Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mob Wives: Viola Davis Does Drita D'avanzo

Viola Davis, actress
Who is Viola Davis?  Well she is one of the most talented A-list actresses in the Hollywood game today.  There has been some in the African-American community not pleased with Viola's decision to take the role of a maid in the movie, The Help.  I get it.  And then I don't.  There was a time in our country when one of few jobs available to African-Americans was the occupation of maids.  The movie does take place in 1961, Mississipp! Today, in spite of continued prejudice African-Americans are CEOs, doctors, make up artists, lawyers, nurses, entrepenuers, bus drivers, architects, movie stars, and yes even The President of the United States.  I realize there was a time in Hollywood when women of African American, Asian-American and Latin heritage were pigeoned hold into certain stereotypical roles.  I am sure there are still some issues today with the opportunities for minorities for quality roles.  However, I applaud Viola Davis for taking the role of Aibileen Clark, a maid.  Last time I checked being a maid was an honest way to feed your children & put food on a table.  And I'll let you in on a secret, maids were often more than just the woman who washed dishes and laundry.  They were often the true friend of a lonely wife.  They were often the second mother to children.  Sometimes they were even the thread that kept a family together. 

Viola Davis on Jimmy Fallon talks Mob Wives & The Help
One of my favorite movies is Doubt.  Viola Davis received an Oscar nomination for her role as Mrs. Miller, a mother of a student.  Her performance emotionally stirred me; she was BRILLIANT.  Beyond being a Academy Award nominated actress, Mrs. Davis is a Tony Award winning actress for her performances in King Hedley II & Fences.  I share this with you, to say, "Viola is a serious talent in the land of theater and Hollywood!"

So, it was so very funny to see Viola 'let her hair down' and cut up with Jimmy Fallon on 8/4/2011.  Viola says, " offense to Jersey Shore but ah I like Mob Wives... cause I like Drita."  Jimmy asks Viola if she likes The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Viola answers no.  She reiterates that she likes Mob Wives because it's hardcore.  She especially likes Drita because she's like a 'sista'.  Then Viola imitates Drita.  I have to be honest.  I loved this segment of Jimmy Fallon.  And I love the fact that an A-list actress isn't ashamed to say on national television that she likes her some Mob Wives.  Check out the segment for yourself!

Drita D'avanzo isn't one of my favorites of Mob Wives.  I have to admit she does make for good foolishness on television.  I do disagree with Viola Davis on one thing.  I don't know any 'sista' who ..... !

Off topic: I truly wish I was a heartless b!tch.  I really do!  Big girls and boys own their sh!t and their truth.  But the powers that be have pulled @ my heart strings.  So I bended.  Well I am off for the day to get recertified in First Aid & CPR.  As always I do what I can to be a good citizen. *evilly laughs*

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Video Credit: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


Chiara Soprano said...

This was a great clip and she is a wonderful actress! Loved her impression of Drita too. Nice job Mob Mistress! Good of you to blog and run!

Anonymous said...

Far from selective. I just didn't understand if you were referring to a specific incident of some sort. The way you speak, one would think you were personally victimized by the Mr.

Mob Mistress said...


Thanks, honestly I don't watch Jimmy Fallon either unless I am dealing with insomnia. I try to watch anything & everything Mob Wives & I Married A Mobster related.

Mr. Fallon is a funny cat.

On the other note, I think it's more about questioning me. We agree on Lee. I have to laugh. The way you just descibed him, he would have to look good!

Chyanne said...

Just catching up here... How is it common knowledge? I think Anonymous is just wondering why the neighbourhood knows/thinks that. I am too? Hey, I want the juice!

Mob Mistress said...

If I gave specific examples, I'd exposed my sources then I'd have none. As a reader you can believe or not, it's all good.

I share what I know or my opinion, we all try to keep the Mob Wives & I Married A Mobster viewers abreast on what we learn. But I'm not going to give you a breakdown.