Monday, April 1, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap "Crazy Love," Ep 312

The BEST scene from last night's episode!

Love meets Karen for lunch. Karen tells Love about a “pre-nup party” she is planning, to teach women “how not to get f*cked” and protect their assets. Love says she hates pre-nups. Karen tells Love that she thinks Ramona will think the party is about her, but Karen has been wanting to do this for a long time. Love is hurt because Ramona never bothered to tell her she was engaged or getting married, and is going to talk to her about that when she sees her. Karen thinks Ramona kept her engagement and wedding plans a secret because maybe, deep down, she isn’t too happy about it herself and doesn’t want to hear the truth.

Drita is thrilled with the way her store turned out. She says Lee is stunned by all the work she has done to it. Drita interviews several people for her business. She needs people who have experience doing make-up. A guy comes in who does hair. Drita says apparently he didn’t read the help wanted ad too closely. Drita wants people who are honest and who she can trust because she will be away a lot of the time. She feels picking the right people is key to her success.

Ramona and her daughters are talking about her wedding to Joe. Ramona says she is excited about it. Her daughter, Anissa, doesn’t understand the concept of her marrying someone who is going to prison. While they talk, a call from Joe comes in. Ramona wants to know how much longer it might be before he can get out. She tells him about the plans she made for the wedding and says the place can be ready at a moment’s notice. He tells her they are still waiting to hear about his bail situation. Joe says something to make Ramona smile. Ramona is determined to get married.

Big Ang visits Carla at her house. Carla has prepared a nice salad. Big Ang doesn’t like eating healthy “sh*t.” Ang tells Carla that Drita’s store looks nice and Drita is having a birthday party. Carla mentions Love. She tells Ang that Love made friends with Derek’s ex-wife and goes to her house. Love tells his ex that he is dating Carla and the ex-wife tells this all to Carla. Carla says Love forgot to mention that she was “bangin’” Derek for two months, herself. Big Ang can’t get over it. Carla calls Love a stalker. The doorbell rings. Carla thinks it may be somebody. (Ya think?) Someone hands her papers. They are the divorce papers from Joe. Carla has been served. She tells Ang that she is happy and Joe will always have her back. Big Ang is happy for Carla.

Renee and Ramona get together. Renee wants to check out the competition’s shoes, now that she is starting a shoe line for Mob Candy. Ramona mentions the pre-nup party. Ramona isn’t sure how to take Karen’s intentions for throwing that kind of party. Renee tells her she doesn’t think Karen is throwing “jabs” at her, she think it’s more about enlightening everyone. They both feel it does have something to do with Ramona, it’s only natural, because she is the only one getting married. Ramona says knowledge is power.

Drita’s store is open for business. It’s her time to shine. Karen drops by to wish her luck and they have a few laughs. Karen tells her she is proud of her. Karen says that everything they (the mob wives) are doing is for their children. Karen invites Drita to the pre-nup party. Drita is all about protecting her finances and is happy to go.

Renee walks in to Big Ang’s house and they discuss their recent facial work. Big Ang had a liquid facelift, while Renee had her lips done. Renee tells Ang that AJ is getting another tattoo and she doesn’t like it. She feels that, at 19, he is too young for more tattoos. Big Ang says her son AJ is doing good and will be out of rehab in a few months. Big Ang shows Renee her turtle.

At Chelsea Manor the “Pre-Nup” Party takes place. Karen tells Big Ang that she will support Ramona 100% in anything she decides to do regarding her marriage to Joe. Ramona doesn’t really want to go to Karen’s party, so she invited some of her own friends to go with her to distract her. Karen tells Ramona that the party is not about her, and Ramona kind of takes her at her word. Because it’s a pre-nup party and not about Ramona, Ramona turns to Love and asks her if she is getting married. Love says, no, are you? Love tells Ramona she was hurt that she wasn’t old about the engagement or wedding and had to hear it from someone else. Ramona says she was too busy to make sure everyone knew and doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. So what if Love didn’t hear the news.  Karen just wants to have a party that will provide information that they may all one day need. The pre-nup instructor begins by talking about what happens if you don’t have a pre-nup. Renee almost thinks this is a joke because in their lifestyle, there is no divorce and no pre-nup. In fact there is nothing to do with courts. Karen tries to make a point that this is just about advice, but no one is even listening. The whole point of the party gets derailed.

