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Amazing Race 22: Finale Recap "Belfast, Beacon of Hope" Ep 11 &12

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

Team                               Relationship
Idries & Jamil                Twin Doctors                
Max & Katie                  Newlyweds          
Mona & Beth                 Roller Derby Moms              
Bates & Anthony           Hockey Brothers          
Chuck & Wynona          Married               
David & Connor             Father/Son Cancer Survivors          
Caroline & Jennifer        Friends/Country Singers                  
Joey & Meghan             Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie          Best Friends                   
Jessica & John              Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel          Best Friends/Firefighters


This week Max and Katie were the first to arrive, so they will be the first to depart. The Battaglia brothers are the 2nd team to depart.

Leg 11 (Edinburgh, Scotland → Belfast, Northern Ireland )

Everyone catches up at the ferry terminal.
They have to take a ferry to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

They will get their clue at Peatlands park.
The country singers and soccer moms make a wrong turn and are way behind the other teams.

ROADBLOCK: Go bog snorkeling in a wet suit in cold weather, in the mud.

At this point the Battaglia brothers are in the lead with Katie and Max right behind them. The country singers are having the hardest time with this challenge.

Next task: ‘Find the thing with the ring’.

DETOUR A: Tray it - Serve a 5 course meal from the final Titanic meal menu.
(Max and Katie and Battaglia Brothers). Max and Katie are in the lead and the soccer moms start to catch up but can’t figure out the menu. Bates is about to lose it and starts to blame all their bad luck on Anthony. 'madone'

DETOUR B: Spray it - Create a graffiti mural at a sports center. (Caroline and Jennifer).

Max and Katie are in the lead. Ulster Hall is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race and the last team to check in will be eliminated.

Max and Katie are team number one by a hair.
Bates and Anthony are team number two.

The soccer moms are team number three and they will continue with the race in the final three.

Caroline and Jennifer are team number four and have been eliminated from the race.

Leg 12 (Belfast, Northern Ireland → Washington, D.C, USA )

Max and Katie will depart first. They are on their way to London.
They all catch up at the ferry which is an 8 commute.

They get a pint of beer and head to Washington DC.
They all catch up at the airport.

They have to go to the Lincoln Memorial where Martin L King gave his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.
Next they to go to the Tidal Basin and find a marked car to get their next clue.

Max and Katie are in the lead.

ROADBLOCK: Involves finding a particular spy out of many and obtaining a briefcase. It looks like a scene out of the Matrix.

(Side note: Guess who one of the spies were??? It was none other than Michael Bell, the artist, who we have written about in our blogs! Check out this link at the 7 second mark Michael Bell the spy

Bates and Anthony get their clue and have a slight lead.

Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.
Clue: Involves ascending the stadium and zip across the stadium while throwing a ball to the team member in the field.

Bates and Anthony are currently in the lead followed by Max and Katie with the soccer moms right behind them.

Final challenge – one team member must search globes and find the ones with the countries that they went to and then the other team member must put them in the order that they arrived in.

They now have to race to Mt. Vernon, the home of the first president.

Bates and Anthony, grandsons of Sam Battaglia the mobster,  win the race and one million dollars : TEAM NUMBER ONE!!!  Tutto e’ bene quel che finisce bene.

Max and Katie are team number two.

Mona and Beth are team number three.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

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