Friday, August 5, 2011

Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo's "Mane" Interview

Isabella is missing in blog action, right now.  However, if The Mob Wives Blogspot has a pro-Carla blogger, I think she's our blogger.  The rest of us, well we are just miserable often b!tchy wives (plus one male); maybe it's hair envy.

I wasn't the most enthused about interviewing Carla Facciolo to be frankly honest.  In the beginning she was my favorite alongside Karen Gravano.  As season 1 progressed, she lost me.  Instead of an attractive, smart, classy woman I saw an instigator and Drita's sidekick.  Was I wrong?  I can't tell you to this very day.  What I can share is Carla was a delightful & feisty interview.  When we were being connected I was blowing spit bubbles of excitement (sarcasm folks).  In the midst of the interview, I thought I am liking Miss Thang once again.  I scratched my head a few times.  I am confusing myself.  'I like Carla.  I don't like Carla.  I like Carla.'

The interview conducted Thursday, July 7th 2011 begins:

Hello Carla how is your day going?
Great, I went to the gym today.  I also got a pedicure done.  Dorothy didn't listen to me.  I chose a sparkle nail polish.  First she painted them a another color, then the sparkles.

So you just wanted sparkles without a solid color.

What color did she paint them?

So your toes are looking a little Santa baby?
No, it's cute.  It that pink red.

Yeah, that's it.

Let’s get this interview rolling. You seem to be a hit with the male Mob Wives viewers. Why do you think they have a thing for you?
She laughs. It's the hair.  A lot of people tweet about my hair.  Oh and I wear this heart necklace all of the time.  It was a gift.  A lot of men tell me that they find it sexy.

You have a beautiful head of hair. I know it’s been asked but I am going to ask again as a sort of public service announcement for individuals with raggedy hair. What’s your hair care regimen?
It's nothing special.  Right now I am using Neutrogena Shampoo.  I also use a clarifying shampoo once in awhile.  I get my ends trimmed often.

Could you repeat that last part?
I get my ends trimmed regularly.  Split ends aren't a good look.

We see you have your hands full with the twins.  I’d like to know as a mother what you thought and felt when you learned you were having twins?
Well, I want to be  honest.  We went through invitro.  So, I knew it was a possibility.  I'd thought we'd have one.  I was hyper stimulated.  (A condition where an individual shows very early in a pregnancy as if she about to drop the baby tomorrow.)  So, I was looking like I was six months pregnant very early in my pregnancy.  When I found out it was a boy & girl, I was very happy.  I was constantly bottling once they were born.  You really don't have a minute to yourself.

How long was your labor?
It was around 8 to 10 hours.  I had them natural (vaginal).  I was calling the doctors for pain medication!  Carmen was 4lbs 10 ounces and Joe was 5lbs 10 ounces.
(WARNING: It may have been the other way around with the kiddies' birth weights.  If I am wrong Carla will surely call to correct me, she isn't shy.)

Tell me what you adore about each of the twins’ personalities.
Joseph is loving & affectionate.  He's laid back.  She laughs.  He's slick too.  He is a thinker.
Carmen is a girly girl.  She loves trying on my shoes & earrings.  She's more independent.  She is very nurturing and motherly with her brother.

Oh boy a mother’s love, some have criticized your parenting skills. What would you say to those individuals?
They don't know me.  Joseph shows off for the cameras.  He thinks it's cute.  I tell him, "Hey that isn't cute.  People will think you aren't nice."  He's a kid.  He thinks he's being funny.  People are watching a television show.  They aren't watching my life 24/7 or my kids.  People have opinions.  I'll tell you strangers over the internet tell me I need to hit or beat my kids.  I don't raise my kids animal style.

I snicker to myself, "I do."  What’s your fondest childhood memory?
We owned horses.  I loved riding horses.  My Uncle Bruno (Bruno Facciolo) owned a farm.  I love horses.  They are like big dogs.  They have their own personalities.  I loved feeding, grooming and just taking care of them.  I learned how to ride Western & English.  I prefer Western.  It was good times.  All the family were around.  We had great times together.  My Uncle Bruno was so loving and kind to me.  He and my father were very close.

Do you remember your horses?
Yes, there was Sugar Foot, Buster and Dice a Palomino.

I was attacked by a Palomino!  They are crazy!
She laughs.  Dice was crazy!

Carla Facciolo's mommy Margaret
You seem extremely close to your mother Margaret. What type of grandmother and grandfather are your parents?
My mother is constantly with them.  She's a cool grandmother.  My father he spoils them.  He dotes on all his grandchildren.

