Monday, August 1, 2011

Mob Wives: Junior's Chicken Cutlets

And the card reads (Junior's tweet) "Mayb now"  will make me chkn cutlets lol"

All I know is Renee is working on a set of cookbooks and AJ says his mother's chicken cutlets are his favorite dish.  They must be out of this world.  Renee agrees that her chicken cutlets are delicious.  Well, my chicken cutlets as just so so at best.  I can't wait for that recipe to come out, seriously.  I loved the sauce and meatballs, but I can make a pretty good pot of sauce and my meatballs are pretty good.  Renee, maybe you'll have pity on Junior and whip him up a stack of cutlets.  But, can you save a little pity for me and share your recipe?  I swear I will keep it a secret. 

Meanwhile, my brother came to my birthday (a couple of weeks early) and all he brought me was a lousy T-shirt!  I almost fell over when I saw it! 

And CHECK OUT the fine print!  LOL

That was so thoughtful of my brother!

Now I can advertise Mob Wives and the blog all at the same time!   And Junior, I hope you get your chicken cutlets!  A reminder our latest poll is up!  We want to know which Mob Wives' business venture you think will be most successful.  It takes only seconds to read and vote.  As always, the poll is located to the right and a quick scroll up. Click here for Renee Graziano's mobtastic Sauce & Meatball recipe!

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Mob Mistress said...

Naughty boys need love too!

HAHAHA! I couldn't resist. I love the T-shirt your brother had made for you. He's a gem.

The Underboss said...

I think we have found a new way to make money. I am sure we would get a cease and desist notice by capitalizing on their likenesses but that shirt is really nice.

Mob Mistress said...

You truly have issues Underboss. I have a new movie suggestion for you. LOL!

The Underboss said...

I know I do. What movie now?