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Mob Wives: Cattiness of RHONY vs. Mob Wives

Real Housewives of New York

I watched a few episodes of The Real Housewive of New York's fourth season and all of Mob Wives first season. I asked myself, whose behavior is worse? I also watched both reunion shows. The RHONY was three hours of nonstop fighting, very little meaningful discussion. It seemed as though they all wanted someone else to own their bad behavior and apologize. The Mob Wives had their issues to rehash. It got emotional. They only having an hour were able to talk through and own some of their bad behavior. Where do I start?

On both shows the women all claim to be friends. That’s great, but how many friendships could withstand all the fighting and name calling that goes on during these shows? Would it be possible for them to even be in the same room if there were no show? So here we have two very different groups of New York women, one group of 4 being raised in the mob, most not college educated, dealing with fathers and husbands being incarcerated for illegal activities. The other group of 7, college educated, snobbishly proud of the fact they represent the high society of Manhattan. They consider themselves polished, sophisticated coming from 'normal' (no criminal activity) families. Whose behavior is worse?

At The Real Housewives of New York Reunion everything comes out in the open as the blondes take on the brunettes. I couldn’t hear a lot of what was being said (thank God) because they were constantly talking/screaming over each other. If a show can get an award for most “hits” below the belt, surely RHONY would be at the top of the list. For a show that mentions “class” at least once every 5 minutes, these women have none and don’t take my word for it, they prove it. Let’s get to their issues/behaviors.

On The Real Housewives of New York one of the issues bothering the women, mainly Jill, was Simon’s (Alex McCord's husband) nasty tweets to Jill. No one in the cast seems to like Alex (me included).  Mrs. McCord explained they weren‘t nasty tweets, if they were the media would have had a field day with them. That‘s very true. Luann takes issue with Ramona criticizing her parenting skills and not wanting to be in her video. The only one to support Luann’s new music video was Jill. She showed up the day of the shoot. However, Jill was soon bored, tired and paced the floors; she complained the whole thing took too long! Way to show support! Hypocrite.

The brunettes question Ramona’s fondness for Pinot Grigio, making it sound like she is an alcoholic. Of course, Ramona then decides to call Jill out for belonging to AA and being an alcoholic for years. Jill is incensed because “if” it were true, who is Ramona to out her? It’s supposed to be anonymous. Ramona insists Pinot Grigio is all she drinks and it’s her business (she produces Ramona Pinot Grigio). So of course she is going to promote it. One thing about the Mob Wives, they have plenty of insider information on each other, but they don’t sling it around like mud every chance they get! Nice going Ramona.

Alex turns “red” when she gets excited and a few of the cast “taunt” her about it, Kelly in particular, instead of listening to her point of view. Sonja cries about her bankruptcy. It didn’t stop her from spending a lot of money on a lavish burlesque party where she recited some well scripted poetic “digs” at her cast mates. She also looked totally ridiculous in that get up. I think her “friends” lied when they told her how great she was.

Everyone criticizes one another for not being a good parent. Ramona’s own daughter, Avery, laments that mom doesn’t spend enough time with her. Cindy works too much and spends no time with her twin babies. Luann makes sleazy music videos and is a weekend parent.  The Countess is too busy with her younger French boyfriend, Jacques. Kelly accuses Sonja of having a dirty house and she wouldn’t want her kids to live that way. Let’s not forget Ramona’s pregnancy scare to which Jill says, “At 54 when your period stops, it’s not pregnancy. It’s menopause.” Nice potshot at Ramona’s age Jill!

No blow is low enough for these housewives! They drag each other’s children into it. Ramona questions why Luann’s daughter transferred schools four times in four years. Both Jill and Luann snap back at Ramona for involving the children. In another incident, Ramona is trying to “compliment” a stepdaughter of Jill’s, by saying “her deformity was hardly noticeable” at a function they were this season. Jill wants her to apologize to the stepdaughter for that thoughtless remark. And Ramona calls Luann out on having an “open” marriage with the Count when they were married. If Ramona was in the mob she would be in a trunk with a canary shoved in her mouth already! Ramona keep your mouth shut!

Andy Cohen tells the women to shut up several times and says they are “acting like beasts.” I have to agree with him. I have seen enemies behave better towards one another. And that about sums it up. There was much more drama, screaming and name calling than any bunch of “sophisticated, well educated, polished, wealthy, high society” b!tches should commit in ten lifetimes. I am so over them!

Mob Wives

At the Mob Wives reunion the issues are quite different. No one discusses “class” much in this group. What they discuss is respect, loyalty and honor. That is what they base their relationships on and that is what is at the core of their disagreements. So, first and foremost, unlike the RHONYC, no one brings innocent children into the Mob Wives drama. Children are off limits, and that is understood. That is Respect 101! Ramona, take notes!