I interject that I know who her father (Louis Facciolo) is; she pauses.  I tell her I was saddened how his helping a friend led to his getting pinched.  She opens up.
My father is a very generous man.  If someone tells him they are hungry, he'll give them his last.  Someone tells him they need help he's right there.  You ask anyone in the neighborhood.  You'll hear, 'Louie helped me.  Louie is a great guy.  When I was down Louie...'  He has seven grandchildren.  When he buys for one; he buys for each and everyone of him.  He never leaves anyone out.

It's exactly how I've pictured him in my mind.  Okay here's my favorite question: What's your favorite ice cream?
Vanilla Chip.

Vanilla Chip?!
She laughs. I also really like Ben & Jerry's Fish Food.  It's chocolaty with marshmallows.  It's really goooood.

My favorite is Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey!  What’s your favorite color?
Purple, it looks good on me.

How do you feel with individuals refer to Mob Wives as a disgrace?
I don't get it.  We are living our lives.  We are trying to move forward and build legitimate lives for our families.  I see the bashing.  I am not representing anyone else besides me.

The Mob Wives viewers are loving your style. You know I’ve heard about a clothing line in the works. What can you tell me about it?
Well we are working on it.  I had a lady make some bodysuits for me.  I like my shirts to fit a certain way.  So my partner and I are working on making it happen.  We'll see.

Really?  Can you make sure you make them in XL too?  Not everyone is a gym rat like you.
She laughs.  I can do that.

Carla, what about a shampoo?
Mistress I am working on it.  I am in talks with someone.

You need too.  Women would be flocking to buy anything you use on your hair.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful. But your husband is as yummy looking as a chicken cutlet, is there any chance of the two of you reconciling?
I'll never say never.  But we are getting along so well right now as friends.  He is getting close to the kids again.  You know my husband is a great guy.  He's respectful & classy. 

Fair enough, what’s your favorite scene from Mob Wives season 1?
I love the scene with the kids at the beach.  And then we can't forget Drita and I trying to catch the Raccoon Mob.  Editing didn't show you all the entire operation.  We were out there for a long time.  It was so funny!

What’s your least favorite scene?
The fight with Renee.  I wish it didn't happen.  I felt like I had no choice.

Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo
A lot of people are wondering why you take a hard stance on telling Karen & Renee that your boyfriend (now ex) didn’t touch them?
He didn't touch Renee.  He doesn't even like her.  He wouldn't touch her.  She exaggerates.  Renee is lying.  She's a liar!

Oh boy, you ain't changing your tune.  Well we know how you feel about Renee (Graziano).  What's your thoughts on Karen (Gravano)?
She's cool.  Karen does her own thing 100%.  I like Karen. What you see is what you get with Karen.  I respect her.

Drita (D'avanzo)?
She's my closest friend from Mob Wives.  Our kids are very close.  We have great times together!

The interview takes a detour.  I want to know what the hell is wrong with Drita?  Carla isn't having it.  She defends her Mob Wives' best friend forever as if they took a meatball oath.  I respect Carla for going toe to toe with me concerning her friend.  We disagree and get back to the interview business at hand.

Anything you want to touch on that I haven't asked?
Yes.  I want to thank all of the Mob Wives viewers and fans who have been so positive and very supportive.  I really love my fans.  They have my back.  I've witnessed the battling with rude people on my behalf.  I truly have great fans!

What are your hopes for season 2 of Mob Wives?
I hope the catty & vicious behavior is not the focus.  I hope it shows the cast working hard on building our lives and business endeavors.  I hope season 2 shows that we all do have a work ethic and are responsible adults.

I do like some foolishness Carla.  She laughs. Carla thank you for taking the time to interview with The Mob Wives Blogspot we appreciate it.
You're welcome and thank you.  We'll talk again.

So there you have it, an interview with Carla Facciolo of Mob Wives.  She personally tickles me.  Though by mid season 1, she fell from Mob Wives grace in my viewer's brain.  I know plenty of individuals who adore, love and lust after them some Carla.  At the end of the season, she was not my favorite.  Yet, as we chatted during our interview I saw glimpses of what made her one of my early favorites.  Well it is no matter, at the end of this interview her kids are happy and healthy.  Mr. Ferragamo is a free man.  And Carla is making her business moves.  Favorite or not, as always I wish each and every mob wife all the happiness & success they can manage.  Season 2, I think we'll let Chiara interview Carla Facciolo.

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Chiara Soprano said...

First of all, I loved the interview Mob Mistress, it seems like you uncovered another side of Carla. I would love to interview her during season 2 and have the opportunity to see the "off" camera Carla.
Second, I can see Carla is not relenting about her stance on the boyfriend, yet she is no longer with him, which is curious. However, I am going to say that until I see evidence to the contrary, I am going to believe Renee on two counts: she swore on her son's eyes to be taken seriously and I do, also Karen said he touched her as well. Drita even said he touched her in front of Carla. The guy has roving hands, he should keep them in his pockets!
Third, I think it would help Carla's image if she did more interviews that are aired on line. The mob wives seem very relaxed and natural in interviews and that is how we, as viewers, can most appreciate their true personality and character.

