Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Drita & Ang Confront Renee"

Drita is all ears as she listens to Renee

According to the information disclosed about this sneak preview, Drita and Big Ang are confronting Renee about why she didn't attend Natalie's Halloween Party. It's a very short clip. Renee does not make excuses. She says she doesn't feel comfortable around Natalie and she can't "pretend" or fake it. When she says maybe Ang or Drita can "fake" being nice, Drita blows a gasket. There has to be more to this scene then we are seeing. Renee does say she needs to talk to Natalie and I hope it's to fire her from her business. I am still puzzled why Ang and Drita, who could not stand Natalie in episode one, are now turning on Renee? Have a look for yourself. 


Lee said...

I think it's the other way around they are not confronting Renee about why she didn't go but rather Renee is confronting them about why they did go.....
Ok Renee introduced Natalie and Alicia to the girls and they first had beef with nat then sorted it but non have had beef with Alicia yet.......but then Renee goes and has dramas with them both but gets shitty when the others don't follow her lead?
The other girls can do what they want they really don't need Renee's permission.
Furthermore Renee was invited if anything she is outcasting herself by not going.
Renee should have gone held her head high and had a great time then the girls will see she being mature about it and might take her rants more seriously.
I am team Renee don't get me wrong but it's yet another situation they manage to blow up..
Drifts was over the top with her snappiness and I'm really hoping we hop off the Renee show soon.
On the bright side I checked out mob candy and she has some pretty fly jewellery and clothing on there..

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for taking time to comment Lee. I guess I am a little annoyed how the decked seems to be stacked against Renee, though she adds fuel to the fire, lol. I don't understand how lifelong friends side with "strangers, but reality tv is nothing without drama.

Anonymous said...

Chiara I am with you and agree with your comment. Drita was ready to eat Nat, or whatever choke, kill mame.. then they become chums? Still a flop flopping fluze. I dont think Ang really likes her. She is just tolerating her.

Chiara Soprano said...

I will say this, Ang's expressions are priceless. I don't think all this drama is her cup of tea.

SHE said...

It seems like the girls were not loyal to Renae. Im surprised with Drita and Angie especially. People appear afraid of Natalie so they jump to her side over a long time friend. Angie seem like she is just not a friend by thinking in her mind, Renae is taking a turn back to drugs after the long help so she rather run from Renae than feel down everyday by Renae depression. That's not a friend so I'm shocked at the girls. They can't see that Natalie picks at people once she's started. She knew that was not right to say and her saying sorry was not sincere. I don't like the sound of Natalie voice and hope she is replaced soon. Can't believe the girls are buying her fake attitude. She leaves a message she's there with the girls trying to piss Renae off and none of the other girls can't see that. Renae dropped the fued, but Natalie again said she was waiting for basically Renae to come bla bla so Renae went after her. I can't believe she pulled Renae hair while others was holding Renae and Renae friends did nothing. Totally blamed Renae which wasn't right. Don't back down Renae you were right every step of the way and always funny, but keep the drugs away. Good life, u are #1 on the show, that's the only reason I watch it.