Friday, January 24, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap “Eat Worms B*tch,” Ep 408

Renee stands alone...again!

Drita meets with her music producer, Anthony, in the studio. She did great on “the last thing” says Tony, almost like it was so long ago he couldn’t remember it. Neither can I. She wants to lay down a new track that sounds different and “Money Bags” is just perfect, she loves it. She is going to “blow it out the f*ckin’ box.” Method Man was there, says Anthony, and Drita freaks out because he is her favorite rapper OR one of her top five rappers, you decide. So she is buggin’ out over do a rap song with him. See, maybe it’s just me, but if Drita was going to do another rap song shouldn’t it have been on the heels of the first one? Anyway good for her. (Insert eye roll)

Renee is justifiably furious after leaving Alicia’s house because she all but called her a “rat.” Big Ang blames Alicia’s comments on her being on edge. Renee says Alicia was insinuating she was a “rat” and “no one in 44 f*ckin’ years” has ever said Renee was a rat because she is not. Big Ang thinks Alicia still has a thing about Renee and Carla on the wire tap. Renee reads her a text from Alicia saying she knows she has her best interests at heart, but whoever she is talking to does not. Renee is pissed about her allegations. Renee is trying to get past her own problems and now Alicia wants to bring her down! Seems like Ang keeps making excuses for Alicia, even though she is supposed to be very close with Renee and her family, I don’t get it. Alicia didn’t have any proof and yet she attacked Renee at her dinner table when Renee went there to support her. No one said a word in Renee’s defense. WTH? Big Ang defends Renee on Twitter?

Next thing we know, Drita is “apologizing” to Alicia for stressing her out more with their visit. Really Drita? What did anyone do to stress out Alicia?  Drita says she thought the comment she repeated, about Alicia knowing everything her husband does, came from Alicia to Renee. Alicia is pissed that Renee is digging up dirt about her, from other people who heard the wire taps, and is afraid it is going to hurt her case. She feels Renee is behind her business being leaked to the press. Seems like Alicia wants her business kept private so is that why she put herself on national television airing all her own dirty laundry? Why doesn’t anyone say that to her face because I am dying to hear the answer! But, Drita seems to be siding with poor, poor pitiful Alicia. Once again a friend of Renee’s is siding with the “outsider” she just met 5 minutes ago. Alicia says she wants to sit down with Renee and give her a chance to explain herself. Excuse me? “Explain herself?”  I don’t think Renee has anything she needs to explain. If you don’t want people talking about you, then don’t give them anything to talk about, Alicia!

Drita is trying to write a rap song to go with the words “money bags,” but she is completely stumped. She says writing is usually easy for her, but apparently she has writer’s block. She shows Aleeya what she is doing, writing words to the beat. I could do without these rapping scenes, I think they are “fillers.” Next.

Natalie is out with her boyfriend, London. They have been together a year and a half now. She loves him. She wants to talk about their future, long time goals. He lives in New York and she lives in SOUTH Philly. She wants him to move to Philly where her family and business are located. The long distance relationship is hard. He says he is taking it one day at a time. She can’t keep doing the back and forth forever. I agree with her, she should stay in Philly and let him go back and forth, and leave us all the hell out of their bedroom scenes.

Renee’s house. Renee hates the words “leak, rat, snitch” that Alicia throws around. Then she gets a letter from Junior and her skin begins to crawl. She is in complete shock. She calls her friend, Nikole, to tell her about his letter. Junior’s letter says he has a year to go and then he wants to get back together with her. He loves her and wants to start over. He says he can forgive her and hopes she can forgive him. Renee has nothing to be forgiven for and wants nothing to do with him. AJ walks in and she asks him to have a seat. She is agitated and she wants him to see Junior’s letter. AJ stops her cold, and he says if this has to do with his father he doesn’t want to hear it, he is moving forward. Renee says she wants to be left alone and doesn’t want Junior bothering her. I don’t understand how anyone in witness protection are allowed to write letters home which could make an “enemy” aware of their location? Junior cooperated with the Feds on several mobsters, including Renee’s father, and he thinks he can just stroll the streets of New York again? The skeptic in me doubts there even is a letter from Junior, but it makes for good television.

