Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mob Wives: Did Mob Wives Deliver?

I never saw this ad for the show before, even though it's been up since April.  The Mob Wives discuss the 5 reasons why you should watch the show and what went into their decisions to be on the show.  I enjoyed seeing them all again, and the video gave me a 3D feeling. 

According to Renee, Karen, Drita and Carla, the 5 reasons why we should watch Mob Wives are: 

1. Four extraordinary women going through life changes.
2. Absolute realness
3. Friendships and bonds and craziness
4. To get a really good laugh
5. Because they said so!

Let me know what you think of the clip?  I loved it!  Watched it three or four times already!

1 comment:

Mob Mistress said...

It could've just been an itch. But Drita's body language and/or smirgle (smirk & giggle) @ 1:15 is interesting.

Anyone else notice it?

And to answer your question:

Yes they delivered big time!