In the meantime, Carla gets together with her friend Etty, and says she is happy to be out of the drama and doing her own thing. She is glad she isn’t at the pre-nup party because with those women it could easily turn into a brawl. Carla tells Etty she talks to just Drita and Big Ang. She calls Karen and Ramona, “Heckel and Jeckel.” And then she says that Love is a “story-telling, lying witch.” But, all the while Carla bad mouths Love, she is wearing a t-shirt with L-O-V-E printed right across her chest. You have to love the irony! Carla say Drita is having a birthday party and she feels Love will approach her at the party about the “logo wings” she is telling everyone that Carla stole. Carla says all Love does is lie. She is psychotic and crazy.

Drita shows up late for the party, but she is very interested in protecting her money. Love gets to finally tell Ramona she is hurt because she didn’t tell her about the wedding. It’s like a slap in the face because they know each other 20 years. But, Ramona feels that when Love heard the news from whoever it was, that was her cue to call and congratulate Ramona or send her a gift. Ramona explains to Love that this has been a very hard situation and not everyone was happy for her. She feels Karen is putting a damper on everything and she can’t call her to talk about the wedding. Ramona says Karen has “a stick up her ass.” She wants to duct tape her mouth shut. Karen overhears this and is hurt. She apologizes for caring so much and trying to protect her. Ramona says she just wants support. Karen feels Ramona blames her for all her problems. Karen also thinks Ramona should have been the one to tell Love her news. Then Love asks Ramona, what about her moving? She moved and never told her. Ramona’s friend starts getting upset at the way Love is talking to Ramona. She gets snippy with Love. Love goes ballistic and tells her “I’ll stab you to death! Walk the f*ck away B*tch!” Love is a loose canon and is flipping out. Karen steps in and tries to calm her down. She tells her this girl is a good friend of Ramona’s and a nice person. Love says she is not crazy and isn’t going to let some b*tch give her hard looks and talk to her that way, with her arms crossed.

After the party, Renee, Drita and Karen get together for a drink. Drita tells them about her birthday party and everyone has to dress like they did in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Karen and Drita used to wear the preppy look. Carla will be at the party. Renee says she is done arguing with Carla, it’s like beating a dead horse. Drita thinks that Love and Carla will fight if Carla’s boyfriend is brought up. They are all worried about Carla. Drita says she can’t let Love attack Carla.

At Renee’s house, AJ comes in the door. Renee says they have been spending a lot of time together bonding. He is her best friend. AJ starts talking and says he is very proud of his mother, she is doing great. He tells Renee he feels it’s time for him to go out on his own and he is moving out. Renee laughs and says he is 19 and not moving anywhere. He tells her about his friend in Florida who has work for him. Renee says no, especially not to Florida. He says he is old enough and he wants to be a man and will go in a month and a half. Renee gets emotional. She is not ready for him to leave. He says he is going, end of story. He wants her to be happy for him. He is a man and he is moving on.


This episode was well worth waiting for and Love has lived up to her reputation! Once again the previews, all three seconds of the finale, got my attention this week! Was Love grabbing Carla’s face, slapping it or about to rip her head off? I might just have to watch the previews again and again and again.

Let’s get started. Renee and AJ are both moving on with their lives, but not together. Renee is working on her new shoe line for Mob Candy and AJ wants to go out on his own and be a man. I can understand Renee’s feeling that at 19 he is too young to go out on his own. I would feel the same way. But maybe AJ feels he has nothing to lose to try it out. If he doesn’t like the job or location, he can always go back home. It may be a learning experience or opportunity for him. Still, if I was in Renee’s shoes, I wouldn’t like it. At the same time I wish AJ the best of luck going out on his own. And, speaking of shoes, I wish Renee great success with her spectacular new shoe line.