Natalie drops in on Alicia. Alicia says she is irate. She says she called Renee to invite her to lunch to discuss what happened at her house. One of Alicia’s friends told her to look at Renee’s twitter, she has a message on it for Alicia. Why hasn’t Alicia seen it for herself, they follow each other on Twitter? Anyway, Alicia is beyond pissed. People are telling Alicia everything Renee is tweeting, oh dear, and they are hurtful and malicious things about her. Poor, poor pitiful me. Alicia says Renee is sharing everything about Alicia with her best friend Carla. Natalie is more convinced than ever that she wants nothing to do with Renee. So does that mean she will quit or be fired from Mob Candy and Mob Wives? We can only pray! Alicia wants Renee to come clean and admit she is talking about her. I’m still waiting for Alicia to come clean about lots of things, but it ain’t happening.

Renee meets her friend Carla, who she has known for 35 years. They grew up together with many other friends, in Staten Island. She is filling Carla in on all the stuff going on with Alicia. Renee says Alicia came to her house and talked about Renee and Carla being on the wire taps. Carla tells Renee that years ago she got a letter from the Federal government saying that she was on the wire tap. Renee now knows that the tapes are not as secret as Alicia thinks. Renee tells her that Alicia doesn’t want Carla to be friends with Edward. Renee feels Edward is still close to Carla. Carla says he even asked her to help pick out a gift for Alicia. Carla says Alicia can’t comprehend the term “friendship.” Carla is a married woman with a child, and she remained friends with Edward. Renee says Alicia is implying that Renee is feeding Carla information and Carla is spreading it all over Staten Island. Carla says if she has an issue with her then she should take it up with her, “her door is open and her phone rings…ring it.” Renee says she isn’t the enemy but Alicia is treating her like she is. Carla says Alicia needs to come to her if she has any problems.

Back to London and Natalie in bed…with all the camera men around, how romantic! Love and chemistry…TAKE 1! They talk about getting a place together in New York, she feels it’s a step in the right direction. This is a step towards settling down and she seems happy. And really, who cares? Another filler scene as far as I am concerned.

Here again Ang sides with Renee on Twitter, but
never speaks up on the show?

Drita pops in at Ang’s to tell her about Alicia freaking out over Renee’s tweets. “Tweets?“ Really? Is that what should be of concern with her sentencing hanging over her head? What about the restitution to the truckers whose pension money you took? What about the fines the Feds want you to pay? I would think those two things would bump down the “tweets” on your list of concerns. Ang says she knows Renee wants to kill Alicia. Drita and Ang thinks it’s “nice” that Alicia invited Renee to lunch to discuss their issues. But now Alicia is pissed because of Renee’s tweets about the “damsel in distress act is getting old.” They both feel if someone has something to say, say it to the person’s face, not on twitter, text or facebook. Drita tells her Alicia is hurt and no one has ever treated her that way. Drita and Big Ang side with Alicia yet again. They feel Renee needs to respect Alicia if she wants respect. Hold up! I think it’s the other way around…Alicia attacked Renee twice without provocation! Wow what backstabbers! Is there even enough room on this blog for my comments?


TWO CENTS time out: Alicia confronted Renee twice, in an aggressive and accusatory manner, at what should have been a couple of nice gatherings. First she accused her of not telling her that Carla and Eddie were still “friendly” and eating Chinese food, because she heard her name on the tapes. This is what I want to know…WHY is Alicia just now listening to the tapes and hearing Renee’s name? She has already pled guilty to the embezzlement charges that happened 3 years ago. You mean to tell me she didn’t listen to the tapes during the past 3 years to see if she could explain away the “guilty” parts before pleading guilty? I think listening to the tapes on the show were, at best, a scripted “reenactment” of what may have happened long ago. And if so, she already knew Renee was mentioned long before signing up with Mob Wives. How about that?

This was pretty much Alicia's expression
all through the sitdown, enough said.

Then she went ballistic and accused Renee of talking to the newspapers about her “business” because who else could it be? Gee, I don’t know. It could have been anyone in Staten Island or Philly, that’s who. The media, especially The New York Post, seems to be especially interested in Alicia’s business. She has been dubbed the “Wise Gal.” So when she posts her “sexy” pictures in Vegas on social media, she should expect them to pick up on it and ask lots of questions. Alicia put her business out there…by being on a nationally televised REALITY show and tweeting her own pictures. Then she wants to point the finger at Renee without one iota of evidence? Stick a fork in me I’m D-O-N-E, done.


Doesn't Renee look great?

