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"The Walking Dead: Prey" EP Recap

Flashback: Michonne and Andrea are out in the woods at night next to a roaring fire, eating canned soup and trying to stay warm with blankets and canned food. The two walkers are chained to the tree and Andrea mentions how they are “getting restless” again. Andrea asks Michonne where she got the walkers, if they attacked her or if she even knew them. Michonne is silent as tears fill her eyes. “You want to talk about it?” Andrea tries consoling. Michonne nods “no”. Andrea acknowledges. “They deserve what they got…they weren’t human to begin with…” Michonne remarks.

Back in Woodbury, The Governor is setting up chains that the walkers were led on by Michonne and are tying them on each side of a pole.

Martinez and his men are on a hummer and setting up equipment went Milton walks out and asks for the Governor. Martinez says he’s not here. When Milton questions the men putting the weapons together, Martinez says that the Governor “wants options” and that everyone “is going out”. Andrea pops in and thought there was a deal on the table. Milton assures her that it’s just a precaution.

In his personal interrogation room, the Governor goes over tools and blades to use. Milton watches on. The Governor calls to him and asks him if he needs anything. Milton asks him about his supplies and workshop. “How does that Woodbury?” Milton boldly asks. “What about a fresh start, a second chance….everything we talked about? This business with Michonne, I understand…but the people at the prison….” The Governor cuts him off. “Do you still believe the biters have some spark in them?” The Governor asks Milton. Milton says that he thinks so but he’s not sure yet if the walkers still have a sense of consciousness and awareness of their previous selves. “Then what about Penny?” The Governor remarks. “Whether that was Penny or not…it’s done,” Milton replies. “I doesn’t matter…” The Governor told him that it’s all that matters.

Later on, Milton warns Andrea that there is no deal and that the Governor wants Michonne from Rick. Andrea mentions how Rick would never go through with such a trade. Milton says that the Governor will kill them all regardless. Andrea wants to stop this but Milton warns her that she might not. She follows Milton upstairs to a secret room where they can look into the Governor’s warehouse. Inside, he has a chair set up with handcuffs and equipment. “Leave…” Milton says. “Leave now, go back to the prison and tell everyone to leave.” “No,” Andrea says, “I have to kill him.” Milton says she can’t get too close to him. Andrea said this is too sick and she can’t stand by and let this happen. As the Governor sits down on the chair, Andrea pulls out her gun and points it at him…but she doesn’t pull the trigger. Milton grabs the barrel and holds it back.

“How can you still protect him? He doesn’t give a shit about you!” Andrea remarks later on. “I knew Philip before he became the Governor,” Milton replies. He still exists…you kill the Governor, you get shot and Martinez takes over…killing the Governor doesn’t save your friends.” Andrea then says she has no choice but to run back to the prison and she tells Milton he’s going along. Milton objects and says he doesn’t know anyone at the prison. Milton says he belongs to Woodbury. Andrea warns him that if he stays, he can’t keep looking the other way. She gives him a peck on the cheek and tells him to take care of himself.

Andrea walks out into town and is called by Martinez. Martinez wants her weapon but she denies. Andrea then hands over her guns and ammo but refuses to give up the knife. The Governor walks passed her and mentions that he should’ve told her about all this but he wanted to keep her “separate and safe”. The Governor says that he wants Andrea for her to come with him tomorrow when he goes to meet Rick and the crew. Andrea continues on.

Tyrese and Sasha are stationed at one of the walls as Sasha mentions to Tyrese that he needs to practice shooting. A walker approaches and Sasha says it’s a good opportunity for Tyrese to shoot. Tyrese loads his rifle and shoots a couple rounds but misses. He finally shoots it in the head. Sasha and Tyrese both laugh but Andrea interrupts as she tells them that a pack of walkers are headed for the main security wall and Martinez wants some extra help. Tyrese tells her that they aren’t supposed to leave their post. Andrea says to ask Martinez. Tyrese and Sasha still refuse to leave their post. Andrea climbs up the latter and to the duo’s shock, Andrea tells them she needs to leave. Andrea draws out a knife at them. “Just relax!” Tyrese tells Andrea. “I’m sorry…but this place…the Governor….he’s not what he seems to be…he has done terrible things and is planning worse. I got to get out of here and you should too!” Andrea said. Tyrese tells her to relax and get some rest but Andrea isn’t having it. Tyrese lets Andrea go into the walker-infested world. Sasha mentions they shouldn’t let her go but Tyrese said they had no choice.