Drita has launched her new business, but no one is going to let her enjoy it. She keeps getting dragged into the middle of every issue. She finally got out of the one between Renee and Carla, but now she is in a worse mess between Carla and Love. Carla clearly wants her to take sides and Drita is walking a tightrope trying to stay neutral, but leaning towards Carla. I don’t know what is going to happen at that birthday party next week, but if Love grabs Carla, no one will be able to get her off her. Good luck to Drita on the business and staying out of the fighting arena. And I sincerely mean that.

What makes me saddest about this season is the trouble between Karen and Ramona. I understand where they are both coming from and that doesn’t make it easier. I relate more to Karen’s side, only because I know everything she is saying and doing comes from her love for Ramona and her own personal experience. Her intentions could not be purer in this situation. Karen is doing what she is supposed to do by opening Ramona’s eyes to all the heartache she will be facing. I know Ramona wants support, and Karen says she is willing to support her 100%, now that she has had her say and knows Ramona is aware of the pitfalls. What more can Karen do? It doesn’t help that Ramona is making all these decisions based on emotion and is rushing to get this wedding done. This is a major life event and should be well thought out and not rushed. I know Ramona is determined to marry Joe, but I am curious if it will actually happened in season four.

Love and Ramona. I really find it odd and hurtful that Ramona never bothered to tell Love about the engagement or the wedding plans. Why wasn’t Love invited to the get together where the announcement was made. I would have been hurt if I had to learn news like that from a third party. I think when Ramona neglected to tell Love she moved, that just added insult to injury, in her mind. A friendship of 20 years deserves better than that. On the other hand, I can’t imagine the stress Ramona has been under since Joe’s arrest. She was shaken up by that last season and things aren’t looking good. All her future plans were flushed down the toilet in an instant. I hope they can get past the hurt from this situation.

Meanwhile, Ramona’s friend obviously doesn’t watch the show or know Love’s bio because if she did, she should have stayed the hell away unless she was needed for backup. Ramona and Love were handling their business and it may not have escalated if they were left alone. Why she decided to walk over and interfere between two friends is beyond me. However, she unleashed the wrath of Love, who I’m sure felt disrespected  by her snippy remarks, her “hard” look and the crossed arms. We got a little taste of what Love is capable of and it’s not pretty. Everyone there seemed stunned and shaken when she let loose on that girl. I would have run for cover in the bathroom or out the front door or nearest exit.

I would be remiss if I didn’t have a little fun with Carla this week. I have to say it was hilarious to watch her bad mouth Love while wearing a “LOVE” T-shirt, as though she is Team Love. The irony of that moment was just too much! Carla called Love all kinds of names during her chat with Big Ang. How many times has Carla said she doesn’t talk behind Love’s back? Too many to count. Well, she wasted no time telling Big Ang a nice “story” about how Love made friends with Derek’s ex-wife just to tell her about Carla. I don’t believe anything Carla says…period. First of all, she says Derek and his wife are divorced, so what does she care who he dates. Second of all, I can’t see Love wasting her time to strike up a friendship just to drop that dud of a “bomb” in the ex-wife’s lap. Why the hell would she have to tell her at all that he is dating Carla? Don’t you think the ex-wife watches the show and knows about that? And if she doesn’t watch (highly unlikely) don’t you think her friends watch and report to her? Does she really need Love to tell her this news? I don’t think so. This sounds like another desperate attempt on Carla’s part to make Love look bad for something she never did. How many lies has Carla told already? I am not buying this one, it doesn’t even make sense, and if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.

Love is going to meet Carla next week in the big finale. It’s looks explosive! Carla doesn’t “give a f*ck” that Love can be aggressive. I agree with Drita, maybe Carla should.

What did you think of this episode? How does this season compare to the first two? I think Love is a great addition to the cast and season three was my favorite. Lots of different issues came to light.

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Funlady28 @Tlkjustice30 said...

Last night episode was great as always and I totally agree with your two cents. I believe Carla's going to give a f*uck as soon as Love then it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

My two cents on Carla, I don't recall her bad mouthing Love on the show until she was told what Love was saying about her i.e., Drodd being her ex etc., 'wingsgate' and other stuff. I do recall Love constantly bad mouthing Carla early in the season when, as an audience, we had nothing to suggest that what she was saying was true.