In their reunion they want to discuss the two ongoing, main issues of season one. Issue one involves Drita and Karen’s situation from the past that was never resolved. Drita dated and married Lee D’avanzo, Karen’s ex, and never called to tell her about their involvement. Karen was hurt about that because they were friends and she felt the respect and loyalty of the friendship was broken. Drita never considered it a problem. Karen is also writing a book about her life and Drita doesn’t want Lee in it because she is concerned for her children. She doesn’t want their father bashed in what will probably be a best seller. Karen can’t leave out seven years of her life to please Drita and Lee, and she shouldn’t, it’s her life.

Issue two involves Renee and Carla and a situation that occurred on season one. Renee says that Carla’s boyfriend touched her inappropriately at Drita‘s birthday party at a club. Carla says he “di-ent” and Renee is lying. Both pairs of women got into two very physical, down on the floor, hair pulling, altercations on the show, over these issues. They all regret that it got out of hand and that it went to that extreme.

Also, Drita finds out that Lee cheated, while he was home for two years, and is considering divorce. Renee jumps in immediately and is very supportive of Drita; unlike the digs the RHONYC throw at each other over their marriages and cheating (eg. Ramona‘s Mario, Luann‘s Count).

Both Renee and Carla have expressed their opinions on the Drita/Karen argument. Renee shares Karen’s position. First of all, girlfriends have no business dating each other’s exes, period, but if Drita was going to do it she should have let Karen know. She owed it to her out of respect and loyalty. Carla sees Drita’s point. She feels that it happened so long ago and Karen had moved on with someone else, so why is it an issue. Karen should let it go.

But when Karen and Drita fight on the rooftop, it’s not a petty fight, like in the RHONYC; no, underneath it all, it’s really about respect and loyalty. Karen feels she was betrayed by Drita’s not calling her all those years ago. She felt as a friend, she was owed that much out of respect and loyalty for the friendship. Drita feels that Karen has been disrespecting her husband, home and family all season long and that fueled her anger about the book, where she believed it would continue.

Renee and Carla’s issue is also a matter of respect and loyalty. Renee went to Carla twice, to discuss her boyfriend’s behavior. Renee was concerned for Carla, as a friend, and wanted to warn her about being with a low life. Carla would not listen. Renee planned a sit down dinner, at her home, to get it out on the table. Renee’s point is that Carla’s boyfriend disrespected both her AND Carla by touching her inappropriately. And Carla, by defending him and questioning Renee’s word, was not being respectful and loyal to their friendship. Carla chose to believe her boyfriend, even though he touched Drita in front of her and Karen also said he touched her inappropriately. Carla has misplaced loyalty is to the boyfriend. That is what not only angers Renee, but causes her frustration and hurt feelings. The fact that Renee also swore on her son that she was telling the truth was dismissed by Carla, was really the last straw. A friend of so many years just does not behave that way. Curiously, while Karen speaks up on Renee’s behalf during the discussion, Drita has little or nothing to add, which is very telling.

I wrote this blog because at the outset, and even after Mob Wives started, the women were criticized for their bad behavior on the show. I had nothing to compare it to, so I made it a point of watching how the other “New York” wives behave. It’s really appalling the lengths they go to to win a petty argument. They not only lack class, they lack respect and just forget about loyalty altogether…their only loyalty is to themselves!

Ok so whose behavior do you think is worse? The elite, classless Manhattanites who think they are above everyone else and start petty childish arguments with below the belt insults, or the Mob Wives who base their relationships on respect and loyalty and react strongly when those values are on the line? If you watch both shows I would love for you to voice your opinion in the comment section below!

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Rosey said...

I watch Mob Wives and the Real Housewives of New York this season and I have to agree with the writer stating the Manhattanites were classless this year! I very much enjoyed Mob Wives and thought this season of housewives ny was childish. Bad behavior to one another. A lot of snide remarks about husbands, their kids, and whose house is owned by them or their ex-husbands. On top of that, did not like the new housewife Cindy at all!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Rosey, all I can say is if the RHONYC are friends, I would hate to see how they treat their enemies. There was so much more I could have said about them, none of it good!

Diondrea Nicosia said...

Amen Bonnie! I watch both of the shows Mobwives & Real Housewives of NY & I always wondered damn, they can't find better, more real bitches than this to represent for NY...seriously! I don't even watch RHONY too often cause I can't even take the petty stupid meaningless BS from these whack ass old broads!

