Friday, August 19, 2011

Mob Wives: The Crossword!

Some of us like to play games, so I created a special crossword puzzle just for our site, on Mob Wives! It's not too hard, for die hard fans it should be a piece of cake.  I will post the answer key in the comments section below, but not before you give it a try!  Some of you may be tempted to peek otherwise. It may be easier if you print it out.

Let us know if you enjoy games.  If so I may create another one for Season 2!  Good Luck!

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Mister Sister Blogger said...

Hi Gang! I come over and read everyday! just so busy (why didn't you tell me how HARD it was to keep a blog up!!LOL)
LOVE Renee's look!!!! I'm Borrowing your puzzle idea, If I get a good idea, I'll send it your way, your ole friend, RO

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Ro! Thanks for stopping in! Yes it's not easy keeping fresh blogs up day in and day out! Gotta get creative, that's why I got the idea for a puzzle! Come back soon.

Harleys Angel said...

Fun fun fun, thank