Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mob Wives: The Canadians Are Coming!

As you can plainly see, a Canadian Goose dropped by and delivered a“package” for me. No it wasn’t full of pepperoni, mozzarella and vanilla coke, like Lee’s packages! And, no, it wasn’t those nasty goose “droppings” that are plaguing the Northeast. It was a little news for me to share with you all. Mob Wives is going to be a new series in Canada! I am almost envious of them. Starting September 9th, Canadians are going to get to see all of season one for the first time. Then, a short time later, they will get to see season two. Plus, they have this great blog, loaded with information about the cast, the show and their families, to read in between.

I wonder what the Canadians will make of this new series? I started to think about it and wondered if the Italians there would object to how Italians were being portrayed? There are about 1.5 million Italians (and Italian descent) residents in Canada out of a population of 34 million. That’s about 4.6% of the population, making them the fifth largest ethnic group. There is even a “Little Italy” located in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Oh, and did I mention, the Mafia is happy and well and living in Canada? Yes, there is a long history of mafia activity in Canada and way too much to blog about here. I have enough to keep track of with the five New York crime families. But, because I know you are curious, I will give you a little sampling anyway because that’s the kind of blogger I am.

Summer Reading Anyone?

Vito Rizzuto was born in Sicily in 1946 and is known as Montreal’s Teflon Don. Vito and his family moved to Montreal from Sicily, when Vito was eight. His father Nicolo began working as an associate in the Cotroni crime family. By the 1980’s the Rizzuto’s Sicilian crew was the number one Mafia crew after winning a turf war with Calabrian crew and murdering Paolo Violi, a Bonanno underboss who had been made boss of Montreal’s crime family. Rizzuto was allegedly in charge of a huge narcotics operation that imported and distributed enormous quantities of heroine, cocaine and hashish in Canada. Their alleged crimes also included laundering money, illegal gambling, loan sharking, and contract killings. Our own FBI considers Rizzuto only a soldier in the Bonanno crime family of NY, but in Canadian he is considered the most powerful boss in the country. After a series of legal entanglements with the law, for various crimes, Rizzuto is serving time in a Federal prison in Colorado and is due to be released October 2012. At that time he may be extradited to Italy to face charges there. Since his arrest several members of his family have been killed, including his son, Nick Jr. in 2009.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Organized crime is widespread in Canada and makes for an interesting read. However, my focus is on Mob Wives, so if you are interested in the Canadian Mob you will have to check it out yourself! Happy readings, eh?

Let’s welcome our Canadian neighbors to Mob Wives!

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