Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mob Wives: Dave Seabrook's HOT 97 NY Interview

A rare and real interview with David Seabrook, Karen's ex, was recently done by Hot 97. Dave speaks about how he and Karen met and their relationship over the years. Dave is the father of Karen's daughter, Karina, and since being released from prison, he has been building a relationship with her. Dave wants to get out his side of the story and clear up some misrepresentations that he feels were made on the show. He talks about Karen's family and her father, Sammy the Bull, who accepted him as part of the family and welcomed him with open arms. Dave goes into the details of how he, Gerard and Sammy ended up in a prison when they were all out in Arizona. Dave says he spent 18 years of his life in prison, but now he feels he is doing very well in business. Dave is also pursuing other opportunities and says he will be a recurring cast member in season four o Mob Wives if it is picked up.

Watch the complete and very interesting interview!

Video Credit: HOT 97 NY

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lbow said...

wow way to much cutting in, talking over each other and that manager....geez.
dave was great he had good stuff to say but the other 2 just pissed me right off!!