Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Andrea Giovino Ambushed

So last night I was dying to watch Joy Behar as she interviewed the ladies of I Married A Mobster.  Previously Joy had interviewed Cheryl Caruso, Linda Scarpa & Diondrea Nicosia.  Each women answered questions and were respectful to one another.  Well last night was a whole different show.

Joy Behar was her usually funny opinionated self.  This time around it was two mother & daughter duos.  Linda Schiro with her daughter Linda Scarpa sitting behind her on the left side of our television screens.  On the right side we had Andrea Giovino with her gorgeous daughter Brittany Fogarty sitting behind her.  Joy starts asking the ladies questions.  Linda Schiro smiled as she discussed her golden years with Greg 'The Grim Reaper' Scarpa.  We hear of her days @ the Copa Cabana & the Peppermint Lounge.  Linda matter of factly discusses witnessing Greg murder someone over collectible stamps.  Joy asks her if witnessing a man murdered affected her.  She says, "No."  She presses her a little more and Linda painted in a corner says something similar to, " was hard. It didn't affect me."  I raise one eyebrow and shake my head.  I think, 'Come on lady, anything hard affects you.  Stick to the truth, it didn't affect you.' 

Joy turns to Andrea Giovino to ask her some questions.  Big Linda tenses up, crosses her arms and appears to be uncomfortable.  As Andrea answers Joy's questions articulately & polished. Big Linda rudely interrupts her with questions.  My opinion is she was trying to discredit Andrea.  I think, 'Am I watching The Joy Behar Show or The Ambush Andrea Show?'  Joy appears caught off guard.  Andrea seems a little surprised.  Andrea intelligently states the facts of her life.  She doesn't lower herself by getting dirty in the mud with Big Linda's antics.  I applaud Andrea Giovino.  I would've asked Big Linda, "Aren't you a known liar?  Did you not change your story regarding Lindley DeVecchio?  Why would you lie and say Greg wasn't a rat when he ratted out his own son Greg Sr.?"  However, Ms. Giovino didn't and I applaud her for taking the high road.

Why attempt to discredit your fellow I Married A Mobster cast mate?  Why take issue with Andrea's alleged drug involvement when you knowingly lived the good life with a murderer and documented rat?  It was just low rent on Big Linda's part.  She's never appeared to me to be a vicious individual.  So I have a strong feeling someone has an axe to grind with Andrea and used Big Linda.  My future suggestion for this individual is do not bring a dull knife to a Desert Eagle battle. 

A little later in the segment we see Big Linda take issue with Little Linda's take on her experience growing up Mob.  Joy caught it too and mentioned it.  I enjoy drama like the next person.  However, I enjoy it on my own terms.  When I want chaos and/or foolishness, I watch Mob Wives and Bad Girls Club.  When I want to be informed I watch I Married A Mobster and 60 Minutes.  I tuned into The Joy Behar Show to watch the Lindas, Andrea Giovina and her daughter Brittany Fogarty share information about their life experiences.  I did not tune in to see an ill equipped elderly long past her prime attack an quick witted and polished woman.  It was desperate and sad.

Don't forget to watch Discovery ID's I Married A Mobster tonight.  I've been waiting to hear about Mama Fama & her husband's shenanigans.  It airs tonight @ 10:30PM.


Anonymous said...

I think your exactly right. Linda tried to discredit Andrea but it just showed everyone that Linda still remains in the gutter where she started while Andrea pulled herself & her family out of that life and moved on to bigger and better things.Also Andrea & her daughter Britney were flawless,ladylike, & classy. My hats off to you ladies you were wonderful.~<3~

Mob Mistress said...

Andrea & Brit sounded and looked great, I agree.

I have to admit that I believe Linda Schiro's life would make a brilliant motion picture. The life she lived is a death drop roller coaster. She went up and then it came down fast.

Whether I agree with all the women's actions, I wish them all the very best.

Anonymous said...

to bring light to an old article and story since it is surfacing again.. Big Linda was told to attack Andrea by one of the producers of the show I Married A mobster. . She was told it was for ratings and that Andrea would not be upset by the drama..That Drama was needed to bring some excitement to the show. So yes Andrea was ambushed but if you look at the big picture It was Big Linda who was set up to go on the attack when she really didn't want to . So when you see her uncomfortable reaction. . that is the reason.. Big Linda has alot of credibility in the mob world. Regardless of what the media portrays..