Renee and Alicia, both wearing black, meet up at a restaurant. They are going to have it out, like a showdown at the OK Coral. I can hear “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” theme song playing in my head! The tension is so thick you can cut it with a “butter knife!” Where is that Facciolo chick when you need her? Renee denies saying anything malicious to anyone about Alicia. Renee says it was simple conversation with people she knew, many of whom heard the tapes themselves. Renee tells Alicia she is getting defensive. Alicia is screaming. Renee doesn’t know what Alicia’s issue is. Alicia says she has every right to be mad at Carla. Alicia says she feels Renee is going back to Carla with everything she says. Renee wants to know if Alicia is implying Renee is a snitch. Renee is furious to be accused of something that is the worst thing you can call someone in her lifestyle. Alicia says she didn’t call her a rat. Alicia insists Renee was tweeting about her. “The Damsel in distress act is old,” tweet. Renee says those tweets were not about her. Alicia becomes more irate because Renee won’t own her tweets. Alicia says she knows what Renee is up to and she should bring it on. Renee says Alicia is out of her mind. Alicia asks if Renee was talking about her “supposedly” having a boyfriend. Renee says yes she had conversations about that, everyone on SI knows everyone’s business. Don’t forget the people in good old Philly, Renee, they know lots of things too. Alicia accuses Renee of trying to get all kinds of dirt on her and then tweets it out and won’t own it. They keep screaming at each other.

"I am a f*ckin' Goddess!"

Alicia thinks she is a goddess. Mob Mistress dubs her the “Goddess of Stolen Pensions & Cooking Books.” Renee tells her, “You are not that f*ckin’ interesting! You are not my type of person and I don’t like you as a person, I truly don’t, you are the ignorant fool.” Way to go Renee! Alicia says a so called friend of Eddie’s would never talk to her like that. What about the way you attacked a friend of Eddie’s when she was there just trying to help you, Alicia? Renee believes that ever since Alicia heard Renee’s name on the tape she has had it in for her. I believe the words “Chinese food and Carla” seem to set Alicia off. Alicia should get off Twitter and tend to her restitution, fines, boutique, children, and her Boo.

CHECK OUT the final scene of last night's show!

P.S. I do not know what s going on this season, but something stinks like limburger cheese!  I expected to see more of a New York/Philly war, but what I see is everyone against Renee. Four against one. It’s unbalanced and doesn’t have the ring of truth to it. What long time friends are going to side with an outsider over their own very long time friend? Drita and Ang are either following a script or have lost it.

P.S.S. I think I speak for all fans when I say we would love for Karen to step in, at least in the finale, and she tell Alicia what she didn’t like about all the things she had to say! Now that would be the dream finale of season four!


queensos said...

Let me first start off by saying that if Karen step into this season she would truly "set it off" and people would really start feeling sorry for Alicia bcuz Karen would hand Alicia's a** to her. Which is exactly what Alicia needs. She's irking with her entitled attitude and thinks she can say whatever to whomever and that people should not talk to her in a nasty disrespectful manner. She needs to grow up and go some where far far away where we don't have to see her face again.

Up until this episode I was not feeling Renee this season. I have always been a fan of hers, but I think her head has somewhat gotten too big for herself in which she too thought it was okay to say whatever she wanted to people and that no one should dare say anything nasty back to her. However, this argument reminded me why I truly do Love Renee!!! This argument was EVERYTHING and gave me LIFE! She put Alicia in her place so many times it was hard to count and then she walked out on her a** - I LOVED IT!!! Renee did and said everything I would have said to her and I can only imagine what else was said, I can only imagine what got put on the chopping floor. I'm sure this entire episode could have been their argument. It was great and Renee made Alicia look like the ignorant fool she is.

On another note, Drita is such a corn ball. She can't dance, she can't rap and her gangster girl act is so played out and corny. Can she please go somewhere too???

Anonymous said...

Great Blog. As a guy, Ramona and Carla were the reason I watched. Two beautiful women. But handfuls. I wish they were on this season, but a report has Ramona working some alleged scam about reselling hotel rooms. This season is nothing without those babes.

Blog On.


Anonymous said...

I don't know. I've lost interest in this show. It use to be 'must view' television for me. A fun reality show escape for me.

This episode, although there was a 'showdown' felt like a whole lot of nothing to me.