Anonymous said...

I think your instincts were right the first time.Carla is a sneak, she lies about everything including her age.And most of all she sleeps with married men!!!!!Let your viewers know about that. Shes a nice girl what a joke.She has destroyed many marriages.

Chiara Soprano said...

Yes we knew she was 44, when she said she was 35 at her birthday. The truth always comes out, about everything.

Mob Mistress said...


I liked her in the beginning. As the season progressed I had a change of <3. So my 1st 'instincts' my very well be right, which were she's a very likable lady.

I can tell you are not a regular reader around here. If you were you'd know that we are not cheerleaders around. We give our opinions of the ladies per the shows we watch, research and our interaction w/ the ladies if we have some. Our opinions are not always positive. We also share information that is definitely now always positive.

As Chiara mentioned we are aware that Carla shaved some years off her age. Yes it would've been nice to see a her embrace her mid 40s. Yes we called her out on it. But truthfully tons of men & women lie about their ages for whatever their reasons.

We have also touched on her previous experience with "Scars". I disagree with you strongly on the allegation Carla has ruined plenty of marriages. It is the spouse who cheats who ruins his marriage.

The only marriage Carla can ruin is her own.

She's a nice person isn't a joke. It's actually a reality. There are people who will tell you I am the nicest and warmest person ever. There are others who'll tell you I am a heartless, cutt throat bitch. Both are right. I can be both. I am both. I think Carla can be a very nice woman depending from the vantage point one stands.

You have a wonderful day!


I do believe Renee & Karen. I was pleasantly surprised by Carla. I am very appreciative of her time and opening up a little bit with me. I am glad you loved the interview.

I see it's getting some Booos! You know I love the Booos! Funny sh!t.

Anonymous said...

LOL now that's funny!!!!!

Harleys Angel said...

The interview was great Mistress and I was really interested in hearing what Carla had to say outside of the show. I read the interview 4 or 5 different times today because I wanted to make sure my opinion wasn’t jaded from season 1.

And honestly, even from the interview I got the same Carla. I give her credit for working hard to build her business ventures and being a single mother but…she still won’t own up to anything, anything at all. Renee is a liar? Renee is/was her friend. Even if she isn’t 100% positive it happened, she should trust her friend. Carla should’ve supported Renee; instead she sides with a man she’s not even with. She also blames the camera crew for the son’s behavior. Kids act out, and are sometimes uncontrollable. I have kids, and can relate to that but that’s not how I remember the situation. Also as a mother the way she handled Joe coming home with the kids just left a bad taste in my mouth.

And yes Mistress, I used scope, Listerine, and gum.

I like her ideas for season 2, but like you I loves me some drama too.

Anonymous said...

Great interview MM! Can you talk more about what she said about Drita that you left out?

Mob Mistress said...

When I started questioning her about Drita, I told her it would be not included in the interview.

All I can share is she was very adamant in defending her friend, Drita.

Thanks, I am glad you and others enjoyed the interview.

renee said...

after reading this intrview i once became disgusted with carlas ignorance.. i have NO reason 2 lie 2 her i always respected and cared 4 her and her future, but now GAME ON and like ive said come correct or dnt come at all... make sure u have facts and prove b4 u open ur mouth... i have nothing 2 gain by knockin her barbaric boyfriend oh x.. she chooses 2 believe 2 other woman who both admitted 2 his inappropriate behavior.. and since she wants 2 take it 2 a level where we r calling ppl liars... get ready cause i got more dirt on her then a dump site!!!! and i dnt falsly accuse.. i got ppl places pic and things 2 make ur head spin

Chiara Soprano said...

Renee thanks for commenting, though I am sure reading that Carla is sticking to her position is hurtful. I, and many others, have always believed you and we will see what our readers think because we have anew poll up about tis very thing!

Anonymous said...

U know it Renee,Carla is a twisted self absorbed phony.Give it all u got!Karma baby Karma!

Lilia said...

Interesting interview, despite whatever she's done, she was gracious enough to do the interview, now for the million dollah question...Where did she get that AWESOME heart necklace?? I know she said it was a gift but can someone please help me find it. She rocks that thing. Carla, if I am ever lucky enough to find one, i hope this 37 year old stay at home mom can rock it like you one day. Answers anyone?

The Underboss said...

Lilia, I asked to via twitter. I think she is ignoring me. I guess she does not want any swagger jacking. I will keep you posted if you I find anything. I think I pissed her off so she probably is not going to reply to my tweets.