Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Is Karen Calling Out Drita?

Let me start by saying I love Karen's tweets. I can't swear I know exactly what she is mysteriously saying, but I try to read between the lines. This past Thursday Karen tweeted the above picture for #TBT. A little blast from the past. What you can't see is Renee is standing to the left of Karen and was cut in the edit. I have been studying this picture to see if there is a blog there. When I asked Karen she tweeted me I could get 5 blogs out of this picture. So here's my interpretation, but I have written about this before. At the end of season three, these four mob wives made a pact to stick together and ask for a raise. The show was doing well, and they felt they deserved more money. I happen to agree. Their agreement was, from what I have deciphered, that they all stick together and not return to work without more money. Well, the long and short of it is that Drita ended up selling out the others and negotiating her own deal. There were plenty of hard feelings at the time and probably still are. Fans of Drita refused to blame her and made excuses that she had a family to feed. To them I say so did the other three who are all single mothers, unlike her. So I have no sympathy for Drita, who not only doesn't know the meaning of the word "friendship," she doesn't know what "loyalty" means either. We've seen it time and time again.

So what is Karen saying with the tweeting of this picture? Well I am going to speculate that this is going to be part of season six's storyline. After all, Karen and Carla have a legitimate beef with Drita on two counts. First she blew them off as friends and then she betrayed them in business. Now, Ramona also has suffered from this betrayal. Ramona has had Drita's flip-floppin' number from day one. She only tolerated Drita for Karen's sake. She told us early on, in an interview, that we would see Drita's true colors and the truth would rise to the top like cream. I would not be surprised if Ramona came back for a little sitdown about this betrayal with the other two girls. However, I have to say that is wishful thinking on my part as I would love to have Ramona back. Now here is something not too subtle that was just tweeted last night by Karen:

Could Karen be referring to Drita?

We just posted a little twitter exchange between Karen and Drita in a blog, well not exactly between them because Drita has everyone blocked, including her own cast members and Jenn Graziano. But someone shared with Karen what Drita was tweeting and Karen responded (see highlighted link). This latest picture and message may be about the betrayal of the pact they made. Drita isn't going to want to hear the truth and the way she ran out of the room when Carla showed up last season tells me that she is guilty. Karen is all about the truth, so we know it's going to get out one way or another. Meanwhile, one of the new cast members, Marissa, is also talking about honesty the same day as Karen. Coincidence?

Sounds like something Karen could have written?

I think things are definitely heating up in Season 6 and hopefully it will spill out on Twitter for a glimpse of things to come. What do you make of all this?


Melissa said...

Not much to comment, you said it all Chaira. The one thing I would love to see is Ramona come back because just like Karen, she is all about the truth and being real. To me...and may just be me, Drita has always seemed intimidated by Ramona. It just does not seem that Ramona has any interest on coming back on the show, I have a feeling there is some bad blood there, but I wish they could clear it up, because it would make my day to see her on the show. This is just me speculating, I have no inside scoop to Ramona's feelings. Ramona being part of a truth session with Drita, I would pay to watch that! LOL!!

Nichole said...

This is gonna be one hell of a season if the rumors are true about past Mob Wives making appearances! God, I can only imagine what the reunion is gonna be like!