Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano Greys It Like It's Hot

Mob Wives' BFFs getting hugged my somebody Yum Yum!
Recently, Karen Gravano of Mob Wives allowed me to chat her up.  She has no idea how much I like her swag.  It's not a false swag.  It's not a I'm going to beat everyone's @ss swag.  It's not I am going to fake it for the cameras swag.  It's I'm Karen Gravano you like me or you don't swag.  The world is round either way. 

I reached out to Karen for blog related business.  I had questions for the attractive, cautious Mob Wife.  First, "Where the hell were you in the picture with Jennifer Graziano? I NEED TO KNOW!"  Karen was gracious as always and told my nosey behind.  She and the executive producer of Mob Wives were at The Colosseum Nightclub and Lounge located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  I am old and need a hearing aid.  I couldn't make out Scranton for the life of me.  As I was writing this blog I was thinking, 'what city was that again?  Hartboro...'  Yes, I am forgetful too.

The Mob Wives cast has got to learn that in spite of whatever opinion we have of them; we are here for our readers.  Some of our readers would like to know about their appearances in various states.  So the Mob Wives fan can show up & support their beloved Mob Wives if they're in the readers' local area.  I am telling you now if Jennifer Graziano is in my area, I am showing up with resume in hand.  "Yo Jennifer I need a career move!  Look at what I do for free, imagine what I could do on payroll!  And one more thing Jennifer, you have the most courteous and professional assistant ever.  I adore him."

You know I try to be all up into the Mob Wives' Kool-Aid.  You best believe I know each of their flavors too.  So I ask Karen what went down that night August 6, 2011 @ the Colosseum.  She shared that she dropped it like it's hot.  My knees ached at the thought.  But I ain't mad @ Miss Gravano for getting her groove and Grey Goose & soda on! 

You know I am a tenderoni perv too.  So I had to ask, "Who is the dude in the photo with you and Jenn?"

"Uncle Mone-E"

"Uncle Money?"

"Uncle Mone-E"


"Mistress just call him Mone."

I know Karen meant Mone which is short for Ramone.  But I heard moan.  As if he can moan my name!  He don't look like no uncle to me.  He looks like a Daddy!  Y'all thought old men had the corner market on perv, you have no idea what this old gal is made of.

Karen was tight lipped about the going ons of season 2 of Mob Wives.  You think Jennifer Graziano made her take an omerta on top of a confidentiality agreement?  Miss Gravano wasn't snitching a detail to her #1 Team Karen blogger.  (Joshy of Team Renee isn't the only one who can be number one at something.) Well I am a blogger and we aren't exactly known for keeping secrets.  So I am not going to hold it against her.  She did tell me that season 1 doesn't have nothing on season 2 of Mob Wives.  We're going to see new faces and all the mob mess of old & new drama.  Karen really made me feel like Pookie (a crackhead in the gangster movie New Jack City)!  I guess she doesn't understand that I am a Mob Wives junkie. 

Don't forget to vote in our poll, Chiara gave us a dosey!  She kills me around here.  It only takes a few seconds for you to read it & vote.  You know the drill.  It's a quick scroll up and to your right.  I've voted now it's your turn.  Your opinion matters to us.  I want to see Lana Graziano Zanococchio!  Don't mind me I am just typing out loud.

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Anonymous said...

You are funny MM! Karen looks like she lost weight.

The Underboss said...

Good post. You know I love me some Karen. You are kind of creepy with Mone comments.

Mob Mistress said...

Thanks Anon!

Underboss = hater

Chiara Soprano said...

Karen and Jennifer look great! You write a nice blog MM! If anyone can get them to talk you can LOL! Now I'll sit back and see what I can find to write about next!

Rosey said...

Glad for the blog on Karen. I am a Team Karen and love that she keeps things real! Thanks for the blog interview.

Mob Mistress said...


You know Karen doesn't get a lot a play around here. She was my constant favorite from premiere to reunion.

However, I don't blog about her alot because I feel like I am so pro-Karen. LOL! Also she's on her toes with me. LOL! So it's like bleeding a turnip, though I <3 her. I do have an interview in the files on her. It'll get up one day.

I'll try to find more stuff on Karen w/o bugging her.

Thank you Chiara, I agree! They both looked good.

Rosey said...

Mob Mistress

Thanks for the great job you and Chiara do. I mean it. When I found this blogsite I was so excited! Honestly, no bs. Love you guys for doing this.

Harleys Angel said...

Oh Mistress, I'd love to read more about our sweet innocent Karen. Don't you miss our little debates?

Honestly, I like Karen she just seemed to have an agenda. And I'm cool wit dat! We all have our reasons...I'm anxious to see if she finally put her Drita issues behind her and see her focus on the positive changes in her life.

Mob Mistress said...

You like who you like. I like who I like.

You are the one who brought of the sweet & innocent, not I. I take issue w/ individuals who try to insert words into my interpretations and life.

There is no where on this site w/ over 200+ posts and various comments where I ever wrote Karen was sweet and innocent. All the Mob Wives have agendas @ the end of the day. Whether you and I like their agendas is no concern of theirs, I assure you.

And since I am in an irritatible mood let me get this off my chest. A while ago you made a comment of I didn't live the life 24/7. Allow me to correct you, YOU DO NOT KNOW ME OR MY LIFE EXPERIENCE. Don't ever tell me what I have lived or haven't. It would be equal to me telling you what you have lived and gone through and that would be stupid of me.

You have a good day.

The Underboss said...

Wow. You really had to get something off your chest. I can understand when people like to force their opinions on you and they have no idea. At the end of the day, your life is yours and whether you lived a certain way does not mean a damn thing to me. To quote a rapper from the Geto Boys: "What you did in the pasyt don't excite" Everybody has a life and their experiences create who they are as people. I was beaten as a child but I do not beat my kids. (Even though they should get beat every now and then) I am just saying.

Mob Mistress said...

RAMCLMAO @ every now and then!

Love Majewski~IMAM said...

I need to add something here. No Karen's not innocent but she's also not the devil & I'm sick & tired of people taking pokes at her for what? exactly what did she do? Oh that's right she was born to a father the public loves to hate.Assuming is dangerous on everyone's part.Unless you know her don't judge her. That said:

MM mad me blush!You are naughty girl. Poor moan the girls better hide him somewhere on your next visit to NYC lol.This was funny.I think MM is smitten.

Mob Mistress said...

LMAO @ poor moan!

I am old and get out of breath walking from my couch to the kitchen. The man is safe from my old ass. I just thought he was a cutie pie.

While you are around what is up with the IMAM featuring a man? Is production that desperate?

Harleys Angel said...

Good Gawd, we are in a fiesty mood today.

I wasn't quoting you when I refereed to our sweet innocent Karen. That was all me, and ill own that one...

I like karen but her issues with Drita over shadowed every thing else in Season 1. Karen had every right to feel the way she did, im not disputing that. She just could've handled it differently and only made herself look bad.

AND YOUR ABSOLUTELY RIGHT? I have no right assuming anything about YOUR LIFE. I remember the comment but not the post and i can't find it now. So without remembering why I said that, I'm apologizing. My mouth and fingers have a habit of moving before thinking. I'm working on it...

Harleys Angel said...

Love, I could give a shit at this point her her father is.

We all make mistakes and handle things poorly but It sometimes makes us better people. I want to see Karen move forward and stay focused on what's important NOW. She has alot of heart.

I'm over Season 1, the slate is clean for all 4 women, and bring on SEASON 2!