If Alicia really thinks Renee ratted on her then she isn't too bright. She's on social media, posting her stuff for the world to see, and hanging out with some famous ladies with cameras in a happening vacation spot. Of course, someone is going to notice you, but aside from all of that stuff with the tapes I think it's all about creating a storyline for herself. She decides to do it with one of the mainstays of the show Renee.

The stuff with Drita. I can take it or leave it. I'm not interested in her singing career or whatever else she's got cooking. I will say good for her in trying to branch out, but it's boring to me. The tough girl act as well. Oh, yes, I'm well aware of the fact that you've got a short fuse, etc. etc. etc. but I'm not impressed. Tone it down, and relax those veins in your neck.

The one thing I did like is A.J. shutting Renee down. He doesn't want to hear it. He's been hearing it for a long time now. Too long.

I have to agree with a point you made. It's not New York vs. Philly. I think that 'New Blood' spin was a terrible theme to add to the show. It's a couple of new ladies, mixing it up with the few of the old ones. I think, maybe, Big Ang and Drita get annoyed with Renee, and side with the other woman because they are fed up with her. Which is a sign for me that these new ladies shouldn't expect the loyalty to lay with them.

It wouldn't bother me one way or the other if Karen came back, but I do think it could be interesting. If she and Alicia were to have a little sit down of their own. It could get very explosive. It always does regarding family.

It's nice to see your blog is still here and going strong. Congratulations to you.

Chiara Soprano said...

To the Anon above, thank you for reading and commenting. I think we had a lot invested in the original girls and then they were pulled and these two Philly wives were plugged in. Natalie has no story and probably no mob ties that I could find. Alicia cries the blues but is a liar and guilty of her own sins, not a sympathetic character to me.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why they needed to use two, uninteresting people in my opinion from Philly into the show.

It couldn't be that difficult to find women closely connected to the core cast we know to be part of the show, could it?

This theme really doesn't appeal to me. I don't enjoy Alicia (such a grating voice), and the same could be said for Natalie.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me how split the audience is this season. If you look at the comments under the episodes on the VH1 site, you'll see a pretty even split between Team Renee and Team Not Renee. This blog seems to pretty firmly rooted against Alicia. And other forums just think all the ladies (except for Ang) and drama are just plain silly this season. I'm in the latter camp.

Drita's rap career? Yawn. Natalie and her boyfriend? Yawn. Alicia's legal crisis? It feels like beating a dead horse at this point. Renee being a victim? Super yawn. That's been her storyline since day one of this show. She's a victim of the lifestyle, a victim of her husband's deceit, a victim of age, a victim of cosmetic surgery, a victim of addiction, and now a victim of the suspicion of her "friends". Enough already! You're a grown-ass woman, Renee. Act like it. Borrow a page from Ang's book, and learn to keep your mouth shut and brush your shoulders of petty drama if you don't want to get caught up in it.

Seriously, Jenn is just exploiting her own sister's mental instability at this point. I'd love for Renee to find peace in her life, but she's never going to achieve that as long as she's on this show. It doesn't even look like she's having fun with it anymore!

Anonymous said...

I've ALways been a fan of your blogs. our real & not afraid to say it. I must say last nights episode exhausted me. With many reservations. I am no fan of these Philly girls they don't belong here, never will. I don't like how Renee is portrayed throughout this season either, This is not supposed to be Renee show, but she is the sister of Jenn the producer, hello favortism ? This show is so scripted & so OBVIOUS you can see it in the expressions of Renee's face on camera. I am sad. This was such a great show & this season was just a mess on so many levels. I have tried every episode to like it, to get in touch, to believe, but its just not happening. I can't stand these Philly girls for one. Fake scenes created from scenarios from 3 years ago, scripted, poor acting, its just not real anymore & let me just say I agree with this blogger on every point. This is not our Mobwives from seasons past. But I'll keep trudging thru it just to see what happens, but if it doesn't have some substance, some truths, some loyalty , I will be done this season, I am really dissapointed In the producers, they should've stayed on point & given us the real but they haven't. Big Ang & Drita have let Renee down & the viewers, no storys there at all. It's like the whole show is Renee, Renee failing in her sobriety, Renee being a bad friend, Renee Renee Renee Renee....look I a a Renee fan but enough already and Renee you are not a gangster, you are a lady act like one. You want out of the life in one breath, and claim the life in the next...hippocit. These girls from Philly are nothing more than scene fillers, no substance noting interesting at all. Hate them both ! I am just exhausted with trying to like this show this season, I've tried over & over & I just can;t . Sorry Jenn., it just isn't working for me this year, IF it is renewed I hope you can come up with a better formula. 6236829

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon I understand your frustration 100%. I do not understand why two NY mob wives were removed and two from Philly replaced them (really 4 NY wives were eliminated). Maybe the storyline sounded better on paper than it played out. I don't know f Renee is getting favoritism, but she is carrying the show for whatever reason.

