Friday, January 10, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap “Vegas Part 3” Ep 406

BONUS CLIP: First, what we didn't see!
Let's milk this thing a little more!

Here we go! We are still in Vegas. Where are my dry crackers, I'm getting nauseous. Time to drive a few race cars at 200 miles per hour. Now that’s the way to relax! Natalie knows Renee is pissed about being blown off, but still says she will talk to Renee in her own good time. Natalie is joking with the other girls and it’s making Renee sick. Passing the dry crackers to Renee. Renee is having a bad day again, says Ang, who is afraid to drive a car. Natalie takes off like a bullet in her car. Renee goes to sit alone, she is upset that Natalie disrespected her and the girls are joking with her like everything is good. Drita takes her turn at driving. When Renee brings it up, Ang defends Natalie and Alicia sides with Natalie. Renee feels their loyalty lies with Natalie. Ang gets pissed. Alicia says this is about right or wrong, not loyalty, and Renee is wrong and ridiculous. Renee calls them backstabbers. Look, I would have to rehash everything I said in the last two blogs to deal with this mess. Alicia should have never invited Natalie, but it was in the script. No way were they going to have any kind of vacation the way Renee felt towards Natalie. Both Big Ang and Drita knew this, but they let it happen anyway? It just doesn’t make any sense. And why the hell are we in Vegas for three episodes? That’s two episodes too many. Let’s just move on, stick a fork in me, I’m done!

They get back from racing and Natalie and Renee go to get some (scripted) rest, while Drita, Ang and Alicia try to have some fun alone. Why the hell does Natalie, the youngest of them all, need any rest? I just want to laugh out loud! Drita tells them she lost the money she was saving to open up a second store. Does anyone believe Drita really lost $8,000? I think she lost nothing. I think the whole gambling scenario was staged for our benefit and the storyline. Look at all the free publicity the Palms hotel is getting outing of all this filming! Of course they will let them have some fake gambling time. Ang says she thinks Natalie is fired and laughs. I can only pray Ang is right. The three of them are determined to go out and have fun together and stay out of the fighting. They go to a restaurant all dressed up. Drita says she wants to tell Renee to stop acting like Al Capone. They think Renee picked on the wrong person to get gangster with…Natalie. Drita calls Renee a spoiled brat…when things don’t go her way she acts up. Again, Drita and Big Ang know Renee well enough to know she was not going to be happy on this trip if Natalie went along, but they kept their mouths shut about the invitation. Who the hell is Alicia that she can take it upon herself to include Natalie? But, that's how the script was written.

"I'm a grown ASS woman!"

Meanwhile, Renee calls AJ and starts crying. She’s very upset and doesn’t know what to do. She is disappointed in herself. She is angry with herself because she raised her hands to Natalie. AJ tells her to stop thinking about it and let it go. Ang thinks Renee has gotten worse since Junior's betrayal. Ang says tragedy is going to happen if Renee doesn’t snap out of it. Really? Then why I don’t see her supporting Renee or trying to get her any help? Hmmm. She seems to be annoyed with Renee more than anything else. Renee decides to leave her room and go find Natalie to talk to her. Renee tells Natalie she can’t remember a lot of what happened yesterday, but she knows the argument escalated. Renee says she is very big with respect. She tells her the word “delicious” hit her the wrong way. And there it is! The final “delicious” that sent me to bed nauseated!  Natalie says she tried apologizing more than once that night and Renee didn’t want to hear it. When she called Natalie a puppet, Natalie says she lost it. Natalie says she felt betrayed and stabbed in the back. She tells Renee she isn’t a little girl. Renee says she was wrong for raising her hands to her and she is sorry. Natalie says they hurt each other and were in a dark place, and she accepts her apology. Now they can move on. I cannot imagine this conversation being for real after all that was said and done, but that’s reality television and editing for you. And I am going to add that if Renee was that aggravated on girls’ night out, when the comment was first made, then Natalie should have been fired right then and there or the next day. What did she have to lose? Natalie's face? There is no mention, no picture, no ad that I have seen for “Mob Candy” with Natalie’s picture or name in it. If she is the “face” of Mob Candy then where is her face? She could have easily been replaced and no one would have cared.

