Friday, August 26, 2011

The Real Housewives of NJ: A Reality Stars “REALITY”

Very little time was devoted to the Giudice’s last week except for the opening where a photography crew was taking shots for her latest cookbook “Fabulicious”. The scene was chaotic to say the least and the girls were in no mood for another staged family moment. What was interesting was Teresa’s interview where she says they're putting their bankruptcy behind them and moving on with their lives. "This year is going to be amazing," she says.

This week we follow Joe and Teresa to their lawyer’s office to hear the Judge’s ruling regarding the $260,000 lawsuit filed by Joseph Mastropole, Joe Giudice’s ex-partner. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Morris Stern sided with Joseph Mastropole, saying that the $260,000 debt should be accepted from the Giudice’s' bankruptcy due to fraud and willful and malicious injury to property. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Morris Stern’s letter of opinion can be read

According to Teresa they’re in this predicament because Joe told the truth about forging his ex-partner’s signature on a loan. Saying "Wow, you just can't trust anyone anymore," adding "It's pretty sad." "So in other words, never tell the truth," Joe says. "See," Teresa tell us. "You got to lie!" Then Teresa starts babbling about her Jewish friends who told her they would have divorced Joe in a second.

TERESA, STOP IT!  Yes I am blog yelling. Someone could be facing jail time because of this mess! Teresa is old school when it comes to marriage and defending her husband.  I get that! One has to wonder how long she continue this charade of everything is alright.
Joe is looking at as much as 10 years after his arrest in March 2011 for fraudulently obtaining a state driver's license. Giudice's license was suspended last year following a conviction for drunk driving, which landed him in jail for 10 days in September 2010 after it was discovered he was driving at that time on a suspended license.

Teresa explains her comments during her meeting with the lawyer on her blog at but it’s just more rambling from someone not in touch with reality.

Teresa and Joe were originally due to appear in court to face allegations of bankruptcy fraud on July 14, 2011, but the proceedings have been postponed.

It’s hard to see the forest thru the trees…
The Giudice’s are on borrowed time and it’s hard watching someone who is in this much denial. I almost feel bad for them. But then it’s clear as day they’ve created their own demise, not only that but to act so judgment while forgetting their own morals. I say it all the time, Karma is REAL and no matter how much they deserve their fate, it’s never enjoyable to watch. Let me know what you think, and how you would handle it differently.

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Picture Video Credit: Bravo, Radar Online


Chiara Soprano said...

I don't watch the show, but I read the blogs. So this Joe G forged his partner's name, got into bankruptcy, lost his license for driving under the influence a few times, and they got their kids those little mercededs for Christmas? Teresa is in denial. Where is all the money from the show going? This family is going to be another eality show casualty!

Rosey said...

Hi Harleys Angel, love the housewives of new jersey. Have been watching for about 2 years now. Love Teresa and Jacqueline and I feel just a little sympathy for Teresa and Joe situation. I think they overspend big time on parties and now it is hard to see them being broke and in financial trouble on the show. She would go overboard but she was always a lot of fun and could hold her own in the drama dept.

Mob Mistress said...

Jacqueline has always been my favorite. Then Caroline grew on me.

However, Teresa's 'it's gross to live in a home that someone else has lived in is gross' statement turned me off a long time ago.

Teresa's negative behavior at Kathy's party was just disgusting. Everything is NOT about her.