Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Recap "My Cheese Is Out Of Control" Ep 8

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married               
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors        
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts        
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                   
Jessica & John              Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel          Best Friends/Firefighters


Note: Last week, The Amazing Race did not air due to 48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards.

This week Anthony and Bates were the first to arrive, so they will be the first to depart. The Hockey Players and grandsons of Chicago crime boss, Salvatore "Teets" Battaglia, have done well throughout the race! Let's see if they can keep it up!

Leg 8 (Maun, Botswana → Switzerland)

Zurich, Switzerland a conductor will hand them their next clue.
From Zurich they have to go to Grindelwald.

The hockey brothers are traveling with the country singers.

Teams must now travel with a rescue dog by train. In Aletschgletscher: TASK - Deliver a St. Bernard dog to a mountain rescue team. When they deliver the rescue dog toward the top of the mountain, they have to continue up the mountain by elevator to retrieve the next clue. Anthony helps the country singers with their dog.

“Who Wants To Enjoy The Sights”.  In this Roadblock the teams to climb out of an observation window and travel across a mountain 6,000 feet up to get a gnome that has their next clue.

Bates is first person out the observatory and the drop is straight down.
Katie follows behind him. The gnomes are wedged in the mountain.

Bates and Anthony are done first, but must now go to a train station and wait for a train where other teams may catch up.

Now, in what may be called a switchback, teams have to use a snow sled, climb a mountain to pick up a 50 pound cheese. Bates & Anthony have been ahead since the beginning of this leg. Bates & Anthony get their cheese and go down the hill.

Caroline & Jennifer have difficulties transporting the cheese.

Joey & Meghan arrive, with Chuck & Wynona just behind them. These teams have been the last two teams and have struggled throughout this leg.

Bates & Anthony arrive at Bodmi Snowboard School, it is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. They are team number one! Once again the Battaglia brothers lead in the Amazing Race!

Mona & Beth are team number two.
Max & Katie are team number three.
Caroline & Jennifer are team number four.

Chuck & Wynona arrive in fifth place. They incur a 30 minute penalty because they did not carry the cheese down according to the clue. Joey and Meghan get to the Pit Stop, and are the last team to arrive.
Since Chuck & Wynona have incurred a penalty, Joey and Meghan are still in the race and are team number five.

Due to the penalty, Chuck & Wynona are officially the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

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