Friday, March 8, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek 2 Carla Answers To Cousins

Carla is on the hot seat in this sneak peek of "Mama Drama," episode 9! Apparently there is another little get together/sit down at Big Ang's house. Karen, Drita, Ramona, Carla and Big Ang are there. Karen needs to get something off her chest. She tells Carla she didn't like what she heard about Carla waiving a knife in Renee's face. Carla looks down, like she always does when she is wrong. Ramona echos Karen's sentiments. Neither of them like it that Carla attacked Renee knowing that she was going through a difficult time. Carla tries to defend herself, but she is not "cutting it." Besides we all heard her say she could stab Renee, right? The most interesting part of the clip is Drita. She is paying close attention, looking down, and biting her tongue. I wonder what, if anything she will add to the conversation?

Video Credit: VH1


MiamiGirl said...

I don't think any of those ladies thought Carla was planning to assassinate Renee with a butter knife. Like always, Carla was probably not aware of her actions. Carla was wrong but so was Renee for calling her a Ho, many, many times.

I think Carla should reach out to Renee because after she called her out on her problem, Renee went and did something about it! Carla should at least send flowers or something.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why Bigg Ang says on her twitter they attacked Carla, ( last night episode) and Bigg Ang sister always gets involved running her mouth saying they bully Carla and crap? Really??? These people are fooled by her. Im sick of it. Grow up Carla.