Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Welcomes Back Carla!

Carla always loved summer and she can take the heat!

Last time we saw Carla she walked into a party hosted by Renee and Drita was tripping on her own feet, dripping with guilt, to get out of her company. Carla has not been on Mob Wives since season three ended, except for that grand entrance that will forever be one of the highlights of season 5. Her fans have been begging for her to return since she left, and after a "taste" of the Philly chicks, so was I. And our prayers have been answered, Carla is back for season 6! All the original girls are back and hopefully to stay.

Carla has been keeping busy taking care of her children and tending to and building her two business ventures, Carla Facciolo Soaps and Facciolo Wine & Prosecco. She seemed to take her departure from Mob Wives in stride and worked on keeping fit at the gym and making money. When we did recently see her on the show, she was insulted by Drita's rude exit and yet she kept it civil. Even in interviews after that scene, Carla seemed to be in the dark as to why Drita dropped her as a friend. When Drita said, "We aren't friends like that any more" and "Talking to Carla is like talking to a mothball," Carla seemed totally perplexed by it. So maybe she is returning to season 6 to get some long overdue answers? Answers about their "friendship" and answers about the pact Drita broke with her and the other ladies, Karen and Ramona. I'd can't wait to hear that myself.

As for Season 6, Carla has dropped little hints as to what may be going on behind the scenes. Hints like:


More quotes about the TRUTH!

So let's all sit back, like Carla advises, and wait for the truth . . . the truth that Karen always stands behind . . the truth that Ramona says will rise to the top, like cream . . . the truth we are all waiting for in Season 6!

Welcome Back, Carla!


Anonymous said...

soooooo you hate her and now its "welcome back Carla" and Dritas the flip flopper ?

Chiara Soprano said...

Drita was ALWAYS a flip flopper. I never said I hated Carla, I commented and wrote about what I saw and heard on and off the show. After seeing the Philly wives I have gotten a brand new appreciation for Carla. Carla made peace with everyone in the cast and has let bygones be bygones. I'm just giving credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

And ..... You sign off your blog " The Help" pretty racist but you're just an ignorant Staten Islander

Mob Mistress said...

How is our sign off racist?

Who is from Staten Island?

Nick said...

Dang Anon just messed up my whole purpose of Blogging... It has nothing to do with the Above Comments but.....

Is their any Truth to what Karen said at the Reunion about Nat G being a Racist.... Their are alot of African American fans of the show me being one of them... She never denied it at the Reunion.. Its bad enough shes on Season 6 but I TPTB dont care about their audience.. Just Wondering..

Amanda Sexton said...

So, Anonymous said...
FYI, this site, never called Carla a flip flopper. This site never gushed over Carla, but never, ever trashed her, and absolutely respected Carla for her loyalty to Drita, specifically, and friendship, in general, and is apparently glad she's back.
Now, as to the idea that the term "the help" is racist, apparently "Anonymous" has never understood the concept of racism. "The help" does not necessarily infer that someone is of color, which it does not. Ever hear of indentured servitude? Yeah, lots of English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh folk were indentured servants, wherein they paid off their debts via service. The concept of "help" does not imply skin color or racism, unless the only time you EVER thought of "the help"was because of Lee Daniels' movie.
The sad thing about Anonymous is that he/she lacks the balls or lady balls to post by his/ her name. Just sayin...

Mob Mistress said...

Ummm Amanda, I for one haven’t been all than nice to Carla Facciolo.
I’ve actually been pretty rough.
She took issue with some things and accused us of being Karen & Ramona or hired by Karen & Ramona.
Well she accused us after Drita claimed we were on her Twitter account.

Today, I am not a fan of Carla’s.
I’ll see what season 6 brings.
I will share she granted us an awesome interview.
I remain very grateful for her taking the time to talk to us.
She was loyal to Drita to a fault.
I don’t think she could see Drita’s true colors.
I wish Carla Facciolo the very best.
The whole Philly vibe made me actually appreciate Carla, LOL!

Thank you for reading our site and taking the time to comment. I hope you have an awesome weekend.

Anonymous said...

We will see what this season brings forsure. Last season totally turned me off with all the crazies! I like to read a blog that isnt one sided.
Since NatG is back on for Season 6 Ill give it a try. But if the craziness starts again Im seriously done. Who wants to deal with Crazy?