Angela said...

hey Chiara
I saw the episode today and Alicia is going threw whatever she is going threw. Bless her stupidity concerning her husband. As for AJ i love how he handled his mother. Renee needs to chill, but there isn't a pill for that.. or is there? I love how Carla is handling the issue concerning Alicia and she needs to approach Alicia and straighten her ass out. I want to see Carla and Alicia go toe to toe and have a sit down. Jenn needs to make that happen... Does she need a book for

Anonymous said...

Have some of these women been hit with the stupid stick or are they suffering from early onset dementia? Drita saying that people shouldn't use Twitter for subliminal shots is like Big Ang saying women shouldn't get fake boobs and lip injections. Come on! Drita, like most of the women on the show, has been a frequent user of Twitter as a means of shit-kicking.

I don't dislike Drita, but I don't think the producers know what to do with her if she's not in some conflict with another cast member. Not even those cute kids can salvage her boring solo scenes. Further, they're thematically off base with everything else shown in the episode.

This season reminds me of the very worst of that horrible Chicago spinoff. It's too contrived. I wanted Karen to return, but I think she's too good for this mess. To have her come on and engage Alicia is redundant and would not save this lackluster season.

It will be interesting to see if VH1 renews the show. If it does, I would imagine the network taking a hard line about cast changes. Honestly, I think the entire cast could use an overhaul, but I know that's not happening.

Finally, I don't think this season is Philly vs. New York or old blood vs. new blood. I think it's about one really crappy season vs. three past seasons that were much more entertaining. I think the producers and cast collectively are on the hook for that.

Chiara Soprano said...

Angela, a sit down between Alicia and Carla might be very interesting!

To the Anon above, you made some great points. I understand what you mean about the Chicago spin off. I think some of that is due to lack of history and too much scripting.

Thank you all for your comments, I see that for the most part we are all on the same page.

Tedesca said...

This whole tape-thing is not logic (to me).
1. Alicia told Renee some time ago that she read in the files about Renees phone-conversations with her, Alicia´s, husband.
Question 1:
If Renee was on those tapes, why didn´t the FBI inform her, like it did with Carla? My impression was that the FBI legally has to inform everyone who is on those tapes, so why not Renee?

Question 2:
If many people were informed about beeing caught on FBI-tapes, why does Alicia not know about this? Friends or at least her lawyer would normally mention it to her, don´t they? So how comes Alicia only suspects Renee talking about those tapes?

Question 3:
This is not really a question, sorry. Everything looks so staged, what on earth would this season have been about if nobody would have talked to the press or Alicia would not have travelled without permission? The ladys having dinner together an talking about nice things, then going to the gym and afterwards having a drink or two?

Lee said...

Episode 8 well the drama is certainly heightened i must say i do like Carla she seems very level headed and real, i hope we see more off her!
Alicia is being so unrealistic she is basically saying no one but me can talk about my case. period. Are you serious Alicia....they can talk about whatever the fuk they want they dont need your approval to talk..
Her true colours are coming through which is a shame she 'appeared' so nice.... I dont know why Drita is all over Alicia d**k like she is and what i dont understand is Drita and Big Ang friends of Renees for 20 plus years are more lotyal to Alicia at this stage who they just met and are saying Renee shouldnt be talking the way she is etc...
Why arent they saying Renee wouldnt do that and have her back a bit more?
Now that Natalie isnt Mob Candy anymore she really has no story line...she is boring as all hell.
The scene with her and London in the man is there it was a bit much.
AJ was a bit rude to his mum just let her say what is in the letter and then keep it moving...
I must admit i was not a ramona fan but karen i was on and off with HOWEVER i now see she kept it real and kept it moving so the best thing they could do is bring her back end of season...
Has anyone spoke to her via facebook or twitter regards this?
Its all a bit to damn messy....they need to ALL sit down together and get this resolved or punch on either way.
Thanks for giving us viewers the chance to have our word

Anonymous said...