Now they plan to go to a strip club, The Crazy Horse. Natalie told them that she and Renee made up so they can all go out together. Isn't that wonderful? Ang wants to have fun and make up for all lost time. They all seem to be enjoying themselves. Drita says Natalie dresses exactly like a stripper. Is that a compliment? These strippers are all over the mob wives, touching them and rubbing their bodies on them and kissing them. What the hell BS is this? I don’t get it. It’s ridiculous and unbelievable. Renee decides to do some pole dancing. They didn’t get any sleep and are all hung over the next morning…thank God that’s over.

Time to go home! But first a little breakfast. Renee says she is done with the alcohol. Drita is worried she has to tell Lee she lost all the money she was saving for her new store. Drita says she learned a lot. She learned not to go back to Vegas. Alicia has to go back to deal with Eddie’s sentencing. Renee says she needs to get back on track.

Now we are in Philly…in the funeral home. Natalie is putting make up on a dead body, or so it appears. She says she basically running the business by herself. She deals with the grieving families and making arrangements. Natalie is still talking about Renee disrespecting her. She is a grown “ASS” (I agree) woman and runs a company, so she deserves respect. Meanwhile, Alicia is bellyaching about Eddie’s sentencing again. She calls it a “bomb.” Oh her son Anthony is home packing his stuff for college. I thought he was already in West Virginia in his dorm, but I guess Alicia decided to go to Vegas first, before helping her son move in (like she told the judge). She reads an old letter Eddie wrote in 2010 to Anthony, expressing his feelings that he is his son (Alicia’s son from her first marriage) and that’s WHY she is sticking with him. “Sticking with him???” I hear she left him three years ago when he was arrested and found herself another Boo right away. And yet, she is still crying over Eddie? This woman is as fake as a three dollar bill. Anthony wants to know what will happen to the younger boys if Alicia goes to jail. Who will take care of them? I want to know who took care of them while she was in Vegas? Anthony? But, even he doesn’t seem to look one bit concerned…maybe he knows she isn’t going to jail? She says she can’t think about it, it‘s too difficult and then she throws in a few more crocodile tears for the cameras. She says she is scared as hell right now, but she sure seemed fine in Vegas.

$8,000 in the hole

Drita is back at work and not relaxed…she played referee between Renee and Natalie and also lost $8,000. She hasn’t told Lee she lost the money, but decides it’s best to tell him over the phone, where it’s safe. Lee is pissed she lost $8,000, and he is verbally abusive about it, cursing at her every other word. Drita seems to take it in stride and says she has to get back to work. She will have to save up all the money she needs again. You know what went through my mind? Drita’s girls hearing their father talking to their mother that way. I know Drita says she won’t let them watch the show, but there is always the possibility they will hear about it from a friend or see it on the internet. There is also a chance that this is how they really interact at home, in front of the girls. I hope not.

I didn't think anyone could out-lie Carla
but yes, she did!

Back to Alicia’s house. She tells the boys about Eddie’s sentencing coming up tomorrow. Ang recalls when she was arrested and it was disgusting being in the holding cell. Alicia tells her younger son that they will do a calendar countdown and once they know how much time Eddie will get. Really? A calendar countdown? Let’s see, Eddie got seven years and 365 times 7 is 2,555 days. That’s a long countdown. But wait. He has been sitting in prison for three years already, so will they subtract those years from the seven he was sentenced to?  All this prison stuff makes my head spin. Ang and Renee talk, and Ang says Alicia knew her father in-law was whacked by the mob so how could she not know Eddie was working with the mob? Finally, the voice of reason! Ang is telling it more like it is this season. Alicia says she was naïve and didn’t see the signs. Please Alicia! You can cry us a river, but you sure as hell knew what your husband was doing and those books didn’t cook themselves! Alicia asks the boys, when their dad gets out will they go live with him or stay with her. What the hell?  Is this supposed to make them feel better about what is happening. This is where Alicia could use a “script” with better writing. Ang says she feels bad for Alicia, waiting for a sentence is hard. Alicia has been waiting hours and hours to find out what time the sentencing is and she is nervous. She flashes her LV phone case at the camera. Is it a fake, a knockoff, or did her Boo get it for her? After all, all her assets are frozen by the Feds. I can’t help but notice that she is wearing a very skimpy halter top dress with at least half her breasts exposed…can the producers tell her to put some clothes on…and a bra, she has her three sons there for pete‘s sake. More fake tears for Eddie, who she left three years ago when she met her Boo, the restaurateur. Is there anything credible about this woman? Her rap sheet of lies make good OLD Carla look like Snow White!