I don't see whats wrong with Carla responding as she has regarding Love, Ang seems to agree with her even though she is concerned what might happen if Carla isn't aware of Love's craziness. Carla got it right about the pre nup party, and I wouldn't be surprised if Carla has had enough of this endless mouthing off and drama and wants to call it quits on the show.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Love's continued attacks on Carla (who she doesn't know) are a design to garner public support and replace Carla on the show. After all, Carla is the least mouthy and gangster of them all in her attitude, and it seems that's what the vox pop wants!

I loved the show for the first two seasons, I'm just wondering how much longer it has left, after all, unless there is new blood, they're gonna run out of things to bitch about!

Vanessa Rivera said...

I can't wait for the finale...I hope Carla doesn't end up too f**ked up...

Funlady28 @Tlkjustice30 said...

Carla and Love got into a twitter fight along with Handy Man last summer before this season was filming. She is lying when she states that she doesn't know Love or has no beef with her. What else is she lying about?

Peter j said...

The pre nupt party was such a blatant dig at Ramona, and I was suprised at Karen calling out Ramona to Love at the party, pass the girl a paddle.
The party was suspect from the min Karen and Love sat down. And I agree with Ramona that she doesnt have time to ring everyone, and if a friend knows, why not pick up the phone, or send a gift etc to say congratulations. Or maybe she doesnt care enough for Love to know.
The way that girl just stood there and pointed at Love when she blew up at her. She stood her ground, no mean feat when a woman the size of a ford focus is coming at you. But Love didnt really follow through on it.

I am happy for AJ as he is a grown man and kudos to how he speaks of Renee. What a lovely man.

I like the way Carla has tried to remove herself from the drama after the first few episodes, and she hasnt up until the last couple where Drita has commented or Ang on the Love/Carla issue hasnt been seen on camera mouthing off about her. I am kinf of disapointed in Drita, who was my favourite even after losing the fighter edge as she seems to have caused trouble and mixed it up- BUT when a friend tells you something... or doesnt... You should always stick up for a friend.. You shouldnt have to question it. EVER.
As for the little preview of next week, I wonder what Lee is actually talking about to Drita. Ramona looks beautiful in that dress and I hope she gets the wedding she wants... maybe a season 4 storyline? and Iam going to end on the fight.
Disapointed in Karen tbh, that looks to be a total set up... A cowards move. As for Love... twice the size, clearly speaks about how gangster she is and then we see her show Carla a phone so she is looking at that before launching at her. She couldnt of squared up or come at her directly. Thats such a p*ssy move and its good to see Carla coming back at her. Interestingly inbetween the fighting scenes you can see someone who looks like Jen standing in Dritas way and Drita is shouting. Bring on the season finale but I find it upsetting that someone actually wants to beat the smaller person. Clearly Love must feel some sort of inferiorty

Great blog once again though :)

Anonymous said...

I do not like Carla at all and I can't stand how fake she is. I love Love she is great but with that said, if that scene for next weeks episode is correct I've lost all respect for Love then. To me it looks like Love says to Carla come here and take a look at this and then just pounces on her. That too me is disgusting and wrong. I can understand if they are yelling at each other and Carla gets mouthy and then she wants to hit fine but if she sucker punched her then that's a Bitch move. I mean regardless its pathetic if two 40 something year olds are fighting as it is. And I'm hoping Katen didn't set Carla up like she knew she was getting hit.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Ramona thinks the prenup was a dig at her, love her but we never see any big business ventures of hers on the show and she's always talking about being a single mother and struggling, it doesn't seem like she has a ton of assets to protect. Also pretty sure that if they got a divorce her husband wouldn't be able to claim much from prison anyway. She was really cold to Love and I agree, the friend wasn't thinking being so mouthy and belligerent with this crew then acting stunned when she caught a case.

It was nice to see Renee drama free, not trying to cause problems between Karen and Ramona and showing loyalty to Karen.