Back in the Governor’s area, Tyrese, Sasha and the guards are arguing about Andrea and how the duo let her go. The Governor acknowledged that they did what they thought was best. Tyrese asks the Governor if Woodbury is a prison camp. “Of course not, she’s just in no shape to take care of herself,” The Governor says. He tells her that she was out in the winter “alone” and how “she only had the biters”. He explained how “they” tried to bring her in to help her but it was too late. The Governor asked the duo if she said anything off. The duo say no. “I hope this doesn’t affect us,” Tyrese said. The Governor tells the two that they can help out Martinez and to not really worry about Andrea. The Governor goes outside and Milton is waiting. He asks him if she’s gone. The Governor tells him he personally is going after Andrea. Milton just tells him to let her go because she wants to be with her people. The Governor asks Milton if he talked to her. Milton denies it but then admits. The Governor grabs Milton’s shirt and interrogates him about the deal and Michonne. Milton doesn’t reply but the Governor lets him go regardless.

Andrea is walking down the rural road, surrounded by the woods, trees….and lingering walkers.

Back in Woodbury, Martinez tells the duo to get ready in a few. Sasha asks where they are going. “We’re not going after that girl, are we?” Tyrese asks. “Is that a problem?” Martinez remarks. Tyrese tells the group that he was alarmed at her “shook up” behavior. Martinez says she’s on her own and it’s going to be something else they are doing. The two dingleberries of the group chirp in on how Tyrese and Sasha let Andrea go and how she’s nothing but “trouble” and “crazy”. Tyrese is still disturbed by Andrea’s words before she left. The dingleberry said to “not screw things up” and to not get thrown out because of Tyrese and his feelings towards Andrea. The dingleberry mentions how Tyrese “shamed him” in front of his boy. “I just happened to be there…it could’ve been anyone…” Tyrese says. Sasha cuts the two of them off and they go on. The dingleberry is going off on Tyrese for saving Donna’s life and how Donna began clinging to Tyrese, making her husband feel inadequate. Before the two can duke it out, they get in Martinez’s vehicle.
Andrea hears a roaring engine so she goes into the woods and hides against a tree. Before Andrea can catch her breath, a walker grabs her from behind a tree as more walkers approach her. Andrea holds up one of the walkers with her legs, pulls it in to stab it and breaks the walkers arm that’s gripping her. Andrea is released from the grip, stabs the walker and runs on.

Martinez and the gang are in a remote location where they have a trap for walkers. Martinez and his gang are doing their jobs and trying to unhook the trap but once Tyrese realizes that the walkers are bait for Rick and his gang, he becomes disgusted and wants no part of it, especially with women and children involved. Martinez said he can suit himself and when they get back to Woodbury, the Governor will send them packing. Dingleberry says there is no need for that. Tyrese tells him they will survive on their own again. The dingleberry says he’s not leaving and he needs to look out for his boy. “Like you looked out for Donna?” Tyrese remarked. DIngleberry jumps on him and the two wrestle. Tyrese pushes Dingleberry towards the trap of walkers, ready to drop him in for walker food. Sasha begs Tyrese to stop. Tyrese lifts him back up and shoves him to the side. Martinez tells a guard to take the group back into town.

Andrea is now out in the open fields, no walkers in site. She continues on but still hears the roaring vehicle so she drops to the ground. But the Governor drives her direction for Andrea makes a run for it. The Governor honks his horn but Andrea still runs towards the woods. The Governor stops in his tracks and takes another route. It’s nightfall and Andrea is still going. She approaches an abandoned warehouse and still hears the Governor’s vehicle. She runs inside the warehouse. The vehicle pulls up to the warehouse.

Andrea begins walking around the warehouse, wondering where she is at. But the Governor isn’t too far behind her. He begins whistling, making it known to her that he’s there. A walker approaches Andrea but she stabs it. The noise gives away her location. Andrea finally finds a spot to take cover in. The Governor sees the slain walker and tries to find Andrea’s spot. He calls out to her, telling her that all of Woodbury needs her and that it’s her home. Andrea is refusing to respond. “Suit yourself,” The Governor says as he hits a shovel on broken windows, shattering glass everywhere. Andrea continues to conceal herself from the Governor’s psychotic wrath. The Governor is closing in on her hiding spot. But there’s a clinging of chains and the Governor focuses his attention on that. Andrea flees to another safe spot as the Governor spots walkers and begins killing them. Andrea tries to sneak around and kills walkers that stand in her way. She finally reaches a door to a staircase but sees that it’s full of walkers. It’s too late…the Governor has her cornered. “Time to go home, Andrea”. But she opens the staircase door, sneaks into another room and unleashes the herd of walkers on the Governor, leaving him alone to struggle. Andrea watches on before proceeding upstairs and escaping.

