Friday, August 26, 2011

Mob Wives: Hurricane Irene Threatens Wives!

Hurricane Irene Expected to Hit NE Sunday

Hurricane Irene is on it’s way to the northeast. New York (Staten Island) and New jersey are preparing for emergency conditions already. Evacuations may be necessary or have started in some places. Serious flooding is anticipated all over. People are being told to prepare their houses and to buy emergency supplies and food and water for 5 days. But, you didn’t come here for a weather report, right? Except for the fact that all our precious mob wives and real housewives are at risk. What are they all doing about it?

Drita D’Avanzo: Had to change her plans, she was supposed to appear at “Suite” in North Carolina tonight but it’s postponed due to the weather. Drita says, “change of dates due to the hurricane/traveling not the best idea:(( new dates are soon though.” AND “Im rolln wit a new crew...there gonna help me put my backyard furniture away..these suckas owe me" (speaking of the raccoons! LOL)

Ramona Singer:  "Beautiful morning in the city. Suppose its the calm before the storm. Use today to prepare for the weekend everyone!”

Alex McCord: "The chums are off to the park while the sun is still shining, meanwhile Simon & I are bringing window boxes, toys & chairs inside.”

Caroline Manzo: "don't worry - I think you'll have company we have a generator that = lights, water, etc.”

Jill Zarin: "Beautiful day. Would never know storm coming. Tennis this afternoon then cooking lesson. Will share recipes in next newsletter.”

Dina Manzo: "we're inland...we should all be fine! Xo”

Teresa Guidice: "Everyone on the East Coast: promise me you'll stay safe during Hurricane Irene. Praying it's not bad... Xx”

Countess LuAnn: “We are hunkering down in the Hamptons. All my weekend guests canceled their trip. Have been through these storms before so just am preparing with food and water—then we are all set light the candles and catch up on reading, play scrabble , cook and weather out the storm!”

Who is your favorite reality wife?  Check their tweets and keep tabs on how they are doing through this weekend's storm.  We here at hope all the wives and their families will be safe.
Karen Gravano: “I’m doing absolutely nothing. I got some peanut butter and hoping that the storm doesn’t come crashing through my windows. I took in stuff from the balcony. I don’t think it’s really hitting me. I think since I survived Mob Wives season one, I can definitely survive a hurricane.”

Carla Facciolo: "Preparing my house for this dam storm all day!”

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renee graziano said...

i think i deserve a damm strom named after me!!! havent i caused enough mayhem in season 1.. lmao.. all i know is 2day was the 1st day i went food shopping in a long time (aj usually pitches in w the food shopping chores, considering he eats me out of house nd home) anyway even though it was quite stressful trying 2 make it down each isle without being noticed (and im not bragging jst telling the truth like i usually do) it took 2 hours and im glad i got all the water and batteries i neeed NO FLASHLIGHT my hat goes off 2 all the ladies of reality tv... damm this job is hard.. love my fans 2 death but they might be the death of me.. but then again without them where wld i b, jst a plain old mobwife... fyi jst dont bother me while im eating.. we know i love my food hahaha god bless every1 and stay safe