Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mob Wives: Mob Bust FBI Agent Talks

During the shooting of the series Mob Wives, in January 2011, the FBI arrested approximately 135 members of organized crime. It was the largest mob bust in FBI history. There were 800 FBI agents and employees involved, along with 130 law enforcement officers involved in this operation. Those arrested were processed at the Fort Hamilton Army base in Brooklyn, NY. One of the FBI agents involved, Supervisory Special Agent George Khouzami, was interviewed by New York Magazine regarding reality shows about mob wives.

Shows about mob wives seem to be a new trend in television. Mobsters and their activities have been depicted in movies, television, and books for decades. Now the focus is shifting to the women who are their wives, mistresses and daughters. They want to tell their stories and break the long standing code of silence the mafia was built on.  NY Magazine wanted to know how real are these shows and how does the mafia feel about them. 

Agent Khouzami says that the mafia is not pleased with these shows and considers them disrespectful. As for the spouses, he believes that they know their husbands are in the mob and are aware of where the money comes for that pays for their luxuries, but they always deny knowing anything. The wives also know about the girlfriends and they tolerate the cheating because of all the money the mobster “earns.” He mentions Karen Gravano, saying that many people are still very angry with her father, Sammy, and that she is taking a risk by going on television and writing a book. He goes on to discuss the changes in the mob and their crimes that have occurred over the years. The mob is now more involved in stock crimes.

Overall, this was a very interesting interview and if you have time it is definitely worthwhile reading.

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Anonymous said...

All those mobsters that went to prison, were any of them law enforcers?

Anonymous said...

Risk...damned if you dont, damned if you do