Monday, August 15, 2011

Mob Wives: The Birth Of Our Blog!

~Our first blog, April 10th, 2011~
Baby Pictures: One day old!

On April 17th, the premiere episode of Mob Wives aired! Has it only been four months ago that Mob Mistress and I started this blog? It seems like 4 years ago. I blog so much that I barely come up for air. I got to thinking, maybe our readers would like to know how these two “miserable often b!tchy housewives” got into this blog business in the first place. Let’s see if I can make sense of it for you.

Mob Mistress and I met almost a year ago in an online forum discussing other television housewives. We soon grew tired of the drama in that forum, where the posters were taking remarks, about their favorite housewives’ bad behavior, very personally. They were even forming alliances with each other behind the scenes, like Big Brother. Soon, instead of individuals arguing with each other, there were groups hurling insults at each other and it really got ugly. The drama on the forum was ultimately far worse that the behavior of the women on the show could ever be. In the process of all this, Mob Mistress and I gravitated to one another. The reason for this is that we both enjoyed each other’s writing and respected our differences of opinions, and believe me there were plenty. But, instead of arguing like the others, we discussed our different views and agreed to disagree. We also have in common the fact that we appreciate intelligent, articulate, logical people, like ourselves! And “likes” do attract!

The housewives forum was no longer fun. The once seemingly intelligent conversation literally went to pot on a few short weeks. One day, Mob Mistress tells me she wants to write a blog with me, a little place where we can have a fun and peace, just the two of us. I ask her, what would we write about? I can’t just write about anything, I need to care about what I write about. She answers that we will pick different topics and each voice our opinions on it. She thinks it would be interesting because we have very distinct and different writing styles and opinions and it could be a success.

Well, we let that idea marinate in its juices, and while it was sitting out there in cyber space, I started talking to her about watching Mob Wives. VH1 did a great job of promoting the show and the clips had plenty of drama and excitement. The next thing I know, Mob Mistress has a blog up for us, ready to write about the show, two weeks before it premieres. She asks me if I want to blog about the show, since we will both be watching it. We will be equal partners, it will be a joint venture. I say yes, but I hesitate a little at first because, after all, we are going to write about the “mob.” How will we be able to say how we feel and think if the “mob” is reading our blog? Of course this is of absolutely no concern to Mob Mistress. Just so you completely understand, let me be clear. She has always made a very strong point that she doesn’t care who likes her opinion or who doesn’t like it. She will say what she wants, to who she wants, when she wants, always with honesty and integity, but always what she wants. She will not censor herself for anyone, or be censored. However, she understood my concerns eventually, even though it took me a while to get my point across. We decided to make “pen names” or aliases so that we would be freer to express ourselves. I felt better about that. Next thing I know she has two or three blogs up and gives me the green light to start writing.

I looked at the blog and it’s beautiful! The third post, “The Big Bang” could not have been more appropriate for the show’s take off and our blog’s launching. Mob Mistress posted it April 11th, just six days before the premiere. I hated the song at first and quickly learned to love it. Mob Mistress loved the song at first and then, well, she got tired of it.

It’s one week before the premiere. I need to do some investigating. I know nothing about these four women, except what is in their tiny VH1 bio. Hardly enough information to use to write a blog. But, I soon found, through my research, that there was tons of information available. And on top of that, viable sources started reaching out to us wanting to share information.  The problem is that the information we learn about isn’t always reliable. Mob Mistress and I, although we never had to discuss it, both strive for the truth and accuracy in what we say and write. I think that’s another thing that we bonded over. We wanted to write about the facts and feel free to voice our opinions based on what we read online, view on television and research. If we could not verify our facts, we sat on the story until we could. By the time the show aired, we had several blogs up related to the women, their families and their connections to the mob. It was fun discussing who would write what and when to post the blogs.

Once the show aired, we were getting hits. A lot of hits! People found our blog immediately and loved it. Neither one of us expected our little pastime amusement to grow and blossom the way it did. We loved the show, we loved the writing, and before we knew it, we were on the first page of every Google search on everything Mob Wives. Believe me when I say that we were not aiming to be so big and we do have to thank the success of the show for putting us on the map so fast. In June, just two short months into the show, Mob Mistress was interviewing the Mob Wives, and I met Renee and Jennifer Graziano in person! This was just too crazy! It was like I was in a blogger’s Twilight Zone. I felt like I had stepped out from behind the computer and into the show itself. Imagine how it must feel to one minute be blogging about the mob wives at a club on the show and then, almost literally the next minute, I am at a club with the mob wives! It was surreal.

Not only that, the blog keeps getting bigger and bigger. We added, ID’s I Married A Mobster, along with others shows and bloggers, and are talking with the women from those shows too. We seem to have become a phenomena without even trying. We just wanted to have a little fun and write on a small blog. It was just supposed to be a shared mutual interest between two friends who love to write, with a few regular readers. But, if Season 1 is any predictor of what is going to happen in Season 2, we just might have a Blogging Empire!

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Harleys Angel said...

Great Post, and thank you for answering my own many questions. It's an honor to be apart of this with you guys.

Hugs, your sister blogger Harley!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks Harley! We make a great team here!

Mob Mistress said...

Great post, Chiara it sums up how we got started!

I've had been blogging for years. However, I took a long break. It has been an experience to return to what I do.

You pegged me to a T! LOL! However, recently I did alter a blog in the 'name of someone's safety'. It truly irritated my soul. Honestly I think I was asked due to a concern for offending a certain demographic. The truth is the truth. At the end of the day I did bend out of respect for the individual who asked me.

Will I ever do it again? I really don't think so. At the end of the day the Mob Wives have to own their choices in life good and bad. They can not hold an individual blogging the truth responsible for their choice to put their lives out on front street. You can't enjoy 'fame' and 'nice pay days' and then expect people just to only write what YOU want them to. It just doesn't work like that, sorry! I sleep at night because I am never vicious or malicous in nature. I am harsh @ times and I own it.

It is my goal to have fun doing what I love to do; WRITE.

It's a win win for me. Thanks for being a great blogging partner Chiara. Underboss is on strike until I get his drafts up. I am so very behind with blog work!!!

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your blog, it puts alot together as far as getting know the MOB WIVES. Its so real! Rock on

Chiara Soprano said...

Mob Mistress thank you for coming up with the idea and all your advice. This has really given me a chance to write about something I am passionate about and I really enjoy the blog and being able to share this with you.

Anon, I appreciate your comment and all the comments of our readers. We read every single one of them and consider any suggestions you have, as well as, try to answer any questions readers have.

The Underboss said...

I know I am a writer on this blog. I believe that you women must live, breathe and eat the information. I am a bit lazy and of course my other job keeps me busy. I have assignments that mistress has given me and I will write about them. Great post and I look forward to reading more. I should get off my ass and contribute. You both have made the blog what it is.

Chiara Soprano said...

Underboss, that's quite a compliment and also very true. We do invest a lot of time, energy and emotion in the blog. It's our "baby." But, your contributions are outstanding and we do realize you have another (real) job, so anything you write is greatly appreciated.