Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mob Wives: "How To Use A Meat Cleaver" CONTEST!

COMING OUT February 4th!

Well, we all know the saying "Go big or go home!"- well these girls are definitely going big. Jennifer Graziano, the Executive Producer of Mob Wives is on a mission and she isn't stopping at anything. Collaborating with her sisters Renee and Lana, they have written their own cookbook. I asked Jenn a few questions and she gave us some insight in what to expect. A detailed interview with Jenn will be posted tomorrow!  To promote their book's release they have posted a few very funny videos. The one below is great interaction between the sisters, while making sausage and "peppas." If you want to learn how these girls get down and dirty in the kitchen pick up your copy of "How to Use a Meat Clever" and join in on the fun and learn some authentic family recipes.

Don't forget to pre-order your copy of the book by February 3rd and enter into the contest. The winner will get to have Jennifer, Renee and Lana come to their home and cook with you.

Contest Rules

Everyone who Pre-Orders their copy of How To Use a Meat Cleaver by Renee, Lana & Jennifer Graziano before February 3rd 2014 will receive:

1. A signed photo not seen in the book of Renee, Lana and Jennifer

2. An Exclusive invite to a private webinar session with Renee, Lana and Jennifer to watch them cook a dish and answer all your questions!

3. Be entered in the ” Cook with the Graziano’s” Contest.  One lucky person will be selected to have Renee, Lana and Jennifer travel to your home for the day and cook with you in your kitchen! They will teach you how to cook their favorite recipe from the book and eat with your family!

How to Win?

1. Purchase your pre-order from one of the online retailers

2. Email us your email confirmation after you purchase to preorder@reneegraziano.com

More Videos!

Written By: Carmela Corleone, Mob Chef

REMEMBER to look for my interview with Jennifer Graziano tomorrow AND PRE-ORDER your copy of How To Use A Meat Cleaver today!

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