Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mob Wives: Poll Results

Not too long ago we asked our readers some questions.  Sure we have our varying opinions.  However, we want to know your opinion.  None of our opinions are going to end world hunger or get the Tea Party folks to shut up.  Yet, it's interesting to know what others are thinking.

So we asked you to vote in our polls.  Most of you don't but that's okay. 

What were your thoughts when you finally got a glimpse of Lee D'avanzo?  Here is what the voters had to say:

15 %  It's about time Mob Wives Blogspot!  We were beginning to think he was a figment of Drita & Karen's imagination.

14%  Now I see what all the Lee this & Lee that was about.  He's yummy! (I think Harleys Angel was part of the percentage.)

76%  Please tell me this isn't the guy Drita wasted over a decade of her life waiting on!

6%    I.D.A.F. as long as it's not my safety deposit box or home.

I agree with the overwhelming majority of you.  I will type Lee D'avanzo is a good looking man.  He isn't my type.  And I am more than positive I am not his type either.  So there won't be any lust lost between Lee and I.  Another poll question:  Which Mob Wives business venture will be most profitable and the biggest success?

5%    Carla Facciolo's shampoo & clothing line, the woman has the most beautiful hair and she knows how to dress!

25%  Dria D'avanzo's Just Me Cosmetics, she has skills and can rock some red lipstick!

44%  Karen Gravano's book, we can't wait to read it.  Plus we want more dirt on Lee!

23%  Renee Graziano's Jail Mail Inc, individuals incarcerated need love too.  Sometimes family & friends don't have time to write.  It's a win win!

The results of this poll surprised me.  Karen Gravano of Mob Wives never wins a poll around here.  Your votes tell me that many are waiting for Shadow of the Bull to hit Barnes & Noble or be available for downloading on their Nooks or iPads.  Please tell me Nook is the book reading thingy.  I am old and all this modern technology is overwhelming.  Twitter alone gives me high blood pressure.  I have to admit I am itching to read Karen Gravano's book.  However overall I think Jail Mail Inc. has a major chance of making Renee Graziano some serious $$$.  You think if she gets rich she'll give me one of her old furs?  If so, I pray it's one with sleeves.

Of course there is a new poll up for your voting pleasure.  You know the drill.  It's a quick scroll up and to your right.  It only takes seconds to read and vote.  So be kind to your Mob Wives blogger and vote.  And for those of you who still haven't seen pictures of Lee D'avanzo click here.  I am in Las Vegas, so Chiara is holding down the fort for me, behave yourselves in the comments! 

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Picture: Vegas Mob Tours &  Jail Mail Inc.


renee graziano said...

this comment has nothing 2 do with jailmaiinc. it has 2 do w the fact that ppl who log on 2 comment do it w the intentions 2 either hurt or sat dubm shit like the way im discribed or carla or karen or dritas parenting... i grew up that is u didnt SHUT THE FUCK UP, truth is my mom neer still dont curse... my point is like assholes we all have an opinion... but stick 2 the facts... dnt comment on wht u dnt knw about a person!!! this blog is a feed back on the shw.... not 2 rip woman who r trying 2 make it in life jealous is a very serious sin and believe me u will pay dearly 4 ur aweful comments especislly about out parenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me on that.... thank u 4 letting me share... im jst so turned off by whoever bibi is cause shes got a hard on 4 me... must b my x's x lol... grow up and speak w intelligence...

Chiara Soprano said...

Renee, I am sorry that commenter got you so upset. No one can say anything about your parenting skills, except to praise them. AJ speaks for himself. He is a credit to you, and we know that a lot of the time you had to be both father and mother to him. He is an impressive young man because of his upbringing. As for Drita and Karen, we have seen them interact with their children and the fans love seeing their loving, softer side. The three of you come across as wonderful mothers. Unfortunately, we have not seen much of Carla's interactions with her twins and the little we did see was not warm and loving. That is all we can comment on. Maybe we will see more next season.

Renee, thanks for commenting.