Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: I’ll Just Ignore Her

Teresa Guidice displeased over the news the Wakiles have been invited to bring in the New Year.
The New Year’s Eve celebration at the Brownstone has begun, so has the drama. Guests are arriving. Liquor is flowing. The DJ has the dance floor fist pumpin’ Jersey style. Mama Harley can't wait for The Real Housewives of New Jersey to air tonight! 

Teresa's dress looks like she found it on a Nordstrom’s Rack left over prom dress clearance rack.  Jacqueline is 2 layers deep in Spanx.  I am glad to see her and Renee Graziano of Mob Wives have something in common.  Mrs. Laurita is giving Mrs. Santa a run for her reindeer in a red sequined dress.  Do I need glasses?  Is that Liza Minnelli getting to go on stage in Cabaret?  When did Liza dye her hair red?  Oh snap it's Caroline Manzo!  I hoping she did not pay for that hairdo.  And if she did, there should be an unemployed hair dresser in Franklin Lakes. 

As Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa head off to the private room to powder their botoxed little faces all seems wonderful. Until Teresa finds out Caroline ignored her demands and invited Kathy and Richie Wakile.  You know Teresa's evil, holiday inviting cousins. Mrs. Guidice delivers a classic response, "I’ll just ignore her." Yea Riiigghhht Tee, that should be no problem for a refined lady like you.  Check out the clip and let me know what you think!

Will she be able to ignore the one person she blames for ruining her perfectly plotted Christmas with her brother Joe Gorga? Or will the Brownstone have to replace a few flipped tables and chairs?  Catch tonight's episode at 10/9c on Bravo.  Don't forget to vote! Our latest poll on the right at the top.  We love to hear what our readers think!!!!

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Photo and Video Credit: Bravo


Mob Mistress said...

Thank you for the post Harley!

"Jacqueline in 2 layers deep in Spanx."

DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! But I'd watch my back if I were you. You know that is Underboss' girl.

And the Liza/Manzo was spot on! I was thinking that look it reminding me of someone & it isn't good. I read your post and you hit a bulleyes.

Were Jacqueline and her daughter matching?

The Underboss said...

You need to slow down. Spankx have helped many a girl and it still does not matter if she had them on she still looks good. It should be a good episode. I have been missing my girl for a minute. It is time to check back in.

Mob Mistress said...

I am dying over here from laughing so hard! Spanx help me out. I swear getting them over my ass is a workout.

Jacqueline did look good. You see how she was looking @ Teresa like, "This broad is crazy!"

Mr Lonely said...

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Harleys Angel said...

Hey Underboss, Spanx is a girls best friend. Mommy, luvs hers and Jaq's is my girl! I like to repsond to compliments when dressed up like this.

"Hey you look great"

Only women every get it!


Mr Lonely, Thanks for the compliment and stopping by to read our blog. I'll check out yours. I'm a novice myself and attending M.M. Blogger Academy.

reneegraziano said...

i recently tweeted Caroline Manzo commenting on her outstanding parenting skills... she inspires me 2 b a better mom.. the love she shows her kids should make all mothers want 2 show and give thier kids the best of life... Theresa makes me laugh and hungry... her cooking looks so delish!!! and i can cook.. i commend her on her self control w her sis in law cause god only knows wht i wld do if i was pushed as she has been... so hats off 2 u ladies!!!