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I Married A Mobster: Recap of Daddy’s Girl

“Daddy’s Girl” is the story of “Little” Linda Scarpa/Schiro, the daughter of Greg Scarpa and Linda Schiro. Linda was born in 1970. At that time, her father Greg, had two families, a legitimate one in Staten Island and one with Linda Schiro in Brooklyn.

Little Linda remembers that the family all got together for dinner, every night at 5 PM. That was a rule of the household. Family was very important to Greg, who was a mob enforcer for the Colombo crime family. Greg was, in fact, considered the most powerful guy in the crime family. He guarded his family and protected them and would think nothing of killing anyone who threatened them in any way.

Linda says she started to figure out who her father was in her mid-teens. His friends all dressed well. Linda relates how she and her brother were taken back and forth from school by a car service. One day Joey was sick and she went to school alone. The driver took her to Prospect Park and was going to rape her. He tore her shirt. Linda told him he didn’t have to do this, she would go with him after school later that day. So he dropped her off at school where Linda called her mother and told her what happened. Her mother picked up Linda from school. The next thing Linda knows, the driver was killed. She can only assume that he had no idea who her father was.

Linda says that mobsters came over to the house all the time. They would discuss mob business in front of Linda and Joey, but they didn’t want to hear about these things. She recalls how sometimes Greg’s friends would disappear and she figured out that they must have gotten killed. It was upsetting to her.

Linda has a Sweet 16 Party, but none of her friends show up. They are afraid of Greg. She says that Greg wanted her to be independent so he got her a job at the Stock Exchange. That didn’t work out too well, Linda did not want to start at the bottom and work her way up. She was too used to being a mob princess.

Linda liked to party and go to clubs. Greg wanted her to go to the clubs where his friends were, so they could keep an eye on her. Linda didn’t like that. When she left those clubs she would tell the valet that a particular car was hers, even though it wasn’t, and drive it home. Her father would see these cars in the driveway and told her she shouldn’t be doing that.

Linda had a hard time meeting people, everyone was afraid of Greg, so she couldn’t make real friends. But, in 1990 she married Freddie Assini and had a son. Greg couldn’t be prouder.

Then Greg contracts AIDS from a blood transfusion and becomes ill. At this time the Colombo family is falling apart. There is fighting amongst the family for control and power. They all know how powerful Greg is and want to get rid of him to make it easier for themselves. One day, Linda says, she was leaving the house the same time as her father and a van pulls up between them. The next thing she knows, a group of men, all dressed in black, with ski masks, jump out of the van and begin shooting at Greg’s car. Linda’s car in in the crossfire. She is terrified and her baby son is sitting right next to her. The assassins speed away and Linda runs back to her mother’s house screaming and believing that her father had been killed. Ten minutes later Greg walks through the door crying and swearing he would kill everyone involved in that shootout.

Greg is an irate maniac. He would drive around with his crew every night to track down those responsible and shoot them. The family never knew if he was going to some home at night. Linda realizes that her father is not invincible and neither are they. Even innocent family isn’t safe from the mob. She has nightmares and can’t get over the incident. She is afraid to do anything. All this while there is a Colombo civil war going on with members killing each other.

Joey gets himself into some trouble. Someone pulls a gun on him. Greg overhears him telling his mother about it. He goes wild and gets his gun. Sick as Greg is, he goes out looking for the guy. Linda hears gunshots and screaming a block and a half away. Five minutes later Greg comes through the door, he is bleeding, but doesn’t want Linda to touch him because he has AIDS. Linda runs out to look for her brother. She checks the car and he is not in it, but his friend is in the backseat, shot and in bad shape. She says this scarred her for the rest of her life, she never got over it.

Joey finally comes through the door in shock. He thought his father and friend were both dead and he felt responsible. Linda tells him they are both in the hospital. He tells her he was there when they got hit, but he blacked out. When he came to, he started to run. Joey’s friend died two days later. Greg was taken to jail where he died soon after.

The Scarpa curse doesn’t go away. It hangs over the head of Joey Scarpa, the heir apparent. After Greg dies, Little Linda picks up the pieces of her life, but Joey goes into the life himself. He rips off a drug dealer from another family. He has no protection on the street now that his father is dead. Joey is shot and killed. Linda goes to tell her mother, after calling an ambulance first. She knows her mother is going to take the news hard. She tells her mother that Joey is with Daddy now. Little Linda is so upset she couldn’t go to her brother’s funeral. She said she went to the cemetery after everyone left and stayed there all day.

She ends by saying that the mob life is a horror filled with misery, death and nightmares. She would give up everything she has if she could spend a one more second with her brother.

