Friday, January 17, 2014

Mob Wives: Recap "Loose Lips" Ep 407


We start out at Drita’s house where she is talking to Ang on the phone. Drita had a nightmare and she feels something really bad is going to happen. She dreamt that two people were in her house and creeping up on her and she shot them dead, one in the face and the other who knows, who cares. Drita says all her dreams MEAN something. As soon as she says this I immediately know where this is all leading…the big “REVEAL” that Alicia’s picture is in the newspaper! She says when she was little she would see things in her dreams and they would really happen…her mother and other family members have the same “gift.” She had a dream that Lee’s friend was going rat him out and he did. She feels she is going to be in a bad situation. She ties the dream into Renee and Natalie or the girls. She needs to know what her dream means. I need to know if the script really had to go into that much detail about Drita’s dream “gift?” All this proves to me is that she has no “gift,” as we will see later.

At Alicia’s house, her brother walks in. She tells him she is disappointed that Eddie’s sentence was postponed, it leaves her life in limbo, but her brother makes her feel better. He wants to talk to her about her sentencing and the possibility of her going to jail. That scares her to death instead of cheering her up. Oh well. He says she has to prepare for it and talk about it. She can’t imagine being without her kids. He wants her to be ready for whatever might happen. Meanwhile, all the while he is talking to Alicia, he doesn’t appear to be one bit concerned. Did you notice how he was joking, smiling and relaxed? Last week, her son Anthony didn’t seem too concerned about jail when he asked her almost the same questions. Interesting. Do we think that maybe Alicia has a plea deal in place and the sentencing is really being held up by the restitution and fines the FEDs want her to pay? That’s what I think.

Natalie pops in to visit Big Ang and they greet each other with a kiss at the door, like old friends. She came all the way from SOUTH Philly just to get advice about what to do about Renee. Drita pops in too. Lots of popping this episode. Natalie apologizes to Drita and Ang because she helped ruin their trip. She says Renee apologized to her…yada yada yada…and she told her she wasn’t a kid or trash. Renee told her she did think of her like that. Drita and Ang are “shocked” to hear this. Natalie doesn’t think Renee’s apology was sincere. Drita says Renee will never get over what Natalie said, it’s her nature. Ang says Renee doesn’t let anything go. Ang thinks it will be an ongoing thing. Excuse me a minute, but whose friends are Drita and Ang? I thought they were Renee’s friends. If I was Renee I would be more pissed at them than I am at Natalie.

At Big Ang’s house everyone is stuffing their faces with her home cooking. AJ and his girlfriend are there, along with Neil. They start to talk about her son, AJ’s, baby that is on the way. Ang thinks his girlfriend should get a job, but all she does is stay home and sleep. Ang wants to tell AJ that she wants to have a baby with Neil. When she finally tells him she could have a baby, she can’t even keep a straight face. Neither can I. They tried this same storyline in the RHONY with Luann and Jacques. When 50+ reality stars start talking about having babies on the show it means they ran out of storylines and are desperate to create something out of nothing.

Renee and AJ talk about Vegas. She admits to raising her hand to Natalie and she apologized, but Renee doesn’t think that they are over it. Renee feels she has to let Natalie go from her company. Natalie insulted her clothing line and, for Renee, that is the last straw. AJ makes sense, he says get over it. I’m with AJ. Renee finally realizes she has to let Natalie go as an employee, a friend, an acquaintance. Where’s the pink slip? I’m sure this will be a nice juicy scene in the near future. No way is Natalie coming back next season.

WARNNG: The next scene is a SHOCKER and may contain content that will make your eyes pop out of your head!  NOT!

"What the f*ck is this Ang?"

