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Mob Wives: Joshy "A Fan Gone Renee" Interview

Joshy holds down Team Renee!
As we all know by now the VH1 docu-soap series Mob Wives is a huge success.  Of course we have to give JustJenn Productions & the over the top personalities of the cast a lot of the credit.  However, one cannot forget that it is the viewer and the super fans that keep the ratings up.  If no viewers, no sponsors which means no profit and the death of a series.  So we are very important too.  What many networks, production companies and casts of the shows forget about are the super fans.  Super fans come in various varieties.  You have the nuts.  You have the thirsty.  And then you have the workaholics.

Joshy, who heads Team Renee on Twitter, falls into the category of workaholic nut.  He is on his grind each and everyday, unless his ex has him held up cupcaking in the apartment.  Yes, I know we are interested in the episodes, the cast and their connected family members for the most part.  But I thought it time to acknowledge individuals who for the love of their favorite mob wife put in long hours to encourage others to watch the show.  The Mob Wives should understand the super fan more than any other.  For the super fan is all about loyalty.  Is L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y not the word beaten to death during season 1 of Mob Wives?

Watching Joshy in action over several months I wanted to get to know the young man who loves Renee Graziano as if she birthed him herself.

When did you first hear about Mob Wives?
I think it was about 3 weeks before it aired.  I was like, "Hmmmph I have to see about this."

What was your first thoughts without seeing an episode?
Wow, these women are going to be putting out some incriminating bizness.  It's sure not going to be nobody's Basketball Wives or The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I am going to have to give this a try.

After watching the premiere episode of Mob Wives what did you think?
I love Renee (Graziano).  I loved her from the jump. And no one throws a fur over their shoulder like Renee!

Wow, so Renee had you hooked from the start?
Yes, ma'am.  Real recognize real.  I can't get enough of the Queen.

Interesting, Renee was like nails on a chalkboard for me in the beginning.

Yes, really.  Karen (Gravano) was my favorite from jump and Carla (Facciolo).
Karen!  I didn't like her at first.  She seemed messy to me, like she just was there to stir up drama.  I think I judged her due to her family members' past.

And now?
My opinion had evolved.  I love her now.  I respect her.  I've seen another side to her as the season went along.  You can't judge someone based off their daddy's actions.  I think she fantastic and cute.

Click picture for a look @ the Twitter battle.
  What about Carla (Facciolo)?
I cannot stand her.  We had a Twitter battle.

A Twitter battle, really?
Yes Mob Mistress!  She snapped stupid.  She even told Renee to fire my ass.  How in the hell are you going to fire someone who was never hired?  I don't do this for money.  I do what I do for the love of Renee and the Mob Wives show.  Carla had the nerve to tell me I better calm down.  Fact is I was sipping sweet tea & laughing the whole time.  I was calm silly, it's Twitter not life or death.  I am sure I mentioned something about her getting control of her children.  I think I called her a trick.  I did apologize to Team Renee followers.  I expressed I needed to focus on what and who we are about, Renee Graziano.  Carla replied with some '....keep it that way....'  She should've told her boyfriend to keep his hands off my Queen, damn it!

You always bring it back to Renee?
I always will boo.

Excuse me!  Any comments on Drita?
I want to hate her but I love her.  She's almost as fabulous as Renee but not quite.

You have an opinion on her reaction to Karen's book?
Yes, Drita is a mess for that.  She's a hypocrite on that note.  Her whole reaction to Karen's book was shady.  I will be buying the book by the way.

Fair enough, what's your favorite Mob Wives scene of season 1?
Renee whooping Carla's ass!

That's it?
Need I say more?  You seen it.

I did with a million others plus!  What's your least favorite scene?
When Karen was with her writing coach.  To see her so upset about how people treated her after her father testified.  You really saw her pain.  I wasn't use to that, it touched me.

Renee showing her love to her #1 Super Fan Joshy
 I am shocked.  I thought you were going to pick a scene when Renee was upset.
Renee cries every damn episode!  So I am use to her dramatics.  I love her for it.  I will say it really hurt me to see her so upset over that filler bitch during the reunion.  Something is wrong with a woman who protects a groper.  Renee and Karen aren't lying.  On a positive note, don't you think Renee looked absolutely beautiful?  She did it on them!

She did it on them?
It means she was fierce!  She was pushed!  How old are you Mob Mistress?

Old enough to take a switch to your hind parts!  Renee did look great.  You have any wants for season 2 of Mob Wives?
You know it!  I want more drama, more A.J. and definitely Jail Mail Inc. up and running!  I would also like to see the progression of Karen's book or it out on shelves.  I want Drita to leave Lee.  And my biggest want is for Carla to enroll in college!  She really needs to expand her mind and pick up a book not one with sexual positions.

Wow Joshy, you put it all out there!
Well I am a super fan.  You ain't the only one who can tell it like they see it.  How you doin'?!

Now you Wendy Williams?
No, I am Joshy, Renee Graziano's number one fan.  And it is going to stay that way  Team Renee season 1, season 2 and hopefully season 3!

Well thank you for your time!  Anything else you want to say?

Thank God!  Bye Joshy!
Oh no you didn't!  He laughs.  Bye Mistress! 

Disclaimer:  Joshy's viewpoint is his own.  And are not necessarily that of the interviewer, just typing out loud!

Well there you have it folks The Mob Wives Blogspot first super fan interview.  He truly made me snort.  He is a character!  If you are a Renee Graziano fan be sure to follow Joshy on Twitter by clicking here.

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Harleys Angel said...

OMG, I need to twitter. This guy is amazing, and funny. It's funny how most of us have the same impression of Cruella. I love Renee, I love Drita but like Joshy I think she has issues. Karen, I go back and forth. I never know how to take her. I liked the way she carried herself in the beginning then over the season she seemed sneaking. In the final episode I thought both Drita and Karen acted like trashy skanks. But hey, we all have our moments, and go off the deep end. So I'm anxious to see what season 2 brings. I judge actions not people and it's what you do not who you are. Whatever happened in the past is over, so each of these ladies have the opportunity to redeem themselves in my eyes.

TheOneTheyCallJoshyy said...

Thankx HarleyAngel, I appreciate ur comment. I keeps it 100 all day and everyday babez! And thankx MM for the oppertunity to interview w/ you, I love it so much! And teamRenee rockx!

Mob Mistress said...


Joshy is a CHARACTER! I am truly too old for Twitter. It's overwhelming.


Thanks for taking the time to interview with us! Also thanks for your understanding that it took forever and a day to post. I was really sick for awhile and finally getting back into the swing of things.

Chiara Soprano said...

Well yet another great interview! So great to see Joshy and the face and thoughts behind TeamRenee! If I ever get famous I want a fan like Joshy to have my back! Gotta go back and reread the twitter war with Carla! Wow!