Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Andrea Giovino’s “Bruno”

ANNOUNCEMENT to Anthony Bruno Indelicato’s Alleged Wife:  Please seek up from a reputable doctor.  You may be popping more than prescribed or drinking while typing.  We know.  We know.  We know.  You married him.  He is a good man.  If you have a problem with this blog entry STOP COMING BACK to it.  We sincerely wish you the very best.  

 Anthony Bruno Indelicato

The second episode of I Married A Mobster, featured the story of Andrea Giovino. In her story she mentions a couple of incidents involving a man named “Bruno,” who beats up his girlfriend and throws her down some stairs, at a club as Andrea watched. Witnessing this attack troubles Andrea. But, she also has her own run in with “Bruno,” when he comes into her house looking for drugs and then gets on the bed with her. Fortunately, for her, her girlfriend comes home and “Bruno” takes off.

What about this “Bruno?” Who is he and what is his story? Andrea has been around the biggest mobsters of our day and age, so that peeked my curiosity to do a little research on this man. The man’s name is Anthony “Bruno” Indelicato. I almost want to say it’s so familiar, it rings a bell. It turns out there is a lot to tell about “Bruno” so maybe I have heard of him before.

Besides the name “Bruno,” Anthony Indelicato had a couple of other nicknames including “Whack Whack” and Anthony Indelligado. He was a well known capo for the Bonanno crime family. His father, Alphonso “Sonny Red” Indelicato, was also a capo for that crime family. In 1979, “Bruno” took part in the murder of Bonanno boss, Carmine Galante. Galante was corrupt in his power and refused to share profits made from heroine trafficking. Galante made so many enemies that the Mafia Commission allowed the Bonanno capos to assassinate him over lunch, at Joe and Mary’s Restaurant in Bushwich, Brooklyn. Galante was blasted in the face and chest gangland style, by gunmen wearing ski masks. Anthony was promoted to capo for his participation in Galante’s murder.

The Bonanno family was a house divided and the two sides were now at war with each other. One side gets permission from the Mafia Commission to murder their rival’s captains. A meeting was arranged in which “Bruno’s father, Alphonso, was murdered, but Anthony never showed up and escaped death. The family wanted Anthony dead fearing he would try to avenge his father’s murder and they assigned the job to Donnie Brasco. The hit was called off and Brasco was warned that Anthony was dangerous and often high on cocaine.

“Bruno” had been on and off cocaine several times. It was during one of these times that he broke into Frank Lino’s Florida home, where Andrea Giovino was staying, and began looking for drugs while she was asleep. His behavior was unpredictable. When he was off drugs he was great to be around, but when he was on them he was violent, angry and paranoid. Frank told Andrea that all the crime families had been concerned about Anthony and there had been a few sit downs to discuss what to do. Anthony was allegedly ordering unnecessary murders and killing him was under discussion. Andrea never did tell Frank what happened the night Bruno paid her a visit.

In 1986, Anthony Indelicato was convicted of the 1979 Murder of Galante and sentenced to 40 years in prison. While in prison, he met and married Catherine Burke. Then in 1998, Anthony was released from prison and moved into his home in Howard Beach with his wife, Catherine. He went back to work for the Bonannos.

In February, 2006, Anthony was once again tried for murder and racketeering. He pleaded guilty in 2008 to lesser charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Fort Dix, NJ. His release date is estimated to be in 2023. 

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Harleys Angel said...

Great Post Chiara and very interesting.

Catherine Burke, Anthony's wife was the daughter of Jimmy Conway Burke. Jimmy was portrayed in GoodFellas by Robert DiNiro. Jimmy was abandoned by her mother when he was 2 and grew up on foster care and orphanges. When he was finally adopted he took the name Burke.

Missing my VH1 Ladies of Sunday but looking forward to Wednesday's episode and No Housewives til Sunday.

Chiara Soprano said...

Glad you enjoyed it Harley. If I am not mistaken Andrea Giovino is supposed to be on Joy Behar tonight.

Anonymous said...

Anthony "Bruno" Indelicato was also portrayed in the Johnny Depp movie Donnie Brasco. He was the son of Sonny Red. In real life when Sonny was murdered a hit was put out on Bruno and Donnie Brasco was ordered to carry it out. He was warned that Bruno allegedly was wild with guns especially if he was on cocaine and to approach him with caution. He obviously couldn't carry out a hit,so he ended his investigation earlier than originally planned.

Anonymous said...

I was the wife that knows him ad the best guy