I'll watch Mobwives any day. They're real women that the average woman can relate to & deal with issues that real women deal with. Respect & loyalty & realness is where it's at. I say Bravo should fire all those chicks & start fresh with new improved...maybe a bit younger, better looking, more interesting, more diverse women that better represent the flavor of NYC!

Mob Mistress said...

Hey Diondrea!

Welcome to our site. We are honored to have yet another I Married A Mobster in our mist.

Chiara wrote this post, I am sure she'll appreciate your comment!

I have to disagree with you a little bit. I do think The Real Housewives represent New York. Not New York as a whole but a certain aspect of New York. We agree on preferring the Mob Wives and I Married A Mobster women over those ridiculous women anyday. :D

By the way, we have five writers here. Our main blogger is Chiara, she's a beast with the amount of work she puts out. We have Underboss; he the testerone of the blog. He usually does the movie reviews when he gets a chance. We have Isabella her is currently missing in blog action. We have Harleys Angel who is feisty & funny. Last and least we have moi and my pen name around here Mob Mistress.

Harleys Angel said...

Welcome to our blog Diondrea, it’s a pleasure having you here. Mistress and Chiara deserved all the credit for building this blog into what it is now. Their dedication to the readers is amazing, and I’m proud they’ve allowed me to contribute.

Now my thoughts RHNY vs. Mob wives, great post by the way Chiara. But we have a saying in my family about “NORMAL” families. NORMAL IS A CYCLE ON THE WASHER, families are not.

I’ve watched RH since the Orange County days. And when NY debuted I loved it because I’m an east coast girl. It was fun seeing a place I was familiar with and I love Manhattan. But it’s not the same show and the now the cast it’s just a bunch of vengeful sluts. Here’s my quick take on each.

The Van Kempens – They are fakes. Simon’s clothes are not the only thing in the closet. Alex McCord, who looks like she just came from the crack house, dressed in her finest call girl ensembles needs to go back to whatever trailer park she came from.

Jill will never be happy for anyone but herself. She attends AA regularly because she can talk about herself and feel she’s above the little people. And BoBBee needs to get rid of those colored shades from 1983.

Ramona – needs to never dance again and find an AA meeting that Jill isn’t attending. Her cheating husband on the other hand likes her passed out by 7 most night.

The Countess needs to count the many times she’s slept around. The Hamptons are officially out of men. If she makes any more videos I’m sure it will be called. The C*N – Tess does Manhattan

Kelly – just needs to go back to her place of “NO”. She is about 3 French fries short of a happy meal. And no smarter than the box it comes in.

Sonja well, I like her the best but…look what my choices are. She really needs more supervision.

And I’m missing the newest one but does it even matter.

I heard they treated Drita like a piece of shit, like she wasn’t worthy to attend whatever shindig they were at…Well no, I did hear Jill was somewhat gracious. Of course she was nice; she needs a replacement for Bethany. NOT GONNA HAPPEN JILLSEY BABY.

I’m a real women, I’ve been rich (well I paid the bills and had nice things) I’ve been poor, and I’ve seen the best and the worst PROUDLY. I’m happiest with the regular Joe Blow people on the gritty streets in Philly than hanging with these sorry ass women.


Chiara Soprano said...

I would also like to welcome you to our blog, Diondrea and I look forward to your episode on I Married A Mobster! I think we see eye to eye on these two shows and the women in them. Wherever these "types" are in NY, Mob Mistress, I have not run into them. They act like high class snobs who look down on everyone else, even each other. They should examine their own behavior.

Harley, I didn't mean there is a "normal" family out there. Lord knows there are more dysfunctional families than not. But, I meant it as a way to distinguish the two groups from each other. Growing up in a mob family is not typical in my opinion.

Harleys Angel said...

I know Chaira, I use to get that a lot from my kids...
"Why can't we be just a normal family?"

They use to get so mad when I said that back. When I read that in your post I laughed.

Mob Mistress said...

I've never knowingly met a porn star, but they exist.

The Real Housewives of New York do respresent an aspect & lifestyle of The Big Apple. Just as the women of the each Real Housewives represent an aspect of there socio-economic and geographical location.

I so enjoyed your post! It was really a great read. I agree the cast of RHONY truly don't represent class.

I do love Alex!

Chiara Soprano said...

Mob Mistress, I guess you are right, they do exist, but I am not going to run into them any time soon. I am sure they would look down on me and I'd have to give them a piece of my mind, lol.

reneegraziano said...

i have 2 admit i watch the real housewives of ny 4 Jill zrin, not only is she stunningly beautiful she as real as i am... am baby we know im real... jill welcomed me in 2 her home w oupen arms and has given me advice that only a real business woman can give.. ive made it clear 2 any and all who pick on MY FRIEND i am a bridge and tunnel