Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mob Wives: Is Karen Gravano Back???

Back in New York for starters!

Pure Speculation! But is it possible that Karen left the warmth of her family and the Arizona weather to come back to New York, during it's coldest temperatures just for dinner? Well leave it to Twitter to get my hopes up! I literally poured cereal into my coffee cup this morning because of a tweet I saw on my timeline from Jennifer Graziano. First Renee tweets:

Who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall for this meeting?

When many fans heard that Karen was in New York, it created a buzz. The buzz got even louder when Renee Graziano tweeted she, and her sister Jenn, were having dinner with Karen. Renee said some of us would love to be "flies on the wall." I asked if I could pay a waiter to take notes for me on the conversation and then Jenn retweeted me and replied!

What they discussed BEFORE dinner would be way more interesting to me?

Am I reading too much into this? The only thing I have been interested in, since the first episode of season four, is bringing Karen back! Jenn knows that because she follows my tweets and I think she glances at my blogs every now and then too. It's no secret that I think Karen belongs on the show, she was the reason for much of it's success and she is as REAL as it gets. Of course I am just a blogger, and I can make something out of nothing every now and is this something or nothing? You decide! I already made up my mind! 

I hope Karen comes back soon and sends those SOUTH Philly wives packing! 

Now I will remove the cereal from my coffee and get back to having breakfast!

PS Here is a picture of a "fly on the wall" my good friend, @Dondig, last night with Jenn and Karen for drinks!

Welcome Home, Karen!


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Karen is back on good terms with Jenn, because that was definitely not the case for awhile. Ramona, however, judging from Twitter and Instagram, is still not on good terms with the Graziano sisters.

Angela said...

Maybe this means that Karen is coming back and Alicia is leaving. Remember they can't be on the show together. The story line would be awesome but you and I both know Jenn is not ready for that drama. Not to mention filming is already done, but we will be kept in the dark about who is coming back for next season.

Chiara Soprano said...

Angela, not all the filming is done yet. contracts can be renegotiated and who knows. Meanwhile Alicia has her sentencing tomorrow...all eyes on how that turns out.

Anonymous said...

It would be excellent to have Karen back on the show, for there was something untouchable about her. Perhaps it is the name Gravano and its lineage which is instantly recognizable to anyone who has read the news in the past 20 years.

Mob Wives will have to do something to revise its direction or there won't be future seasons. Of ALL of the people on the current season, I was so looking forward to Renee taking Mob Candy into a serious big brand. The designs were really off the hook, particularly the shoe line. I thought she really had it in her to be the ultimate winner. Unfortunately this storyline in Las Vegas is making me tune out for it simply seems a replay of Renee's antics during the Pochonos getaway a few seasons back. I never ascribed to notion of Mob Wives as being low rent, however I really expected more this season. with the brilliant new additions.

Karen Gravano is a riveting high value individual who should have received a salary increase. Upon reflection it would appear the salary issue was likely an intentional ruse for the series remove some of the girls in order to pursue another storyline. If Karen returns, I do hope she makes the powers that be pay dearly for her services. It would appear she alone is what may well save this show for some fans.

Dave said...

In terms of the show's success (I'm assuming you're largely talking about ratings), this past episode had more viewers than all but 2 of last season's episodes so I'm not actually sure this season is as big of a disaster as people may assume in that sense. I think it will be difficult to keep Natalie on the show unless she makes up with Renee because she would not have much of a storyline unless Jenn has something up her sleeves about Natalie's connection to the mob that has not yet come to light. I actually think that if you take away Natalie's actions and just look at her connection to the mob (allegedly a cousin but more importantly her funeral home business) is actually an interesting connection that has not been tapped into yet in past seasons. I think she does have obvious faults, but I do think if that connection is explored it could be kind of interesting because I'm sure she is "married to the lifestyle" in that unique sense.

As for Alicia, I personally like her on the show. I've watched every season and was skeptical about this new one w/ the new blood, but I actually find Alicia to be quite down to earth and I think she's gotten a bad rap on here. For instance, before the season you talked about how she'd probably spend the whole season bashing Karen and pushing that storyline knowing that she could w/o Karen on this season. However, that hasn't been the case and she only brought it up the first episode. I don't know how others feel but I certainly in a sense feel like she has been looked at unfairly, especially when considering that her criminal activity is looked at so poorly in contract to that of the other mob wives or at least the other mob wives knowing of the activity of their relatives. Maybe she has lied about her involvement or knowing about Eddie's actions, but I'm sure all the mob wives have lied about the same. I just feel like from reading prior to this season about Alicia, she has turned out to not be that monster she was portrayed to be and honestly, I wish you could admit that you were kind of wrong about Alicia using the show to bash Karen because that has not turned out to be true.

With that being said, it would be great to see Karen back and maybe another SI mob wife. But to me, I haven't seen this season as the huge disaster it's played out to be. And even with its faults and maybe its lack of realness at times that past seasons had, I don't fault it on the new blood as much as maybe some other people do so I'm a little conflicted about them and future seasons.

Anonymous said...

As I was watching this season I've been noticing how they been leaving the door open for karen to return. Taurus stand up!!!! And idk what anyone says I can see karen being friends with natalie despite being friends with whatever her name is. I dont see natalie as the type to judge her over ancient history over man whatever her name is never laid eyes on. Yes I didn't initially like natalie but I am a woman who is entitled to change her mind! Besides when I judged her, she was an intoxicated fool and since then she has proven herself ok with me. Besides renee been a fool for four seasons and I still adore her. Oh ms everything about your blog but I must say even I'm surprised that you didnt touch on how drita direspected renee in vegas. She the one who initiated that sit down and now b/c she (renee) only doing what she knows best you talk to her like you should have done your husband

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above anon, Drita did initiate the sitdown with Renee and Natalie so she should have played a little more referee. She should have told Renee to sit down and also told Natalie to pipe down (she was coming out her face).

Now, about Karen - I am sooo excited! Yes please, please bring back Karen. Carla, too. I really think the show should always keep the original girls in some capacity. Don't be like the other housewives shows that always try and trade up. This show should be about loyalty.

Oh, and Carla's ex-husband - I really miss him. And if Natalie doesn't get the boot for some reason, they can film Carla and Natalie playing scrabble since they both have advanced degrees in English literature. Lol.

Now, what about Lee? When are we gonna see Lee? His illegit business is ruined cause everyone knows him now, so might as well come out in the public and ride this 15 minutes as long as you can. Right? Can you imagine the ratings? They could have a big party, with Karen and all the original girls (Even Ramona can come) and then Lee should show up. It would be fun to watch him and Karen in the same room.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back Karen..i miss her

Chiara Soprano said...

Lee's appearance will send the ratings through the roof...two of our most popular blogs are about Lee and what he looks like!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am dying to see Lee. Ya know, this could be his only chance to go totally legit - the temporary fame would make his business (whatever that is) take off. I would like to see a few more men added to this show. And I strongly feel the original cast should always be kept on in some capacity. The loyalty thing. The newbies like crazy Love and Natalie can come and go, but keep the OG's. (Even Carler). The Carler and her ex was a great story line. I can only imagine with Lee.

I am liking this Alicia girl, even though we all know she is a liar about her innocence. I wonder how the girls will help and support her when she gets sent to the pokey.

TARYN said...