Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Love Majewski in Guest Role?

The beautiful Love Majewski

Love was a main character in season three of Mob Wives. Ever since then, fans have been begging for her return. Love grew up with Ramona and Karen in Staten Island and has certainly lived the "lifestyle" through many of the men she has dated over the years. Back in season three, Love had a bone to pick with Carla and the whole season's storyline lead up to a confrontation. Whatever happened, on or off the set, Love was not invited to the Reunion Show that year and was not asked back for another season (Season 4 was a mess anyway with those Philly chicks). Now I am not one to give a lot of credibility to Wikipedia. I have no idea who updates their articles and if what they add is fact or wishful thinking. It's just impossible to know and when I try to verify information no one seems to be talking. So for now I will let you know what I know, when I know it. According to Wikipedia, Love is coming back as a guest in season 6. I am hopeful, but skeptical because Carla is on this season. However, it is always possible that Love will be filming with other Mob Wives at some point. Last time I blogged about Wikipedia's information Jenn Graziano said it was wrong, and yet she wouldn't "correct" the misinformation for me. So this news could be fact or fiction at this point. 

I have also read that Gnat says she has been asked back for this season and have not been able to verify that. As you can see Wikipedia has her still in the main cast. What her role will be is beyond me. The two newest additions, Marrisa Jade and Brittany Fogarty, are young and beautiful and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table. Brittany is a "mob daughter" whose parents have had serious mob ties. Both women were in the Hamptons this past weekend filming with Karen, Renee and Carla. 

What do you make of these possible new developments?  

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Anonymous said...

Why speculate on the interesting development with Love and Carla? Don't forget that Karen set up the infamous "confrontation" at the end of that season between those two. Now, Karen and Carla are BFF's posting fake looking, forced pictures out there??? This show doesn't seem authentic anymore like it did at the beginning. What a shame.

donna said...

Why is the *BEAUTIFUL" I'm sorry but, I can't put beautiful & Love together because there is absolutely nothing 'beautiful' about Love. But, why is she coming back to sucker punch Carla & pull her hair some more?

Love majewski said...

#Repost @prettyboi_ashley
When you see the teaser for #mobwives and you see the baddest of them all 😍😍😍 @lovemajewski

Love majewski said...

Sorry to disappoint but Nat Guercio was behind the Wikipedia posting to make it seem as if she was asked back (she was not) Karen & Carla have become good friends & Carla is a lot tougher than any of us have her credit for but you will just have to watch & see. As far as beautiful? U don't have to like me? I LIKE ME!! Merry Christmas Eve & love to the genuine journalists that write this blog & never ASSume anything like some realityASShole ASSumptions blogs

levi slough said...

Love is more than beautiful she will make the show worth watching again.. I like love an I love her even more xxxxx👑👑👑👑👑

Anonymous said...

Love Majewski is legendary in NYC... she's the icing on that Mob Wives cake of celebration. She's the real deal & the wind beneath her fans wings...love you LOVE

Simone Jamilla said...

All you need is Love dadadadadaaaa! Your quotes are memorable girl, and I will surely miss ya! Here's on of my favourites:
" Attack dog! I am a fucking attack dog! Anybody comes breakin' into my house better not be attached to their body parts cuz their gonna end up leaving 1 behind"