Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mob Wives: Between Breakfast and Pool Bonus Video

Girls just want to have fun, that's all I'm sayin!

Guess what? VH1 provided a bonus scene from episode 405 that shows us what happened between the fight at breakfast and the get together at the pool. Drita, Ang and Alicia were rehashing Renee and Natalie’s fight and I found it very interesting.

The whole breakfast didn’t work out like they planned…what a surprise! This situation with all the fighting has gotten Drita riled up and made her want to jump in and throw someone down too, even though she had no issues with anyone. This is what we call an “anger management relapse.”

Big Ang is pretty sure this is the end of the line for Natalie as the face of Mob Candy. Ang knows Renee pretty well and says this isn’t something she is going to just get over. “Renee doesn’t get over anything.” Maybe Ang doesn’t know Renee as well as she thinks, because later we see Renee calling Natalie, at the pool, trying to arrange a one on one sit down.

Drita runs down the list of all the “shots” Natalie took at Renee, like a machine gun, but then ends with “Renee should get over it because Natalie didn’t put her hands on her first.” I don’t know about anyone else, but when someone insults me to the degree Natalie insulted Renee, there is no getting over it. Ang thinks that Natalie was able to get out what she had to say…maybe Renee didn’t?

Drita, “the peacemaker,” thinks it’s best if they both relax and take their time. She adds that Renee needs to know that her “playing boss, gangster style” isn’t working for anyone. Drita thinks, over time, maybe they will be able to work it out, but not now.

And finally Alicia chimes in with her two cents. When Drita says “I don’t come to Vegas everyday…” Alicia jumps in loud and clear! “That’s what I’m trying to say! I’m here for a good time, this isn’t the kind of vacation I’m used to. I just want to forget everything that’s going on back home (embezzlement, knock-off lawsuit, sentencing, etc) and enjoy myself. So can we at least go about our day and let them work it out? Let’s do something, let’s go to the pool.” I think this irks me most of all. Why? First of all, Alicia was the one who insisted on inviting Natalie along with them on the trip. She already knew Renee went ballistic on girl’s night out over the disrespect Natalie showed her. Why would she want to risk her “good time” by inviting her along before Renee and Natalie had a chance to work things out? It was a recipe for disaster from the start, and she knew it. Second of all, Alicia wasn’t even supposed to be there herself. There were travel restrictions placed on her by the judge. The judge did give her permission to go to West Virginia to her son’s dorm, to help him set up, period. The judge had no idea she was going to Vegas for a “good time.” It would seem she lied to the judge about her real travel intentions. So, she is the last person who has a right to complain about the situation in Vegas because either she brought it on herself OR she was given a “script” that said she was going to invite Natalie.

Have a look yourself and see what you think!


Mobwives Busta said...

Just as Alicia recommended Natalie to Renee. What you are missing here is who really insisted all of this = PRODUCERS!
The show is for "Entertainment" of course they are going to have Natalie go along.

Anonymous said...

Why did TPTB bring these 2 South Philly people onto the show? Alicia, who is a trip in her own way is tolerable, but this Natalie has got to go. She is rude, lewd and just a terrible person. Please get rid of her. I don't like the way show has been so far. I put up with Romona, who I never liked but at least she was human, this Natalie, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I would like to see Natalie go. I was shocked to find out she is 30 years old (I read that somewhere). I always assumed she must be 22 by how she talks and acts. yuck

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in this season of Mob Wives!!! I hated the fighting on previous seasons, but if I hear the word "delicious" one more time, I will scream! My favorite cast members are Drita, Big Ang and Carla. They are the classy ones. So glad Karen and Mona are gone. Now if Renee would leave, I could at least enjoy the show once again. I am very disappointed in the network for using Renee's substance abuse and probable mental health issues as entertainment for the masses. Don't mind the new cast members, but I would love a spin-off of my three favorites. Let Renee and her sister try to sell this show without the only ones with common sense. Every time AJ is on he looks so embarrassed and miserable:(