Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mob Wives: What's The Problem with Vegas Pics?

alicia draya mob wives
Brought to you by Alicia's social media accounts

Back in September, the girls' trip to Vegas was filmed for season four. Alicia tweeted and/or instagramed pictures of herself and other members of the cast having a great time there. Some media outlets said she went there after lying to the judge that she needed to go to West Virginia to help her son, Anthony, get settled in his dorm. This was the story printed in the Reality Tea article. HOWEVER, Alicia's lawyer, John S. Wallenstein, reported that Alicia has always had permission to travel anywhere in the United States as long as she provides the court with notice of her intended plans. This story was covered by the New York Daily News.

So which is it? Did Alicia have the permission of the courts or did she sneak out of town?

The only reason this matters is because of Thursday night's episode 7, entitled "Loose Lips," where Alicia is pointing fingers at all the girls for leaking the information she was in Vegas to the press. You see, the Reality Tea article indicates, and my memory has a clear recollection of having seen, Alicia herself tweet and/or instagram her own pictures in Vegas out on social media. If that is correct, why is she pointing fingers at anyone accusing them of having "loose lips" and speaking to the press??? And, in the second scenario, if what her lawyer says is true and she had the permission of the court to go anywhere in the United States, then why the need to point fingers at all? I have to say I am a bit confused. Do you think this is yet another scripted episode creating drama where there totally isn't any?  Hmmmmm?

It seems clear to me that at worst, Alicia was her own "rat" and at best there was nothing to snitch about because it was all legal. I cannot wait to blog this episode!


Anonymous said...

Let's see....we've seen Alicia pointing fingers at

-Eddie for living a double-life and bringing her into a lifestyle "she didn't want" even when Big Ang rolls her eyes at her because of his dad.
-Karen Gravano for the death of her father-in-law she NEVER met.
-The feds for busting her for embezzlement even if she has a shady history
-The system for "ripping her family apart"
-Renee for ruining her trip before she gets sentenced
-her husband for "betraying" her and her "perfect family image" when she's around stuffing cannolies with a resteraunteur....

So it doesn't shock me she would point the fingers at everyone else for her article in the post.

Chiara Soprano said...

I absolutely loved your "play by play" commentary on Alicia's antics LOL

Anonymous said...

I have the memory of an elephant when it comes to this stuff ;p

Anonymous said...

The problem is not the posting of the pictures.The problem is the article that was written and what was in it

Chiara Soprano said...

Glad you mention that Anon, as did Alicia. Let me tell you what I think. Why should the judge be upset by the content of the article? Alicia is not responsible for what they print or what their sources tell them. The judge evidently knows she asked to go to Vegas and her lawyer did not seem concerned with that. BUT Alicia is responsible for tweeting out her own picture...the picture that she discussed with her attorney...the picture he was concerned could leave the judge with a negative image of her as a party girl and not a stay at home mom. So, the way it was presented on the show, t leaves us to believe that the pictures were indeed the problem.