm her down. Renee is still on the “delicious” thing. Shoot me already. She says they were face to face and her breath stunk. She ripped her hair when Renee put her hands on her. Natalie feels disrespected and says Renee crossed the line. She is dead to her. There is no friendship, no business relationship. I can only hope this means she will be packing her bags and going back to SOUTH Philly. After all, there’s no place like home. Tell ’em Dorothy.

Woe is me! Eddie, sentencing, knock-off lawsuit, 
embezzlement, and now Renee is ruining my vacation!

Drita is surprised that all this happened at breakfast and not a club; and all over one word. Alicia complained she could have gotten hurt with the glass. Drita, Ang and Alicia talk about the fight. Drita and Ang agree that Natalie is an employee and Renee is a boss, no friendship should exist between them. You don’t mixed business and friendship. Did I really hear that? Because the whole show mixes business with friendship…just ask Karen and Ramona! Drita is going to talk to Natalie, while Ang goes to talk to Renee. Ang finds Renee “out like a light,” fast asleep. Ang explains to Alicia that Renee turns to drugs when she can’t cope with something. She feels it has gotten worse since Junior’s betrayal. A “concerned” Alicia hopes the judge will agree to Eddie’s plea deal for 8 years. The sentencing is taking a big toll in her life. Please! She goes into another chorus of “Poor. Poor, Pitiful Me,” for a minute. But what about her alleged Boo of three years? Does anyone think she is really losing any sleep over Eddie? Ang says she understands, she was a felon. Alicia claims she innocently went along for the ride in Eddie’s lifestyle. She still insists she was betrayed and lied to. Ang thinks she’ll forgive him when he gets out. Alicia says she doesn’t know if she can. I think Alicia has moved on long ago and there is no going back. But frankly, I don’t care.

Drita is talking to Natalie. Natalie says Renee doesn’t know her. She is not Renee’s mini-me. She is not going to let anyone put their hands on her and do nothing. She says Renee went from “mentor to mental.” The whole “delicious” thing made Renee flip out. Drita wants to know if Natalie can be cordial and nice talking to Renee. Natalie says of course. Drita respects Natalie for sticking up for herself. Natalie says she will try again, but if it doesn’t work she’s done. This is unreal! They are going to try talking again? Why? Well, if Renee and Natalie don’t “make-up” then she has to go back to SOUTH Philly. If they don’t make up, we will have only four Mob Wives…and only three “IF” Alicia goes to prison! Oh dear, what do you think will happen? I am beyond worried. NOT!

Ang pops into Renee’s room to check on her. Renee looks better. Renee wasn’t herself yesterday. She was overwhelmed with anger. Ang says Renee is blaming it all on Natalie. Renee says she feels bad she put her hands on Natalie. They are all going out together, without Natalie, to the Mob Attraction. Renee seems to be enjoying it. Drita notices that Renee is so much better. This is an interactive Mob fun house! It has exhibits and hologram actors from mob movies. We should have spent the whole episode in there! Uh oh, Renee brings up Natalie to Drita. Renee says Natalie still doesn’t understand what she did. Drita says she was sticking up for herself. Renee says she was out of line and if it happens again it ain’t gonna end right. Drita seems to be siding with Natalie and explains her part in the issue to Renee. Renee is disgusted that Drita is defending Natalie when a few days ago she wanted to smash her face. Drita wants Renee to put it behind her and start fresh. Renee does admit, once again, to feeling bad about putting her hands on Natalie.

Alicia holding her phone in it's not too shabby Louie Vutton case!
Is it real or a knockoff?
Courtesy of @Dondig's very observant eye!

Drita is gambling again and says she is down $6,000 now. She decides to walk away from the table. Ang lost her money too. How do these two think Vegas stays in business? Renee and Natalie takes turns going to sit out at the pool with the girls and it irritates Ang. Renee calls Natalie on her cell, while she is out at the pool, and asks to speak to her alone. Natalie tells her she can’t talk to her in her current mental state. She needs to be calm. Everyone wants Natalie to talk to Renee, Natalie doesn’t want to be rushed. Natalie wants her space. The other girls are anxious for her to make up with Renee so they can have fun on this vacation. They think this is a big gesture on Renee’s part and Natalie should agree to meet her. Natalie gets annoyed with them. Renee isn’t happy that she made the effort to reach out to Natalie and is being blown off. Way to keep the drama going VH1!

If you are a glutton for punishment and haven't had enough "delicious," here you go!


Anonymous said...