At Café Latte, Big Ang and Drita meet. “Have you seen this???” Ang asks Drita as she flips open the newspaper. Drita’s eyes literally almost pop out of her head. Drita says this “MUST BE” what her dream was about. Of course, what else can two people sneaking around in your house that you shoot dead, mean? Isn’t it obvious? It was all about Alicia’s picture appearing in the paper. Ang says the article says Alicia was supposed to go to her son’s college and ended up in Vegas with them. The article has way too many details, says Ang, it has “rat” written all over it! Somebody must have given the newspaper Alicia’s picture, but who? Oh yes, it was Alicia herself. She tweeted it out on social media and somehow the newspaper got a hold of it. Turns out Alicia is her own “rat.” OR, maybe Alicia tweeted it out on purpose so it could be found? Did someone tip the paper off and add a few details so they would print it? After all, this little fiasco turned into a whole scripted episode or two. Meanwhile, Ang and Drita feel it is making Alicia look bad to the judge. Drita is nervous for her. They are both in total shock. I’m not worried, are you?

Alicia is with Natalie and shows her the newspaper. Alicia tells her she asked for permission to go to Vegas. Do I think she asked the judge, yes I do. I think she told her the trip was necessary for her job. I read she gets paid $8,000 an episode and eight times three episodes in Vegas is $24,000. She thinks someone is feeding things to the press. I think someone is too. I think she purposely tweeted her own picture out so the press could print it and probably threw them a few extra details to create a story. She says all this is interfering with her case and her husband’s case. She told her lawyer to look into it. It has to be someone with a personal vendetta against her who is behind it all. She feels sorry for whoever did it because Eddie is coming home one day and he will take care of it. Now isn’t this all ridiculous? Maybe it was someone who had something to gain from leaking the picture? And, think about it, if they do two episodes about “the rat who leaked the pictures” that is $16,000 more in her pocket. Where oh where has the “reality” gone?

Drita is her home with Giselle. Giselle’s personality has blossomed, she is a little diva, but her father’s daughter. Drita used to model. Drita wants to take her to an agent  for casting calls. Drita thinks she will love it and have fun with it. Nice little scene, Giselle is a doll.

Someone in the inner circle is out to get me!
Paranoid much?

Alicia meets with her lawyer. She says she plead guilty to embezzlement. She is afraid the lies in the newspaper could affect her sentencing. The paper says they got her picture from her social media. And who posted the most damning item that could go against her own case? Duh! It’s still there. The lawyer thinks it could be a problem, it may make the judge react negatively. She seems nervous and her world is unraveling. It makes it look like she doesn’t care what her image is, it’s not exactly the image of a poor single mom that she has been selling to the court. The lawyer says things like this affect people’s attitudes. The lawyer says she can go to jail for up to 5 years. But if you watch the scene carefully, he doesn’t seem too concerned either. Maybe he is enjoying the free publicity?

Big Ang finds more pictures of Alicia in the papers and the article says she is lying about how much money she makes. She calls Alicia to check on her. Alicia says someone is feeding information to the papers. Eddie is upset over it. Ang says it takes a lot of balls to rat. All these stories in the paper are lies says Alicia, who knows all about lies. Alicia says it could be pissing off the judge. Alicia doesn’t know who it could be leaking the information, but it’s someone close to them. Someone closer than she thinks. Someone as close as the nearest mirror. Look, the FEDs figured out that Alicia would be making money for being on Mob Wives. That money probably didn’t appear in her earnings because she hadn’t been paid anything by them at the time. Now the money is rolling in and they want it. It’s as simple as that. No one leaked anything that everyone didn’t already know. It’s like karma. She didn’t think anything of taking truckers’ pension money and now the FEDS want to return the favor and take hers. What goes around…comes around.

Renee’s house, Drita is there. Big Ang calls to tell her Alicia is in the paper again, they want to know how much money she makes and they want her money to pay fines. Ang says this will not look good in front of the judge. Renee defends Alicia saying she isn’t hiding money she is a single mother. Ang tells them the judge asked to see her in the courtroom and that’s not good. Again Drita thinks this is what her dream was about. If anyone can tie Drita’s dream to Alicia’s situation I would appreciate your dropping a line in the comments. The only similarity I see is that both are as fake as her designer knockoffs.

Drita’s house. Alicia arrives. She says she had one moment of fun in Vegas and these articles are making her out to be someone she’s not. Poor poor pitiful me.  Drita wants to know who she thinks is telling the newspapers what she is doing so she will be sentenced to prison. Alicia says the image they are putting out there is not her, she isn’t a party girl, she is content to be home with her kids. But they both feel someone is trying to take her down with all these “lies.” Alicia says it’s someone close to them who knows what is going on. She prays she is wrong. What lies? Lies that she went to Vegas, lies that she tweeted out her own picture in a skimpy bathing suit, lies that she is earning a salary for being on the show?

