Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa and Joe, Somethings Gotta Give

This episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey showcases the alarming behavior of Teresa and Joe Giudice. The first time we see Teresa is at Jacqueline’s house wearing a purple, full length, fake fur coat. Now, come on, I don’t care how flashy you’re trying to be this is definitely a Glamour DON’T; unless of course, you're Katy Perry.

We next see Teresa buying groceries with Milania and Audriana all dolled up and I gotta give Tee credit. When I took my kids to the grocery store I was happy if they had matching shoes on. Just saying… As soon as Teresa enters the store she starts telling us she only cooks healthy with NOT a lot of “ingredientses” However, looking at her cart in the frozen food isle and Milania demanding a “Kids Cuisine” it’s clear they eat like the rest of us. Teresa then decides to call her brother and invite him to her “Skinny Italian” book signing, why she chose to do this with 2 babies in a store is beyond me. As she’s talking to Joe Gorga Milania climbs into the refrigerated case, crushes the fresh prepared salads and not until Teresa is done talking to does she go help her while praising this child for her “good behavior”. I don’t get it… I would have been humiliated and my child would be in the car with a sore little bottom.

After Joe Gorga accepts his sisters’ invitation he starts to receive threating text messages from Joe Giudice. He tells Melissa about the threatening texts from his brother in-law. Telling Melissa that Joe Giudice is threatening to break his jaw then wire it shut, calling Joey and his wife fake and saying they’re only attending this book signing for “show”. Melissa adds that while her husband works very hard from sun up to sun down, Joe Giudice calls the working man a sucker. Does Joe Giudice have any redeeming qualities?

The night of the book signing Joe and Melissa show up late but it was probably for the best. When they get there Teresa is happy and introduces them to the owner. Joe then buys 10 copies of “Skinny Italian” and asked his sister to inscribe one for him. This was a very awkward moment but the most “REAL” moment this season in my opinion. She stumbles for the right words and Joe says "From your heart, let's go," Joe then makes her read it out loud as Teresa starts to cry. Joe gives her a quick hug, but not what Teresa was expecting and Joe tells her why he’s upset. He doesn't appreciate getting threatening texts from her husband and she responds saying her husband is upset too. But it was just Teresa making more excuses she just doesn’t GET IT!

Teresa returns home to her very drunk husband and a houseful of guests. Joe Giudice was loud, he was obnoxious, and an embarrassment to his children. When Joe chips his tooth doing drunken summersaults Gia freaks out. And what does Teresa do? She downplays the whole thing explaining when Joe drinks things get out of control. But next at the table Teresa confronts her husband about the texts and Joe goes into a tirade about the Gorga’s. It’s just escalated from there and after Teresa tries defending her brother he tells her to “SHUT UP”. Joe goes further humiliating Teresa by telling everyone he dumped Teresa before they were married due to her brothers’ friendship with one of Teresa’s ex-boyfriends. Joe than adds Teresa begged him to take her back.

Everyone is guilty of stirring the pot and causing this dysfunction, shame on each of them. But I now believe Joe Giudice is the root cause of the bad blood. He is emotionally abusive (and I pray not physical) man who will destroy his family before he takes responsibility for his actions. Anyone who grew up in a home fueled by drugs and alcohol knows what this is doing to their daughters. I feel bad for Teresa but as long as she chooses her husband over EVERYTHING else she accepts some of the responsibility for this situation.

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Chiara Soprano said...

Great review! If this keeps up the "guidice" family will get their own spin off show. They have too much drama to share a show with anyone else!

Mob Mistress said...

Thank you Harley for the post!

LOL @ Chiara, now I am off to workout.

Harleys Angel said...

Isn't that the truth Chiara. It's like a watch a train wreck and as sad as it is, you just can't help watching.

Oh yea, Mistress Good for you.

Rosey said...

That is a good idea. They do have a lot of drama in the Guidices and Gorga family that they could have their own show. Caroline and Jacqueline don't really have drama. And Kathy and family are boring.