Friday, August 19, 2011

Mob Wives: Renee's New Body & Bling

Thank God for Twitter!  Every now and then the Mob Wives give us a glimpse of their lives and what is going on at the moment.  Yesterday, Renee tweeted this gorgeous picture of her new body!  She looks great only a month and a half after her surgery.  Renee tweets that she has also lost 24 pounds!  I am so impressed and proud of her!  She is also showing off her sexy new ankle bracelets from Rich Rocks.  Renee has mentioned Rich Rocks in her interview with Cherry Martinez, which we covered in a separate blog.  I love Renee's dress!  It looks stunning on her and the colors compliment her beautiful eyes. 

A Bling close up!

We can't wait till season two, but thankfully Twitter gives us great little sneak previews! 

Picture: Courtesy of Renee Graziana (gotta <3 her)


Harleys Angel said...

Looking Good Women! Love the Shoes

Mob Mistress said...

Whistles, Renee looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

DANG! Youre a knockout!!

TheOneTheyCallJoshyy said...

Look at the Queen doing her thang!!!