Drita, Ang, Renee sitting in a restaurant discussing Alicia and her articles. Renee says there is a strong possibility she could go to jail. They are all very serious about it. Renee describes Alicia as a homebody. Drita says she is a nice woman. They worry about what will happen to her in jail. She is not a fighter. Drita says Alicia didn’t realize she was cooking the books, it’s all Eddie’s fault. Renee says Alicia said “I know everything my husband does” on the tapes and that is what got her in trouble. Ang thinks they should all go see her before the sentencing and show their support. Let’s see how well this works out.

Poor Renee tries to do good and,
as my mother would say, gets it up the ass

In SOUTH Philly, at Alicia’s house, the girls are going to meet and support her. They all feel someone is trying “to get her.”  Renee feels an obligation to help her because she has been friends with Edward for over 30 years. Alicia wants to get to the bottom of this “snitching” to the media. Alicia says her case was in a good place until all this came out in the paper and now she could get up to 5 years. Renee tries to give Alicia advice. Alicia says she did the books because she is straight and narrow and was the one to do the books the right way. She blames Eddie for all of it. He must have gotten her to cook the books without her knowing it. Now she thinks an evil person, with inside information, is feeding the media. “Someone in this circle,” says an accusing Alicia. Drita is confused. Ang says no one at this table would ever snitch. Alicia says someone is out to get her. Then Drita "subtly mentions" what Renee said about the wire taps and Alicia starts attacking Renee over it. Renee mentioned that Alicia is heard saying “I know everything my husband does” on the tapes. Alicia wants to know how Renee knows what is on those tapes? She doesn’t even give Renee a second to explain as she angrily screams at her across the table. Renee says there were 8 other co-defendants who heard the tapes. They were people she knows in Staten Island and they were discussing what they heard. Alicia wants to know who is talking about her tapes? Alicia continues screaming. Renee is shocked. She came to show her loyalty and support, and she gets attacked! Well now let’s see…

It seems all Alicia’s problems are everyone else’s fault, not hers. She seems to be the innocent lamb who didn’t know her husband worked for the mob; who didn’t know she was cooking books and embezzling money; who doesn’t know she was selling knockoffs of designer items at her boutique; who didn’t realize that when you tweet and instagram your pictures in social media they are public information; who didn’t know she should report her Mob Wives earnings to the FEDs; who doesn’t think the FEDs can figure out she would be paid for being on reality television; and, who isn’t smart enough to know that if you want to portray yourself as a stay at home “June Cleaver” mom then don’t wear a bathing suit showing 90 per cent of your body, get slap happy drunk in Vegas, be on a show that is televised nationally and air all your business! Now someone please tell me which part of that is Renee’s fault?


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you just said ! As I was watching the show all I could think to myself was "Do they (the producers), really think we (the public) are this stupid ?" There was no mention of the details that no-one else knew of but us girls. Show me that evidence that was exposed. And of course Alicia has a deal on the table ! Just like we saw no evidence of Natalie talking down to Renee & disrespecting her as a boss. Nada, zero, zip nothing. No explanation whatsoever. The show skips around too much, and makes no sense. This episode was a waste of my time. But I do have a prediction. I see Karen returning @ the end of the season, after filming wraps, just to be a hanger for next season. I just got a feeling. As always Thanks for your realistic re-ca, it's the only one worth reading, ever :)

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you for commenting. I hope your prediction comes true...maybe we should ask Drita to dream about it? LOL

Anonymous said...

How about Alicia saying to Natalie that oneone was being "facetious" leaking those pictures. Does she even know what that word means?

Anonymous said...

This could have been my least favorite episode not just of the season, but the entire series. It started off with the absurdity of Drita and her dreams, and never got any better. The only bright spot of the whole episode to me was Giselle. I like Drita when she is with her daughters.

The whole show comes off as so fake this season. Alicia and Natalie add nothing and are not interesting at all. Yet, for some reason, the ratings are actually decent. I'm really hoping that doesn't inspire Jenn to retain the "New Blood" for another season.

