Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mob Wives: Is Alicia DiMichele The Goddess of Thieves?

By her own anointment, she dubs herself "Goddess"

Let me start by saying I do not follow Alicia and she does not follow me on Twitter. In this case, "opposites do not attract." So I was a bit blown away by her comment in the last episode, "Eat Worms B*tch," when she openly declared to Renee that she was a "Goddess." Funny thing is that she actually seemed to believe it. Mob Mistress, writer on our blog team, quickly tweeted "Goddess of Embezzled Pension Funds and Cooking Books." I got a laugh out of that, but as someone of you may have noticed that my wheels never stop spinning when it comes to Mob Wives. I love the brilliant concept of the show, I just do not like what that have done to it this season. Anyway, I got to thinking, maybe there is something to this Goddess thing? And what do you know? Alicia not only stole pensions funds, she also stole her Goddess title from Laverna, the Roman Goddess of thieves! Who knew? They say you learn something every day.

Laverna was a Goddess of the "criminal" underworld. "Laverna was the deity of thieves, dishonest tradesmen, cheaters, and frauds...Laverna’s attributes were darkness and secrecy." (see Laverna) Does that sound familiar? 

On another site I found a story about Laverna. "In one story, Laverna tricks a priest and a lord into handing over an estate and castle, saving she would pay at a later date. However, she sold off all the crops, grain, cattle, wood, and poultry and anything of value. On the day fixed for payment there was no Laverna to be seen. The priest and the lord appealed to the gods, complaining that they had been robbed by a goddess." (see how it turns out at Laverna 2)

And yet another site has Laverna saying: "I am the snatching hand, the purse lifted and the coin lost; and I am the woman in the shadows, watching, always watching." (check out Laverna 3)

Does she ressemble Alicia?

A very creative artist, Thalia Took, has made an image of Laverna on her website Thalia Took, where she has prints and shirts of many Gods and Goddesses along with their stories...check them out!

I blog for fun and amusement. Today is no exception. An idea marinates in my head an voila, we have a blog. Now, thanks to Alicia DiMichele, we all learned something new.There is a Roman Goddess of thieves and she lives among us!


Angela said...

She doesn't look like a Goddess but if she feels like one.. so be it. May the odds be ever in her favor..Wait wrong show...LMAO

Kadii said...

After reading all the tweets of the night for the Mobwives i must say true colours are shown....
Big Ang and Renee tweet stuff that is taken at face value but Alicia my my my her tweets are nasty and attacking....she truly is not a nice person...
She is embarrasing herself i totally believe she acts better than everyone, points fingers and isnt well liked do you know why?
Because she is a spoilt bitch and not use to having to actually take responsibility for her actions.
looking back on the this season its a joke "his arrest came as a shock i had no idea"....really alicia.

Chiara Soprano said...

Kadii you have a point, why is she so defensive? Because nothing she says makes sense and if it doesn't make sense it's probably not true.

Anonymous said...

Kadii love your take and you make good points. And Im still rolling that Alicia calls herself a Goddess.