Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Eat Worms B*tch" Ep 8

Renee tells Alicia off! Yes!

Well, well looks like Renee has had enough of Alicia! Join the club Renee! I don't know who Alicia thinks she is, but her inflated ego is getting knocked down a few pegs by Renee and I couldn't be happier. I am Team Renee. Renee has been nothing but supportive of Alicia and Alicia turned on her two times without reason. Let's sum up Alicia's record so far...let's see if that "innocent" act holds water! Here's my two cents worth...

It's true I have been having a little fun on the blog at Alicia’s expense. I consider it like a “hazing” or initiation like to the Mob Wives sorority. She is the new comer and she immediately got off on the wrong foot by throwing Karen’s and her father’s name around right off the bat. It came across badly to anyone who is a fan of Karen Gravano or has a sense of right and wrong. The things she was saying weren’t true. To make matters worse, Karen wasn’t even on the show to defend herself. So that was my first impression of Alicia, and it wasn’t good.

And then Alicia’s issues with Renee started when she heard her name mentioned on the wire tap recordings. I have a big problem with this. Alicia and Eddie were arrested three years ago and she already pled guilty before the show started filming, so WHY is she just now listening to wire taps and just learning Renee’s name was mentioned in them? Interesting.

Then, we come across conflicting stories on the show and in the media for just about everything that concerns Alicia. She swears she did not have a clue her husband worked for the mob. Big Ang says she had to have known, his father was whacked by the mob, what else could she think?  Did she know her husband worked for the mob or not? Like Big Ang, I find it hard to believe that she was that na├»ve and didn’t know about it…so I think that was a LIE.

Next she says she was arrested by the Feds for embezzling money, but swears she never “cooked the books.” The Feds have five years of wire taps recorded and she is on them. They felt there was enough evidence there to convict her of embezzlement. Alicia pled guilty to the charges, even though she still claims she is “innocent” and it was all her husband’s fault. She was the bookkeeper. She saw where the money went. I think she is guilty as charged. The innocent act sounds like a LIE.

The Feds asked Alicia to fill out papers disclosing her income before she was cast on Mob Wives. She failed to go back and correct the disclosure when she learned she would be earning roughly $8,000 an episode or $96,000 for the season. The Feds want her to pay restitution and fines to the truckers whose pension funds she allegedly pocketed. Failure to report her Mob Wives income may appear to some as a LIE.

Then I read about the Gucci lawsuit. According to several media stories, Gucci believed that she was selling items with their logo and passing it off as theirs. We don’t know all the details, but Alicia says they have dropped their lawsuit. Apparently, from what I gather, the boutique was selling handmade baby items adorned with little frills made with material that had designer logo patterns all over them. Maybe that’s not an infringement on their logo? Who knows? Gucci will not return my calls. I’ll give this one to Alicia.

In her personal life, at least  on the show, she is crying a river over Eddie, who was imprisoned three years ago. One would think she “doesn’t know what to do” when he comes out. She loves him, but this was such a huge betrayal. Should she stay or go…that’s the impression I got. After all he was her one true love. Turns out, according to people in Philly, that Alicia found herself a new man very soon after Eddie’s incarceration. Alicia says he is an old family friend, there is no truth to the rumors they are “together.” Yet, people are saying he rarely leaves her side and his car is always parked outside her house. Who are we to believe, the people from Philly, the city of love, or Alicia? I’m going with the word on the Philly street, which would make Alicia’s version a LIE.

