Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Real Houswives of New Jersey: A Mother's Fight to Save Her Daughter

Last Sunday’s episode of Bravo’s THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY focused on Jacqueline & Christopher Laurita and the attempted intervention of their 20 year old daughter Ashley Holmes. Also joining them in the intervention is Ashley’s biological father Matt Holmes and his wife Jodi, who flew in from Texas. The Laurita’s invited Ashley’s father and step-mother hoping a “United Front” would have a positive effect on Ashley. It’s refreshing to see divorced parents come together in support of their daughter.
It's the day of the intervention, which can been seen on Bravo's website by clicking Keep It In The Family - Bravo TV Official Site Bravo TV Official Site#selected">HERE

Both sets of parents are waiting for Ashley at a restaurant in NYC. Jacqueline and Chris Laurita are chatting with Matt and his wife Jodi about Ashley's plans to move to California. Ashley finally arrives, Jacqueline starts with her concerns and Ashley lays out her plans for all four of her parents; she is going to move to California and go to beauty school. Chris once again tries to explain the concept of money to Ashley. Matt agrees: "Set some obtainable goals. You gotta want it. It's gonna take work. It's not going to be easy. Nobody's going to give it to you." But Ashley thinks everyone is ganging up on her and eventually looks at Jacqueline and says, “I’m twenty and I don’t have a baby.” The disrespect that Ashley has shown her mother has been awful, but this sentence was cruel. Jacqueline hits her limit and says what ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ fans have been thinking for two tears: “Honestly, she’s the most disrespectful brat I have ever seen in my life. You don’t appreciate a God damn thing anyone does for you!” This was the most “Reality” I’ve seen in “Reality TV” I remember seeing, and It was not entertaining or easy to watch. It was heart breaking.

This Sunday on RHNJ the already strained relationship has Jacqueline to her breaking point and Ashley even more obnoxious towards her Mother. Ashley joins her parents in the kitchen and the tension is immediate. She again tells them that her plans are to go California, go to school and get a job. She’s thinking of leaving in the spring. "Ashley is clearly not happy living with us,” says a frustrated and exhausted Jacqueline. “It's hard because I have two little boys and I don’t want them growing up seeing this dysfunction.” It annoys Ashley that this whole thing was originally her mom’s idea, which Jacqueline completely denies. Her idea was for Ashley to go to school at home and get a job. “You're such a bitch," says Ashley, and things blow up from there.

As I look at the photo, posted on

As I look at the photo, posted on Ashley's Blog from August 7th I’m shocked. Jacqueline and Chris may have over-indulged and spoiled Ashley to a fault but they only had Ashley’s best interest at heart.

I’ve already stated my old school approach to raising kids. My Motto Accountability leads to Responsibility but that’s not a guarantee your children will grow up and be responsible adults. Ashley is on a slippery slope and most likely will have to hit bottom before realizing how her actions hurt the ones who love her most. Let me know what you think when you watch this clip? I really respect your opinions whether you agree with me or not. Informative, Intelligent, and thought provoking debates is what makes this blog so great.
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Anonymous said...

Wish list for season Lana

Rj said...

Her attitude us straight disgusting. If I talked like that to my parents I'd either get smacked or be on the next flight out to Africa. my parents used to say if I act up they'll send me to live in the village(they're from Nigeria) to see how ppl suffer. One of my aunts actually did that to her daughter LOL from what I hear the daughter is back in the US and a changed woman haha

Harleys Angel said...

RJ, so true. I'm old school. If i EVER spoke to an adult, let alone my own mother, I would have been beat. ON THE SPOT!!! And my kids were raised the same way.

Chiara Soprano said...

No way she is going to Ca or anywhere else if they don't agree to foot the bill. They should insist she goes to work right now, if she doesn't have a job. I wouldn't pay for college with the attitude she has, who knows if she will even apply herself. College is not cheap. Let her earn her own way until she appreciates what is being doen for her.