So Drita went back to being a flip flopping floozie I see. What in the hell Renee? I get Natalie is a disrespectful annoyance but oh dear Lord I cannot defend how you addressed and handled that mess.
Alicia is a waste on this show. I give Ang credit because she does the best she can with this group. I just wished she held back a little with her comments about Renee. She has a son who went through addiction issues and did not want it highly publicized. Sad that those who know Renee the longest turn on her for a wannabe hard ass.( Yes Natalie that is you)

Anonymous said...

Where do I start...Drita.....still don't care for her although I must say its now for reasons other than karen Gravano. She just seems like she can't have her own thoughts without the seed being planted by someone else. Ie: shr now likes Natalie because Ang thinks she got balls. Alicia...already covered her in another post...annoying! Ang....still love her. Natalie....can't lie my initial impression of her lacked the word like but she's growing on me after this episode. Don't have to like her ways but she kind of let us know she is gonna be her regardless and you gotta respect that. Renee...loved her previous seasons but now I think its time for her to go. Not that I dislike herIits just, while I know addiction is a very serious disease I just can't help but think how it was way too easy/ and irrational reasoning behind her relapse. Maybe she shouldn't be around these's no secret these women love their cocktails and because I have a few addicts in my family I know all too well about ppl places and things

Angela said...

AngelFab here and girl you hit it on the head!!! The only reason Natalie would have to apologize to Renee is because her sister is the producer of the show. Natalie is a mini Drita because all I saw was Nat beating the hell out of "grandma" That is a quote from a former Mob wife tweet. Renee needs to take a seat and relax her nerves, but the drugs during this scripted episode shows that you should just say no. Ang and Drita are attempting to be the peacemaker and it is not going to work, but they will get over it.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for your comments, I pretty much agree with all of you. This season seems to have lost some of it's "realness" and maybe it's because they brought in two people who have no history with the others so they have to create some?

Anonymous said...

I think that is what it is Chiara, lost realness. Even if there were back door deals going on before , at least we had Karen and 'Moner to put everything out in open and squash it! Jenn made bad choices trying to hype this show up and go in a different direction. Does greed do that? If it was not broke, why try and fix? Im so disappointed. Oh and FYI- Drita ( like I predicted ) turned on Carla once Carla was not coming back to show. Carla tweeted ( if anyone cares) that Drita and Ang only talk to her when they see her now. So much for being a loyal down ass chick huh Drita? No wonder she did not intervene on behalf of an incoherent Renee last night.

Don Dig said...

What Happens in Vegas...,

Chiara Soprano said...

Loyalty and Respect are what they are all always proclaiming it's about, but when it comes down to it, how many are loyal to anyone but themselves? It's sad if you ask me. And respect? Don't see too much of that either.

MiamiGirl said...

How about when Drita told Natalie how she wanted to slap her and that calling them whores was not funny. I think Drita said "I don't know you like that" and Natalie sure didn't get lippy with Drita. Instead, she apologized to Drita and chose to get super-lippy with Renee cause she thought she might could have a chance in a physical altercation with Renee. She would have zero chance in an altercation with Drita (I saw that weak punch she tried to throw at Renee). Neither one of those girls - Renee or Natalie- are brawlers.

Now, I know Renee should have let it drop with Natalie, and was maybe having a manic episode, but Drita and Angela should have stood up for Renee and told Natalie to pipe down. Natalie yellin "who is Renee Graziano" .. well, for starters, Natalie, she is YOUR boss, and we all have to take a little crap from our bosses every now and then. And, she is a bosses daughter, And her sister is the producer. Dummy.

Now, I know Angela said she has respect for Natalie trying to stick up for herself, HOWEVER, it is very easy and safe to get in a fight when you know staff are going to break it up rather quickly. You can get real lucky that way, just saying. It's kinda like trying to get a few shots in as soon as the bouncers get there to separate everyone. Sometimes you can get a real lucky throw. Natalie's tantrum didn't do anything to help her already poor image as a ding-bat.

Jen Graziano: if you are reading this, please, please bring back Karen and Carla (yes, even Carla. I thought Carla was inarticulate until I met Natalie. At least Carla had some class). Please bring back the originals. You can keep Alicia but ditch Natalie, please.

Anonymous said...

They need to get rid of Natalie. What does she contribute to the show? There's not a sense of maturity in her. She acts like a teenager and whenever everyone else tries to be an adult, she purposely instigates...then wonders why no one respects her yet she demands it because she's from SOUTH PHILLY!! $%%@!$~# She needs her ass dropped and seriously, can you blame Renee for wanting to kick her ass? LOL

Drita, meh...I love how she acts and talks so tough but doesn't say jack shit to Lee when he talks shit to her. If any man ever talked to me like that, all he would hear is a dial tone and have my number blocked.