Back in the walker trap area, a mysterious vehicle approaches and a mystery person pours gasoline all over the trapped walkers before lighting up a cloth, throwing it in the trap, and setting off a malatov cocktail on the walkers. The vehicle then drives off.

Andrea finally reaches to the end of the prison yard, overwhelmed with relief that she finally made it to the prison. She raises her hand to wave to Rick whose on guard duty. But the Governor grabs her in a surprise attack. It barely catches Rick’s eye.

Martinez and company show up to see the traps are smoking from the fires lit up. Some of the walkers end up getting killed but some are barely alive, hungry for human flesh. The Governor then drives back into Woodbury to Martinez telling him that someone lit up the walker trap and he suspects it’s Tyrese and his gang. Tyrese and the gang are in a room when the Governor comes in and asks about the pits. Tyrese acknowledges that Governor has a beef with Rick but he won’t take part in killing innocent women and children with walkers. The Governor tries to convince them it’s a scare tactic to keep them from fighting. Tyrese asks the Governor why not have the guards just explain it to him. The Governor says they don’t share tactics with people they don’t know. Tyrese admitted they all want to stay in Woodbury and it won’t happen again. The Governor asks Tyrese where he got the gasoline. “Come again?” Tyrese asks. “Doesn’t matter…” The Governor remarks as he leaves. Milton walks by him. Milton asks The Governor if Andrea is dead. The Governor mentioned he hoped not. Milton said the incident with the pits was a shame and that he hopes he find out who did it. “Already have,” The Governor responds.

Andrea, while alive, is handcuffed to the torture chair….

Yeah, I was a little late with the recap due to work/professional stuff but I got it up! Honestly, this episode had a pretty promising start…but then during the wild goosechase with the Governor, I got a bit tired of it...UNTIL Andrea finally uses her brain and unleashes a horde of walkers on the Governor (which actually made me come THISCLOSE to liking her). My thing is, how is it this same woman can easily shoot her sister in the head after she's turned but this woman has every, single opportunity to kill the Governor and doesn't take it? I also think Milton better watch his back...

Not much to say on Tyrese. I predict he and Sasha will somewhat keep their humanity even if dingleberry and his kid won't. Milton better watch his back though. 

Also, am I the only sick twisted one that was actually fascinated at watching the scene after Tyrese and crew set off a malatov cocktail on the walkers? Seriously, when the guards see them in the trap, half are dead, the other half still wanting to bite into human flesh...KNARLY!!!!!! It was scary but I couldn't look away either...

My predictions: 
  • I think Milton gets ballsy enough to actually go to the prison himself. He has the resources to do so and he'll sneak off and warn Rick and the gang what's going on once he discovers Andrea is alive and the torture chair. He's not a fighter for sure but I think he's had enough of playing middleman to the Governor 
  • Tyrese and Sasha will interfere with the Governor and Andrea. 
  • Surprise attack from Rick and the gang resulting in the fall of Woodbury. I also think given a hint as to what happened to Michonne in the past, she will have good intentions to try to save Andrea from the Governor's wrath. 
  • Both Andrea and the Governor buy the farm. 

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Ed Scarpo said...

I think either the Governor will die, or he will be badly wounded -- only to survive and become once again a threat to the show's "core" players at a later date, perhaps rebuilding Woodbury 2.0. I also think someone on Rick's team -- or more than one person -- will have to get killed for the show to maintain its unpredictableness... They are not afraid to kill major characters -- but how high up the food chain will they go? Rick has to survive -- but they could kill off his son, thereby forcing the group's leader to finally lose all his marbles -- then regain them to finally be the cold-hearted Mafia-boss-like leader they need... This is how true Kings are born: they lose all they love but don't give over entirely to their dark side. I love Herschel and hope they don't whack him... But other than Rick surviving, I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to what happens before or during this season's finale... I wish he'd stop acting psycho -- I really thought a walker was gonna take a bite out of him when he was out talking to a figment of his imagination...