IA, I'm not enjoying this season as much as I have in the past. I would like the former cast members to return, it had more credibility then. As for Natalie and Alicia, I think they have already played out their roles for the season, Natalie is probably not going to be the "face" of Mob Candy and Alicia is awaiting sentencing and realizing that her husband betrayed her trust and love for him. It's been rumored they are separated, I might believe that since he has already been sentenced, as for Alicia's sentencing I hope she gets house arrest she does have 2 young boys that need their Mom, but I don't know if the judge will take that into consideration. Renee's sobriety is most important and she is very emotional, she had a relapse and hopefully she can stay on track. AJ is a phenomenal kid, she did a good job in raising him. As for Drita, I love her, but I truly don't think she is a rapper. No matter how tough she may appear on the outside, inside there is a heart of gold. She appears to be talented, she says writing comes easy to her, she is a great make-up artist and designer. She also loves her husband and her daughters, so she is really a good wife and mother. She already says she loves to cook and bake. This season is not as appealing to me as in the past, but I do continue to watch it weekly. I think Big Ang is a riot and she appears to be the peacemaker. Miss the old cast, but I guess Jennifer had other plans. Wish they would all come back and keep the show based in NY. JMPO, Alicia's hurt and I do agree ever since she heard Carla mention Renee on the tape she feels betrayed so therefore she is still angry. At this point focusing on Renee and her alleged betrayal takes her mind off the bigger picture about her own sentencing having to leave the boys, should prove interesting to see how this plays out. I think Natalie is finished, her storyline is over already. Drita's may be coming to the end as well. Sorry to see it end up like this.

shayna said...

I HONESTLY MISS the old crew even carla,this season is boring

Anonymous said...

It seems like the general consensus is to bring the back the original girls, Karen and Carla. I agree that the rapping bit with Drita is a little boring. I think it would be great to see Ang and her man have a baby and if they use a surrogate, etc.

I for one enjoyed watching Renee and Alicia have a disagreement and remain seated (drita and karen please take note).

I think this show desperately needs to bring back Karen and Carla. And Lee needs to be added to the cast ASAP if they want to keep viewers.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the big rumors are these. Ready?

1. Alicia's father was in that life as a low level drug dealer who died of an overdose same as her uncle Carlo. Her brother on the show was a meth drug addict

2. Drum roll please

Eddies girlfriend was none other than, Raquel, Big Ang's daughter from the show Miami Monkey

Anonymous said...

Rene was born in April 1968! So I guess Rene was called a "rat" some time before she turned 2 years of age.
This soap box of declaring their honesty from any of them on this show really is so hypocritical.

Mob Mistress said...

"First of all, the big rumors are these. Ready?

1. Alicia's father was in that life as a low level drug dealer who died of an overdose same as her uncle Carlo. Her brother on the show was a meth drug addict

2. Drum roll please

Eddies girlfriend was none other than, Raquel, Big Ang's daughter from the show Miami Monkey”


Those are some huge rumors.

Her brother looks great for an alleged former meth head!

And Raquel as Eddie’s girlfriend just seems way too far fetched.

I will admit truth can be stranger than fiction. Thanks for sharing tea fact, fiction or fantasy!

Anonymous said...

Oh where to begin.....

I like this Carla, that's all I gotta say LOL

Natalie, Natalie...why oh why was that bedroom scene necessary??

Drita...well, at least she's rapping and not fighting so that's a plus. Can't throw shade but it's hard to convince her "tough girl" act after seeing the way her husband shit talks her because if someone talked to me that way, it would be on like Donkey Kong...barrel throws and all!

As for Renee and Junior...I thought Renee mentioned that Junior was denied the witness protection program so he was on his own?

I was SO glad to see that even though Renee was pissed off and aggravated at the letter, that she wants nothing to do with that psycho.

All I can say is Alicia is a freaking sociopath and a bad actress. If the tweets are about her, who gives a shit? Like Leah said...."have a party" haha!

My only bet that I'm confident in is that Karen will show up at the reunion.

Casey said...

This whole episode seemed like filler and I almost fell asleep.! I haven't been really interested in any episode this season.

Who thought that season 3 would be the good old days?

And Junior didn't write that letter! Do they have 3rd graders on the writing staff now? If so, they can afford to bring Karen back, lol.