Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Daddy's Denial, The Talk

Tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey those crazy kids Kathy & Richie Wakile discuss their beautiful & striking 16 year old daugther Victoria.  As any responsible mommy of a teenager Kathy knows it's time to have the talk.  You know the one which parents & children alike cringe @ the thought of.  Jeff Goldblum, my bad I mean Rich and Kathy are in Victoria's room discussing her upcoming formal.  Mrs. Wakile is nostalgic.  She shares it seem like only yesterday Victoria was in a car seat.  Now she is going to be driving.  Kathy is concerned about boys and dating.  Richie is either in serious daddy denial or clueless.  He chimes in, "What talk?  She's a little girl."  Once I hear, "She'll never get in that situation...cause she'll see my face...." I know it's a severe case of Daddy Denial!  Yep, Richie that's exactly what I saw when I was 17.  Ummmm, NOT!  I did not see my father's face once.  Nine months later I gave birth to my gorgeous daughter.  The irony of this Bravo clip is that clearly in the background is a huge photo of Victoria in the background.  She doesn't look like anyone's little girl, WOW!  Daddy has seen those, right?

Do you remember the talk ladies & gentlemen?  And let's not forget in school when the nurse would interrupt gym with the slide show and give out free samples of Kotex? Wasn’t Junior High just the best time of your life?  Remember when it was your time to have the talk with your child(ren)?  Some of us planned a day of shopping and lunch at a nice restaurant.  Our palms sweaty with trying to find the appropriate moment to have the talk.  When operation talk began we were greeted with, "Aaawwww mom or dad we know, we know!" Or "What are you saying mom?!  You think I am doing something is that why you want to talk about this?!"  Of course a parent continues the talk inspite of all the denial, awkwardness, and yes even arrogance of a teenager rarely making eye contact.  The talk so sucks.  I wish the Wakiles all the luck in New Jersey.

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