Now for the Vegas picture and newspaper articles! According to Alicia, it’s NOT the picture that’s the problem, it’s the lies told to the newspapers about her going to visit her son in WV and then going to Vegas instead. She blames Renee for leaking the information. Why? I don’t get it. Why would Renee tell the media lies and why would the judge be upset by the content of the article? Alicia is not responsible for what the media prints or what their sources may tell them. The judge evidently knows that Alicia asked to go to Vegas, it was approved and her lawyer did not seem concerned about that. BUT, Alicia is responsible for tweeting out her own picture in a skimpy swimsuit with Drita...the picture that Alicia discussed with her attorney on the show...the picture he was concerned about because it could leave the judge with a negative image of her as a party girl and not the stay at home mom she tried to portray to the court. So, the way it was presented on the show, it leaves us to believe that the pictures were indeed the problem. The pictures that, by Alicia’s own admission, were released on her social media accounts by her. So which one is the problem…the pictures or the content of the article? Maybe neither? After all who stands to benefit from those articles? Everyone! The media, VH1, Mob Wives Producers, the cast and Alicia herself, because it has created drama for the show to film…and drama = $$$.

Let's go to the video tape! May the best Mob Wife win!


Anonymous said...

I am 100% with EVERYTHING you said. But while were at it, why don't you tell us how you really feel ? LOL ! I can't believe the public is buying this sweet innocent Alicia either, I called that in my house on the 1st episode, call me clairvoyant or whatever but my instincts are usually right. There are a lot of unanswered questions throughout this season, I hope we get the answers but I don't see it happening. This is my least favorite season of MOBWIVES. I also feel like it's the Renee show & I love Renee but the show should not be surrounding & be all about her. It's so disappointing.Off to the show now Thank you for your honest opinions, no-one else has the balls ! said...

Renee Graziano is the problem all together she starts so many problems of her own. Her own son doesn't like to listen to her talk why don't she get the message change your ways cuz your games is getting old

Lee said...

This episode is definitely getting back on track in terms of mobwives....some old issues like junior and the girls bringing some other lifestyle choices to the cameras finally.
The Alicia drama has just had too much face time I'm sick of hearing about her case her issues and Eddie. I did like Alicia at first she comes across very sweet and kind and perhaps we are just now seeing her temper HOWEVER after reading this blog and looking at older episodes she creates dramas it seems, the thing with Renee well I tight Renee handled it very we'll but Alicia was just zinging it with accusations not facts.
She is so defensive of what...she has dug her own hole here and she is pissed about it so trying to drag someone else down with her and point the blame?
Will we hear a conversation between her and Eddie?
I hope so......
On another note have u thought about blogging love and hip hop?

Kadii said...

All being said and done Alicia turned up emotional and never gained control of her emotions during the conversations....she wasn't listening to Renee just like last time and instead chose to be defensive, snippy and right.
She wanted to fight with Renee and point the finger....she clearly has a lot of shady shit going on or she wouldn't be so defensive...
What's this my hubby slept with 100+ women and if I had a boyfriend he wouldn't mind crap she speaks as well.....seems like she is not loyal and when it's convenient for her to play mob wife she does, convenient to be slutty mrs too good she does and last but not least Suzy home maker she wears a lot of hats..
I'm thrown that she started out such a nice genuine sweet classy lady and now it's like she has lost it and can't regain it.....I don't think it's her temper and that she can't be crossed because she doesn't even give Renee a chance u can see she just wants to fight....
I have spoken to Alicia a couple times on Facebook she seemed nice she was pushing to ship some clothes to me from her store and I didn't like that.

Chiara Soprano said...

Lee, I never thought about blogging Love and Hp Hop. This show takes a lot of work and time because I give it 100% of my attention. I occassionally blogged RHONY just to poke fun at how ridiculous it is.

Kadii, I am not surprised to hear Alicia is trying to sell her clothing through her online connections. The Feds are going to want A LOT of money from her soon. Who knows if she will be back next season, if there is another season, so she has to try to milk her 15 mins of fame.

Lee said...

Chiara I don't watch a lot of t.v but Mob wives I do watch every week and u do a great job on the blogs I understand it would take a lot of time!
Judging by your sense if humour I think u would have a lot of fun with love and hip hop it's drama and craziness and just wtf moments.
On behalf off the fans thank you for taking the time to blog it's hilarious and I know it's in your own time.