Friday, July 24, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang's Season 6 Birthday Party!

Big Ang's celebrates birthday with her brother,
Stephen Raiola, cast and film crew

Last night Big Ang had a Birthday Bash. Drita commented on Twitter yesterday afternoon that she was getting ready to attend and there would be big surprises. I wasn't sure we would get any pictures of the event, but thanks to Big Ang's brother's Instagram we got quite a few shots of the event. As far as we can see the following cast members were there to help Ang celebrate: Renee, Carla, Karen, Drita along with Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty. Noticeably missing from the pictures were the two Natalies from Philly.
Note that almost all the photos include Ang's brother, who seems to be quite the ladies' man.

Stephen with the OGs

And Stephen manged to get photos with both the young, new models making their debut on Mob Wives Season 6!



AND . . . Brittany's Mom
Andrea Giovino

And there were a couple of other photos . . . 

We may be seeing the party on the show . . . in fact
I would bet on it!

Looks like everyone there enjoyed themselves. I hope, for Ang's sake, they all behaved and they got to eat cake without a fight scene!

SHOUT OUT to Brian Pro @PhillyBoy1988 for tipping me off to this nice collection of photos. Brian also has a Facebook Fan page with up-to-date information on Mob Wives. You can follow him on Twitter and his page at Mob Wives Bloodline 

Picture credit: Stephen Raiola Instagram Account.

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