Renee...she is a bull in a Vegas china cabinet. Did she have some kind of support (NA, AA, outpatient therapy) after her trip with rehab?

Mob Wives needs to go back to its roots. Bring back Karen at least. Her feud with Alicia is a page out of the Sopranos and would make for a very authentic season.

Leah said...

We'll....I feel lost. I don't like Vegas. I'm over this same drama. Renee has taken it to far and it's embarrasing now...natalie has made it worse by aggravating Renee at every turn and argument......for her to say 'tacky mob candy' was a low blow I felt bad for Renee if anyone called my or my friends 'hint hint drita' company tacky I would go buck fkn mad and kill. It was so rude.
It seems there isn't enough going on and there trying to make a show out of a few bullshit dramas....
I think alicia lies, she knew what her hubby did, natalie is caught up older generation stuff she just wldnt understand and drita well as a drita fan I am disappointed she didn't help to resolve it and flicked sides so quickly.....
I did get she and the others were just so over Renee , I have a friend just like Renee, and it is very draining being around people like that they suck all your energy and have there heads so far up their own ass they just don't care about anyone else.
If karen or Ramona was there I would say it would have been nipped in the ass by now they would have called Rene out on her shit and givin natalie a beat down for the dis respect.
Everyone was hatin on lee how he spoke to Drita but he ended up being right...she lost a lotta money I would cry losing a grand!
I wanna see Big Ang throw down!

Anonymous said...

I love this show, always a bully and a target. I feel for Renee because when she is level headed she is funny and kind. She does need help stating she has no problem with alcohol only pills then consumes every mixture possible before breakfast and pops zanies; not a problem, really? This is my favorite season thus far :)

Anonymous said...

Jane: Love your post! I think you stated what alot of us think about Natalie. Immature/teenager describes it best. I too thought about Drita and Lee like that! I was surprised and very shocked that she let that go like nothing happened! With women she turns her tough act on like no other.. so strange

Anonymous said...

Your telling me we are going now week number 3 of this supposed Delicious comment!! Listen I can't stand Natalie she's a South Philly Whore looking for a call from Hustler Playboy or even Porn. With that being said she did run after Renee that night and talk to her but Renee is to cray cray to listen. And I'm sorry but Drita is right who the hell is Renee to yell and belittle another person so damn right Natalie should stick up for herself. And Drita and Big Ang did have Renee's back come on how many times with the Delicious comment. And it wasn't until Renee put her hands on Natalie first that after she said ok it's not the comment it's the respect seriously. Renee doesn't know about respect because if she did she would never hang out with her employee! But anyway the whole stupid show is shot and badly scripted. Remember in one of Jenns interviews she talked about going into a scripted series. Well there you have it. At this point is rather watch good ole boring paint dry Carla then Natalie and Alicia. It's so forced and as fake as Big Angs jugs!! On a good note great blog!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you all for commenting. I am really enjoying everyone's point of view. Something is definitely of this season and we are five episodes in. I can't imagine a Vegas Part 3. If there is I don't know what I will blog or if I can take it.

Anonymous said...

You must blog!! Coffee will help you LOL In all seriousness, Im not sure I can take another Vegas crap fest either. And Im sure most of us are no longer able to say anything is delicious. This season just seems so different however , I cannot look away. Im a little disappointed in Jenn Graziano. I am wondering how Ang and Drita can change their way about Natalie so quick?? Do they hate Renee so much that they went from not liking her, being annoyed, Drita wanted to beat her to now their hero? So wrong. Renee was so not in the frame of mind so far to be trying to handle business. Her friends of many years should have been more there for her then supporting skank. Renee sober can handle anyone. Renee messed up should have had them to lean on, whether she wanted to or not! Those ladies are all looking out for themselves. Boutiques, make-up stores, funeral homes, bars.. they dont care about Renee in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Renee gave just as good as she got in this episode, so I don't feel bad for her at all nor do I feel like nobody "had her back". She was going after Natalie and she started the physical altercation and then got popped in the face for her troubles.

Ang is still hilarious, but she seems a little saltier this season. The comments are a little more biting than normal from her. Maybe she's not as nice as everyone thinks.

I really liked Season 3 Drita after she made up with Ramona and was less about the tough girl act and more about having fun and getting her business and family together. This season, she's back to only talking about how she wants to beat everyone up and its tiresome.

Alicia doesn't really seem to do anything other than observe and complain about her husband. The only way I see her becoming interesting is if they get Karen back on the show and the two of them get into it.