I wish Carla weren't mouthy, if they could get her to stop running her mouth this show would be perfect. Her mouth has caused all the problems hhis season. At least all the other girls are funny, she's just a brat.

Anonymous said...

You kow this will be the third time I post on your blog. You never put up my post. cause I do not agree with your BS..This is Bull you just filter out what you dont want to hear. Wow thats special. Your full of it. How sad. I posted about the wings episode and today I posted About that un-civilized Un-cultured baboon Love...I guess no one will ever know because its not what you want to hear. How unfortunate people will never know how manipulative you really are.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how all season long Love went on and on about how tough she was and then decides to have Karen set up Carla, who everyone knows is nonviolent. Love couldn't even approach Carla herself, and then decides to bling side her as she's looking at the phone? No true gangster I know would do that, Love is a coward. I wonder how they restrained Drita during the fight...I saw her on saying on twitter that she was fuming.

Anonymous said...

Love drives me crazy, she's just too out there. Last straw was when she said she would bite a dog back. Come on, so ridiculous, I'm over her. Other than her I loved season 3 and sad it's ending already!

Anonymous said...

She wants to beat the smaller person because, according to her, the smaller person used a racial slur. She was using the phone to show her and that's when Carla dissed Love's Latina heritage and she lost it. She didn't square up with Ramona's friend because the girl apologized. You guys might want to check out twitter where it all comes out.

Anonymous said...

Something just doesn't add up with the whole Carla not knowing who Love is scenario. If you don't know her then why are you speaking about her and her meeting up with your boyfriend's ex-wife. Why even dignify any of the allegations with a comment and maintain not knowing her. This whole story line is played out in my opinion because it's been building to this fiasco of a fight for the last 3 episodes. I feel it was all a set up and Karen doesn't look to nice in my eyes. Why the hell would you even put these two women together? She should know better by her experience with Drita last season.

I adore the fact that Karen and Drita are back to their friendship. Karen's support of Drita's new business was sweet.

Karen and Ramona are at a crossroads. It's hard to support your friend when you know they are going down a road of pain and suffering that could be easily avoided.

I just don't understand what Ramona is teaching her daughters. That this lifestyle is worth your heart? Yes, you can love someone but why would you want to put your daughters through this? Why don't your daughters deserve to have a lifestyle that is void of courtrooms, FBI investigations and jail visits? Don't they deserve better? What are you teaching your kids when you marry a man that is behind bars and is facing jail time? Yes, your heart is in the right place, but your mind is not standing up for what makes logical sense.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys hear? Love's been banned from the reunion!

Anonymous said...

What is this I hear that Carla has placed a restraining order on Love which will prevent her from participating in the reunion and also that Love won't be on next season?

Anonymous said...

I love this show, watched it from day one. I think Love needs to calm down before she ends up in jail or a cage. Really, you do time for your anger issues and what she brags about is a crime. She is a pretty lady and there is no need to act this way as an adult. She has been after Carla since day one with hear say the same thing where it go between Drita and Karen and now they are friends. I wasn't thrilled with Ramona last season but this season there is some understanding and she isn't so negative. Also it's nice to see Karen happy and moving on although she still has issues with Carla where she set her up with this fight with Love and she then brought her in with Ramona when she said why don't you tell Love how you feel like heres my pitbull you got something to say, really? I think Drita should stick by Carla because last season when these ladies where attacking her Carla stood by her friend. So proud of Renee who had it tough and I love to watch her relationship with her most important reason to live, her son. Big Ange is just the best and she stuck up for Carla, now I wonder if Love would attack Big Ange where I would think she wouldn't because Big Ange is loved and probably has an army she would have to go through before she could even breathe on her... As for Carla I always liked her and it's upseting to see Love attack her just not acceptable no matter how angry you are violence is never the answer. There is enough war and hate in this world walk away instead of lowering yourself to disgust. The reunion will probably need armed guards to control the sit down! If I was Love I wouldn't come back because this show isn't giving you respect and your behavior is just so unbecoming especially for young girls who need leaders and role models mob wives or not!

Anonymous said...

Love just need to calm down!!!!!!!