Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mob Wives: "Loose Lips" Sneak Peek Ep 407

"What the f*ck is this Ang?"
asks Drita, when she sees the picture of her and Alicia in Vegas.

Will the real media informant please stand up? So here is the sneak peek I have been waiting days to see and blog. Ang and Drita find Alicia and Drita's picture, taken in Vegas, in the papers and are in shock! Total SHOCK! How could this happen? Alicia is out on bail! So did Alicia LIE to the judge in order go to Vegas? Big Ang, who has been there, done that, knows that when you are out on bail you have to ask the judge for permission to travel. Ang adds if you don't ask and get caught, you go directly to jail. Hmmm, very interesting. So let me see if I got this right...I made up a list in the form of a multiple choice question for all fans:

So far we have heard which of the following about Alicia's trip to Vegas?

a. Alicia says she is under travel restriction and cannot leave tri-state area.

b. Alicia lied to the judge about going to West Virginia, and then made a detour to Vegas.

c. Alicia's lawyer said Alicia is allowed to go anywhere in the US, including Vegas.

d. Alicia's lawyer said he thought she was home in New Jersey, when asked if she was in Vegas.

e. Alicia tweeted and instagramed pictures of herself and cast in Vegas.

f. All of the above.

g. I wouldn't believe Alicia if her tongue came notarized.

h. f & g

I chose f & g. We have heard or read all of the above lies/excuses over the Alicia pictures and trip to Vegas, which of them is true is anyone's guess. And this is supposed to be reality? Pah-lease!


Anonymous said...

When the girls where sitting down talking about going to Vegas, Alicia said then she had to get permission, so why would she lie to the judge about it ? Then make a big deal about it later. This makes no sense, just another really stupid edited episode. I am really not enjoying Mobwives this season.

Chiara Soprano said...

Why would she lie? Why would she tweet out pictures of herself there? Why does her lawyer say she can go anywhere if she notifies the court? In my opinion it just makes the show less and less credible and I think when we see the episode of her pointing fingers at the others when she tweeted the picture out, that will be the icing on the cake!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Cricket, makes no sense what so ever!

Anonymous said...

Well, if criminals were THAT smart, there wouldn't be jails LOL

Anonymous said...

More scripted nonsense. Are we really to believe that nobody would have called Drita and told her about the Post article since her picture was in it and that she just so happened to have found out about it from Ang? Obviously, since Alicia didn't go "directly to jail" nothing important comes of this. Ang and Drita really need to work on their "surprised" faces...actresses they are not.

Anonymous said...

Since it was months ago, nobody went to jail, and the picture was tweeted before it hit the paper, I highly doubt this was a shock to anyone involved. What I think is that it was planted on purpose to drum up interest in the show.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy watching the show and love this blog!! It's definitely starting to sound shady! Reality tv?? Most likely

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend needs to check herself. She keeps insinuating what her husband is gonna do when he gets home, and then how's she so innocent. Also she is on a national television show called "Mon Wives" not sister act.