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Anonymous said...

So, where is she now?

Anonymous said...

Good to see little Linda isn't in la la land like her mother. She seems to own why Joey got whacked. He stole drugs from a guy who was mob connected.

Chiara Soprano said...

She is living in Staten Island with her mother and three of her children and sells beer to restaurants to keep a roof over their heads. See our blog on Linda There are quite a few on this family if you use the search feature on the bottom right hand side of the blog.

Anonymous said...

But they both casually skip over all the people Joey killed! The Porcini family's son had nothing to do with any of this garbage & Joey killed him. I'm sorry girls I'm not shedding any tears

Mob Mistress said...


I don't there is a need for you to apologize. You have a right to your feelings and lack of tears.

We do appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and share your perspective.

Anonymous said...

where did Little Linda grow up? Brooklyn or Long Island?

Chiara Soprano said...

From what I understand, Little Linda grew up in Brooklyn, but now lives in Staten Island.

Anonymous said...

@ Chiara... Thank you. I certainly hope she is doing ok now.

Anonymous said...

I dont expect tears nor did i want sympathy my episode was to show how this life destroys everything around you. You lose people you love and no one deserves to be killed by anyone mafia or not. I have zero respect for anyone that portrays this life as the "good life" this includes all the mob wives on VH1. The life they show is that of conceit. They have no shame but thats neither here nor there...I live with pain as does the families who lost loved ones. And I think its terrible that people try to glam up this life...You know who you are....pathetic.. My episode was from my heart, my pain, my reality...No fake reality show can do that. LIL linda

Anonymous said...

L.L, hate talking on this blog. not very personal, but I hope the best for you. Anyway, actually my question was only because you look so familiar and I grew up on LI (Suffolk County) and was curious if I had met you or knew you from where I lived. You are a beautiful woman (don't mean that in a disrespetful way) and I hope you can move on understanding many of us have phases in our lives and although your past is much harder then most, you have the rest of your life to help others. None of my business or anyone else's, though I assume you didn't do anything to hurt anyone personally yourself. Maybe you can or are helping others and that helps. Anyway, I really do mean - God Bless you and I hope you will be ok.

Anonymous said...

A person getting paid to go on a show to share their life is inviting people into their business. Lil Linda doesn't talk about the victims of Joey's.

Anonymous said...

I understand how horrible it is for the families, I do, and whole-heartedly agree and understand the feelings the families would have for the people responsible. BUT I wouldn’t want someone to hate me if my father or sons did something . I wouldn’t agree or like what they did, but I didn’t do it so why hate me??????
That said, the feelings should be directed to who was responsible and LL wasn't responsible.
LL is NOT responsible for what her father or anyone else did. She was born into her situation; it’s not like she had a choice or control. I obviously couldn't talk for her, though would imagine she is caught between her love for her family and having to live with what happened, even though she didn't do ANYTHING. Your family is your family. Again, she was not responsible herself. She also acknowledges she suffers and lives the pain for the families understanding the situations.
What I am saying is understand her position and understand that if she is feeling pain and trying to lead her life the right way and you agree she isn’t personally responsible, don't put the blame on her or judge her.
I hope the families have God in their lives and I do hope LIL Linda does. (BTW: I'm not the best Catholic by any means, but I feel if you believe in God, try and be a good person and help others, then you should be treated fairly and fairly for LL, would be wishing her caring and love.)

Anonymous said...

You're skirting the issue. And for someone who claims to be some anonymous stranger and can't speak for Lil Linda, you sure seem to be trying to do just that, extremely transparent. Did you know Lil Linda changed her story in order to get an episode on I Married A Mobster? Did you now she cusses out and disrespects her mother?

Anonymous said...

@ You're skirting the issue:

hey, my comments are not meant to be uncaring for the families involved or those that have intimate information / those of you that were close to the situation. I really don't mean to be arguing against your points or concerns.

** MY only reason to post this blog and I don't do Blogs or Chat rooms, is when I saw her pic, it seems I've met her and thought maybe she might have been somewhere I was when living and growing up in LI. Apparently I didn't, but after seeing the episode and reading her story, I have compassion for her and am trying to let her know there are people that do hope she leads a better life, (just as we obviously know there are many that will judge her without thinking it through.. assumption being she is involved, she deserves what she gets. I don't feel that way.)
I used to mentor young kids, still do to a point and most of my charity is to young kids christian groups. I only am posting to this site with intentions that maybe folks would be more forgiving or carinig for her and her situation.
-Obviouosly I don't agree with cursing out your mom, and that's clearly none of my business as I'm sure she has her side which shouldn't evene be brought up on a blog.

