Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mob Wives: Did He or Di-ent He?

There go those hands again!
We'd really like to thank our readers for voting in our polls.  We know what we think about things.  However, we aren't the only ones who watched season 1 of Mob Wives are we?  So your voices matter too!  Chiara and I believe Renee (Graziano) and Karen (Gravano) when it comes to Carla Facciolo's (season 1) boyfriend hands running amok on others' body parts.  Underboss doesn't care either way.  However, he's made it clear he wouldn't mind touching Karen with her green lighting it of course.  Isabella and Harley well I just don't know who they believe.

We asked our readers: Who do you think is telling the truth about Carla Facciolo's season 1 boyfriend touching scandal!  And boy oh boy you sure did answer!

7% Carla is telling the truth!  Renee & Karen wish he had groped them!

92% Renee & Karen are telling the truth.  Renee swore on her son's eyes!  Karen has no reason to lie on the man!

Most of you believe Renee & Karen by a landslide.  Only those groped truly know the deal, per Drita maybe he drunk too much and doesn't remember.  With the earthquake and hurricane Irene shaking things up, it's been very, very, very quiet around here.  I thought I saw a pussy cat.  I di-ent! I di-ent!  It was just my wig.  If you are in the area I hope you've stocked up on C & D batteries, water and non-perishable food.  We'll see you around when Mother Nature stops throwing a tantrum.  I knew I wasn't the only one throwing a fit because Mob Wives is off air.

Have you seen the alleged Handy Man? No, click here to see the guy.

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Chiara Soprano said...

That was a real landslide! The jury has spoken! Case closed.

Rosey said...

Everyone knows it is not cool for your man to grope your girlfriends drunk or not! First it is disrespectful to you, his girl, and he is showing everyone he is an ass.

Anonymous said...

is it like Rosey says that everyone knows its not cool or is it just that everyone knows this dude does it.I dont know carla but I thought she was real pretty when the show started and I was all set for her to be my favorite,But once I saw how low her self opinion is I realized all her talk about her hair and her a$$ are just a cover up for the unsecuritys.She lets her boyfriend feel up her friends while she stands in the mirror and talks about how hot she is and pretends not to see him degrading karen,I believe he grabbed Rene and I think it wasnt about "how hot she is or isnt" in fact when carla made that statement shows how ignorant carla is and i think he did it to try to degrade Karen and Renee in a show of bravado and disrespect for their fathers,it wasnt about looks at all Duh!
One phoney down one to go why is Drita always carrying on about how tough she is and then speaking out of the other side of her mouth about how terrible Karen is making her look in front of her children!!

So if I'm following the story correctly
Drita: Karen dont talk about my husband at all even though you were with him many yrs and he was all too happy too know "the bull" when it earned him respect & underworld credibility

Karen: I lived with the man & he was part of my life but he is hardly my entire life so I'll show you what I've written & you tell me if you agree,I dont want to hurt the children

Drita: Actually I was thinking that since I taught the girls that its okay to steal your former room mates former common law husband (yes ladies & gents you heard me right 7yrs in NYC means Lee& Karen were common law married)I thought the next important lesson would be the making scenes in public ,flipping tables,throwing pitchers of water at an unarmed woman that let me live in her house instead of reading a book I just decided to tell the teachers to not teach my Daughters too read because "YA NO WHAT IM SAYING IT AINT JUST KAREN THOSE STUPID NEWSPAPERS SAY HES A BANK ROBBER TOO"

I wonder why Drita doesnt complain when Carla's man felt her up? Or did Carla approve that grope?

Im all phonied out & Im starting to really like I married a monster better,I wish they could make an episode with Karen or Renee & have them tell a story about their lives Just a little one? I hope ID people are reading this

Mob Mistress said...

Anonymous it would be detrimental to Karen Gravano to go over to Discovery ID. It makes no sense for her to get involved with I Married A Mobster when she is already writing a book. Mob Wives is the best commercial for her writing project.

In addition, it would equally be a very unwise move for Renee Graziano.

Both women still 'socialize' with others who are in whatever manner still involved with the lifestyle.

I enjoy I Married A Mobster. However, I do not like it more than Mob Wives. I think IMAM is too short and I hate to write this but I think the production team fell a bit short.

The stories are from the women's perspective & information shared is really a whole new view of a lifestyle cloaked. Each women has her individual tale to tell & each week the show hits a different note.

Now how they have fallen short, they ran out of women. From jump all 10 women should've been under contract. There is no need as a viewer to watch two episodes on the same family. Unless it's from the perspective of 1st wife and then 2nd wife/and or mistress. I don't want to watch two episodes from the women from the same household. And the Orena guy even being given an episode is beyond irritating. If I wanted a guys take, I wouldn't be watching I Married A Mobster for the women's perspective. Some head honcho dropped the reins when they allowed this episode to be produced. It's goes against the reason I tuned in which was to watch a women's perspective. One last gripe, the show is too short. I have watched many of the episodes wanting more of the woman's experience. 30 minutes w/ commercials just give you a taste.

Anonymous said...

maybe just maybe MM's wishes will come true? I hear a brand new "Where are they now" show will air & if they do get a 2nd season,It would be great if they showed the reall wife in tht double story instead of the goomadha, Was it just me or did anyone else find alot of contradictary statements in the Shiro's stories? If anyone believes anything the daughter says the entire columbo war took place in front of her & in her living roon.Did anyone else notice that even though little lindsey was married 3 or 4 times she was always home with her father? Stories didnt mesh & werent interesting the mother was a caxkling screw loose & the daughter was a pity me & my innocent brother,it was super creepy & whats up with holding back on LOVE Majewski's episode? you get one wild chick with two super sexy guys & they save it for last!