LV case, Courtesy of @Dondig's iphone!

Renee meets Alicia for lunch to talk about the sentencing and to see how she is doing under the circumstances. Renee knows it’s not good news from the look on Alicia’s face. Alicia says the sentencing has been postponed and she is frustrated. She wants to cry and scream and feels helpless for him. If we didn’t already know the truth, we just might buy into those faux tears, but instead it just adds to her phoniness. She says she tries to be positive every day. She is the one who keeps the family together. Renee is very supportive. Alicia is still crying over Eddie (Lord help us), she was clueless about the lifestyle. Renee tells her to be more concerned about herself. I don’t know how Renee could be so compassionate towards Alicia when Alicia was pretty cold and callous towards Renee in Vegas. But then again, that’s Renee for you.

P.S. Now I cannot keep quiet until next week about these previews. From what I saw, it seemed Alicia was accusing someone of leaking information to the press that she was in Vegas. We all know she was under a travel restriction and the judge did not approve this trip. But why is she pointing fingers at anyone, especially Renee, when she was the one tweeting and instagramming pictures of herself in Vegas! The pictures came from her own social media accounts. If I recall correctly, it even says that in the article. She is her own rat, her own snitch! If this is the way VH1 plans to show this scene the way it looks, the credibility of this show is shot!


Anonymous said...

I am not feeling this season at all way to scripted and fake.Vegas was drawn out and not fun to watch.Alicia needs to stop pretending about her husbands mob connections and deal with reality. Love the blog get recap of last nights episode

Anonymous said...

They need to cancel this mess.

Lavia said...

Thank god Vegas is over.....Natalie at the strip club was a bit too much for my liking. I know girls like her. Renee does need to not act like a mob princess it makes my skin crawl.....but she can also be the friend who will do anything for you so hopefully from watching this she learns.
Big Ang finally said it c'mon Alicia u can't say you had no idea she knew.....she knew. I heard he got 7 yrs on top of his already served 3 i presume so he was lucky.
I'm not understanding next week because as you clarified didn't she tweet those pics? We should confirm that and bring it to her attention!
This season ep 1 was the only one I liked the rest have been painful especially Vegas....I hope the script gets switched up soon cause something needs to happen or change judging by the comments of the viewers.
We need some men to balance it out I liked when some of the partners like joe and Dave were on.

Anonymous said...

Lavia, I also miss Dave and Joe.

What was Natalie wearing at the strip club. What was that?

Anonymous said...

I cannot get past the fact that Natalie has got to be the most annoying person to ever be on this show, which says alot because she is almost making me miss Carla.
Alicia , girl you lied and are getting caught with your own pics LOL! When you decide which personality and story you will stick to , we can take it from there. I want Karen back.
Renee I feel bad for you but you should have never lowered yourself to engage Natalie. Wish you well on recovery again. Drita still a flip flopper ..sigh...

Anonymous said...

I actually like the story lines on season 4. It's funny seeing Renee getting caught up in a web of lies from the very beginning. I do think that it is sad for Renee to create enemies over someone she just met. The fellow distance himself from Renee because of famous attitude not because of the word delicious.

Anonymous said...

Natalie adds spice to the show I think the show needs her character to balance out all the whispering that goes on. Natalie is up front what U see is what you get. She is true to her traits less lies being thrown around.

Anonymous said...

Damn it's like you just read my mind, all of this!