It wouldn't be appropriate for me to post without being anonymous. I don't know her, don't know the families, and do recognize that other then my compassion for her, its onlt my hope maybe she reads and feels better about how she is moving on w/ her life. As stated earlier, I also am not trying to seem uncaring for those suffering and am clearly don't want to ryle anyone up with my thoughts. I'm really sorry if I'm doing that.

Anonymous said...

not sure if my last reply will be posted, and don't want to try and retype all, so.... bottom line:

1) I'm not trying to be get involved in the issue... (skirting the issue), just trying to explain my compassion for LL. I don't mean to seem uncaring to the families, thats most important to me. I understand their hurt. (again, LL didn't have a part in any of it herself, right? and she says she lives with that pain also, so she hurts for those families too.)

2) I stay anonymous appropriately only becaue its not about me, its about trying to show LL compassion for her situation and caring.

3) I never agree with disrespecting or cursing out people, but it's not my business to talk about her family relationships and I expect she would have a side of the story, whether right or wrong and this public forum is not the place to talk about that.

again, I don't mean to have families of those that were involved hurt, ONLY talking from the side of letting LL know she shouldn't have to live her life in pain. sorry.

Mob Mistress said...

1) You got yourself involved and contradicted yourself. We understand your compassion for Little Linda. It's funny did you know she refers to herself as LL?

2)Are you sure it's not about you? You are a little too adamant about a "stranger's" life.

3)Why isn't this the place to talk about it? We've seen her and her mother on national television take issue with one another. Why is the truth inappropriate for a public forum? They put their lives on television for $$$. They've opened themselves up to public opinion good and bad.

Finally, I don't know a single living soul who lives life without pain. Why should Little Linda be any different?

Anonymous said...

so I'm missing something..
LL didn't do anything herself and from the show, she expresses she feels like there is a curse being a member of a mafia family. We all have some type of pain for a variety of reasons, but FEW for suffering for things we didn't even do! ** So why is there
anything negative out there about her? Because her father and brother did what they did? Should my kids have people think things bad about them for things I do? What am I missing?

No, I didn't know Lil Linda refers to herself as LL. (who told you sh uses LL?) It's just shorter and easier to type. I don't know her and she doesn't know me. She's my age, though other then driving through S.I, I never spent any time there, don't know anyone there. (Far Rockaway and Nassua County is furthest to the city I know anyone.)

Mob Mistress said...

You are missing a lot. And your logic is way off.

There is a world of people who suffer and it has NOTHING to do with anything they did.

Thou protests too much.....

Anonymous said...

ref There is a world of people who suffer and it has NOTHING to do with anything they did.

** see, but that's my point... I now you're right, but it doesn't mean it should happen or is ok to happen, so we can't change all that.. but I can hope to try to help SOME people feel better about themselves or motivate them to help others.....
- I'm pretty sure she isn't being "taken care of", so making money selling her story helps her and thats cool to me. nothing wrong with that.

- appreciate the talk though, glad you're not being belligerent about it.

Mob Mistress said...

Do you not see how you are contradicting yourself?

Anonymous said...

no, I don't. I'm saying that it's WRONG to be critical of LL as she isn't responsible. are you not watching the JETS game?

Mob Mistress said...

You write you don't know Little Linda. And you can't speak nor know what she's going through, and then you elaborate.

You write very few people suffer pain for things WE (they) didn't even do. I corrected you, then you said that was the point you were trying to make.


I can be critical of a woman who is disrespectful to her mother. Who has a very jealous and vile nature. And you can have all the sympathy & empathy for a "stranger". HAHAHAHA!

And Little Linda had plenty of choices. She knew for quite sometime who her father was but she kept accepting money from him. I wonder if she was worried about his victimes then?

Anonymous said...

ok, I actually agree with something you said earlier. "Thou protests too much....."

Just reading about how LL has always had a tough relationship w/ her mother and how she and her kids are living with her now, then read about how her boyfriend would beat her.
- years back, he'd be dead by now. is he in jail or still around? makes me just feel worse for her! yes, for a stranger!

Mob Mistress said...

The issue isn't your having compassion for her.


People need to take ownership of their lives.

Anonymous said...

so I just read that she DID live in Rocky Point at one point..... so I COULD have run into her (I'm from Suffolk County and have family in Rocky Point, but its been a while). I have a soft heart for woman, that's all. I've been coaching woman's softball for 14 yearsl, last 7 years for 16-18 Yr olds.

Mob Mistress said...

I don't.

However, different strokes for different folks.

Anonymous said...

@ Mob Mistress

have a good night.


Mob Mistress said...

You too, Jim!