I agree that I think Karen will be in at least one episode, probably the finale, or maybe they will bring her in for the reunion.

So, Chiara, now that we are about half way through Season 4, who would you rather have on the show: Alicia or Carla??

Chiara Soprano said...

I heard the word facetious used but it slipped through the cracks for blogging. Thanks for mentioning it and obviously she doesn't know the meaning lol.

As or Anon, way to put me on the spot after knowing my feelings regarding Carla LOL. To answer your question, I would have to say (taking a deep breath) Carla over Alicia. At least Carla is from New York and she is just as much fun to pick on.

Anonymous said...

Alicia seems too nice for this bunch, Angela being the exception. But her personality contrasts well with the others and she's grace under fire. Renee is feeding info to the papers or to Karen Gravano to mess up Alicia and get back at Eddie for keeping Karen off the show. Renee acted sooo guilty when confronted by Alicia who has already figured this out. Renee the Rat keeps saying "I don't tell, I'm not a rat", etc ad nauseum. She's a rat when she feels like it obviously. Jealousy and rage are Renee's main emotions. She's a sneaky, snake faced rat.

Anonymous said...

I am a Philly Girl born and raised, with that being said I can't take Alicia or Natalie! They are a mess and give Philly a bad name. Natalie and that mouth and Alicia and her sneaky attempts to make herself relevant are so obvious. I hate that the two of them are taking turns making Renee out to be the scapegoat for their issues. When if not for Renee they would still be trolling around Philly unknown.

Everybody knows that if you post on social media, talk on the phone or whatever it's up for grabs especially if you are in the middle of a high profile case and the FEDS are involved... She needs to stop with the Babe in the woods act, I am not buying it. Sadly, there are so many people who are ��

I miss the old crew, I hope Karen does return!

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Alicia hate that a lot of the audience has.

To me, it seems really obvious that Alicia, just like all the other "characters" on Mob Wives, is only trying to make money and get some television time. The real culprits are Jenn the producer and the rest of production for creating such ridiculous and obviously fabricated storylines. My bet is that that newspaper was either a completely fake prop or it's a story that Alicia AND production skillfully planned to have written for a plot device.

Every time these women sit down to have a conversation with one another it's so scripted that I'm struggling not to laugh. I'm sure if the camera panned out a bit, we'd see some interns holding cue cards up. The only "character development" that didn't seem fake to me was Renee's relapse, and the resolution to that storyline was abrupt and unfulfilling.

I just can't see this show lasting past this season. Unless, of course, the predictions about Karen come true. I'd love to see her back!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and very true recap of last nights episode.None of it is Renee's fault.Perhaps Alica should have thought twice before engaging in criminal behavior with good ole Eddie Boy.

Anonymous said...

Chiara- love your blog and the way you call a spade a spade with dissection of all motives. "The lawyer wants publicity" too funny! I do think as a bookkeeper you do know what you are doing but you may not know what the higher ups do with your information. Maybe Alicia didn't know only she knows the truth but why plead guilty for something you didn't do? I do think she is using this show to portray her side of the story because it's pretty easy when no one can talk back or ask her questions. Fake or Real,you just got of love it. Renee I think steals the show, the underdog always wins especially when you have the producer in your back pocket!

Anonymous said...

I agree with most comments above. However, I do not think Karen has anything to do with Alicia's issues but I'm so sorry to agree that Renee maybe the culprit b/c so far in season 4 she has been going against everything she complained about in previous seasons. And I don't like the scenes with drita and her girls. Only thing cute about them are the children. Everytime I see these scenes I think back to what Ramona said in season 2 (she coaches them). Never been a drita fan but I must say I didn't have an issue with her being on the show....until now. Everything about her story line is fake. From the stalker, aleeyah's bully and now her "gift" I'm Her only ties to this show was Karen, then Ramona. Unless Lee come out the woodworks I no longer see her relevance. Her irrelevance wouldn't bother me if I didn't have to sit thru her fairytales. The only thing keeping me tuned in now are the comments on this blog and the hopes that karen come back. Even in this blog which I loved since 2011 I find myself going straight to the comments b/c the two cents is now blended in and I'll be damned if I sit through this hypocrisy then torture myself by reading it too.

Lee said...

Thank god Vegas is over first of clarify the dream thing remember back at the end of season 2 maybe when they all brought there kids to dinner together and karen told a story of how she went with Drita to get a tattoo and the phone rang when they got back, karen said she answered it and it was Dritas mum saying her dad just dreamed she got a tattoo? I think this is what Drita is referring to within her family..
Did anyone else think eww when Alicia walked in hugging her lawyer....bit too friendly. I never hugged my lawyer I shook his hand!
AJ girlfriend is beautiful...and Im sure Big Ang will not get preggers its just a filler..
Now the whole thing is over the top with Alicia the word RAT is being way over used like for crying out loud someone could have told a story for some money to the papers and people just talk and word gets out...its getting to over the top with these dramas and dragged out. AND they arent being clear anough on who can and who cant. Renee loyalty thing I wouldnt call it ratting just tell Alicia who was talking and knows and move on. I would be thinking your either with me or against me thats it...Im with Alicia there but please Alicia no more crying and whingeing....
A.J man that kid is strong he has had to put up with some crap from his mum thats just ridiculous....Renee needs a man thats involved with the mob cause she loves that sh*t and is strong and wont take shit and give her a good time in bed and put her in her place. thats it.

Anonymous said...

Chiara, I think we went from the Land of Oz back into the Twilight Zone with this episode. I was beyond perplexed at how Alicia was foaming at the mouth. You and your husband are in BIG legal trouble, yet you use social media and go on a nationwide TV show and are shocked and appalled someone writes about you in the she really THAT "sheltered" and dumb? How can you even convince people this is authentic? If anyone deserves an Oscar, it is NOT Alicia Garafolo.

I'm even more dumbfounded that the girls are actually defending Alicia thinking she's June Cleaver that could do no wrong.

I also love that Alicia is all "its no one from MY WORLD" and yet, she has NO PROBLEM dragging Karen through the mud over a FIL she never met. Guess she loves her "mob ties" when it best suits her interest.

As for about a sense of entitlement!

Honestly, I think Drita is somewhat sincere in the dream thing.

Anonymous said...

In conclusion, this episode nearly gave me a coronary LOL

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Jane for another good laugh! Now, it's come to my attention that Alicia is a bit upset at the fact we keep poking fun at her posting her own picture on social media. She wants everyone to know that of course she posted her picture, but the info leaked to the press was that she lied to the judge about where she was going which wasn't true. Ok, I will address this in the next blog, but if you are lucky enough to read my comment, this is what I have to say about that. First of all, what judge is going to penalized someone for misstatements made in the newspaper? The judge knows the truth if Alicia asked to go to Vegas or not. The judge knows if she asked just to go only to WV or not. So that should not concern Alicia in my opinion. If the judge should be mad with anyone, it should be the newspaper and he/she probably doesn't give a damn. Second, the only issue Alicia talked to her lawyer about on the show, that could see, was the picture she posted herself and how that would give the judge a bad impression and cause negative consequences. We do not claim to be geniuses on this blog, however we do operate within the realm of common sense.

Casey said...

Wow, this season has really gone downhill! I used to love this show. Now i record it and don't even watch for 2 days. It has turned into a scripted drama with bad writers. Wish it would go back to the show I used to love. #bummed

Leah said...

I read somewhere that alicia husband Eddie is the 'married man' that carla was sleeping with? Does anyone know any truth to this?
There is defo more drama and some serious connections going on in this season when u look at the big picture but something ain't right.....the season is not clicking.
Alicia I can't handle anymore I didn't know or my family will fall apart pity parties......we know we know u say it every episode..enough already.
Natalie is nice to look at but that's about it. They need to intro Lee or Drita storyline is getting stale and as for Renee and Big Ang it's nice to see Renee happy and I wanna see Big Ang throw down!
Let's hope Method man can get on the script next week the talented bastard!

Chiara Soprano said...

Leah, the Carla they are referring to from the tapes is not Facciolo, but another Carla who is Renee's friend. If you have been reading the blog you know my thoughts about this season well enough LOL